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  1. You'd think a change before we moved to the new training ground would be wise as surely the biggest part of the team to benefit would be the academy. It would be a shame to waste such an opportunity. I suppose the difficult thing for Rudkin is that we named Chilwell, Barnes and Hamza in our match day squad to start the season - two of those started and one came off the bench and did well. Not many other PL sides have three academy graduates in their match day squad and involved with the England setup so they could easily see it as doing its job just fine. Academies only need to produce one player every three or four years to be considered successful nowadays.
  2. One way or another this thread is so extreme in either direction that there could be some absolute gold in here in a couple of years time. I think he needs to improve in one of either two areas - finishing or assists. If he can add goals he will be brilliant for us. I wonder what Kevin Phillips is up to these days? Any chance he could come in and work with Maddison and Gray on their finishing as he seemed to help Vardy a lot when he was a coach here.
  3. That is what training is for! You have to be prepared on match days, you can't just wing it. For all we know Rashford could be doggo at them in training but I would be very surprised if that was the case. Pogba has taken enough poor penalties for Utd to give somone else a chance.
  4. After Claudio got appointed Mahrez was our designated penalty taker until he eventually got replaced by Vardy after he went through a bad run. I think Vardy scored several during his goal scoring run but I think only one of those was when Riyad was on the pitch when Mahrez was going to take it and was convinced otherwise due to the streak. More than happy to be corrected if wrong but I don't recall there ever being much debate about it on the pitch and if Mahrez was on the pitch he pretty much always took them.
  5. You can't afford to be missing penalties frequently in the premier league or air your laundry in public and it is the managers job not to let it get to that point. Pogba missed three last season so coming into this new season it makes sense to switch it to someone else and Solskjaer has gone all in on Rashford by getting rid of Lukaku. Having him as the penalty taker would help solidify him as the main man and give Ole a bit more authority which he really needs. I think it shows a lack of attention to detail too, he sounded a bit like Kevin Keegan when he explained it. Also, the main penalty taker needs to know they can miss one and not be taken off penalties. Vardy knows that he can miss one and not have Maddison breathing down his neck and doesn't need that extra pressure on him either. If your missing several then look at it again but Rashford hasn't missed one yet.
  6. Perhaps that is why we had both Ndidi and Hamza in the side against Wolves as they weren't 100% sure if more protection was needed for the back four or not?
  7. For someone who allegedly couldn't speak English he seems to be pretty vocal on the pitch which is good to see. You can tell he really wants to win and has that desire in him. Like any young player he will make mistakes sooner or later which we will have to ride out but I really like him. I suspect having Kolo around has really helped him a lot.
  8. I think people are over reacting to the Wolves game slightly. Wolves do this to everyone, not just us and they are very very good at it. I don't think there are many teams in the league who are as good at negating ball dominant sides, Chelsea at home under Lampard certainly won't look to do that and hopefully we can be the ones to exploit that like Wolves did to us.
  9. Would be disallowed under VAR so no worries there
  10. I wouldn't drop him based on his Wolves performance (I think that would be unfair) but because I don't think this is the right game to use him in. We will play probably play two DM's + Youri which means Maddison is likely end to end up out on the left again which isn't his best position. I would prefer Barnes' extra bit of pace in that role as Utd showed that this could be a big weakness in this Chelsea side.
  11. It would take a very brave manager to pick that team at home against a champions league side let alone for an away game. Let us not forget that they have Kante who is still one of the best players in the world. Kante vs Madders in central midfield is an epic mismatch.
  12. The size of touch screens in cars is getting ridiculous, especially cars like Citroen's were you need to access a touch screen menu just to work the air con and heaters! Stuff like Android Auto and Apple Car Play is designed to be safer but how much safer is taking your eyes off the road to look at a screen? I make calls via blue tooth in my car if I am on my own and it no more distracting than talking to a passenger or driving with my kids in the car.
  13. What site is that from? i'd be interested in the comparison between Evans and Maguire. Despite the result Utd were on the back foot for a lot of the game so it is not a surprise to see Maguire's defensive stats for blocks and clearances were better as he had a lot more to do. Wolves on the other hand were very organised but didn't really get forward in great numbers. We had a lot more of the ball in our game than Utd did in theirs so it makes sense that Soyuncu's numbers are better in that department. Both played very well.
  14. We did have a spell a couple of seasons ago when it seemed like we conceded every time we had to defend a corner. Oddly we had a pairing of Huth and Morgan then who are both good in the air. Anyway as has been stated we should be fine with what we have.
  15. The longer he plays for his the bigger the distance is getting between him and everyone else. Embodies everything that I like about sports. Work rate, pace, teamwork and somehow still under rated ability with the ball. Absolutely love him.
  16. When we drew with Sunderland to stay up and the players all started celebrating and Jeff had no idea why
  17. I just cannot see Hamza playing enough games with Ndidi and Tielemans both looking strong. I hope he is more involved this year though. If Barnes can get going early in the season he seems a prime candidate for this - just needs to build up a bit of confidence to unlock his potential.
  18. I forgot that the window closes before the start of the season! I think that will go to the latest day - why would we want to strengthen a rival by allowing him more time to prepare with his new team? Get it done as late as possible.
  19. If Man Utd were prepared to offer a decent fee for Bale but as part of the deal Madrid also had to take Alexis Sanchez and his dumb contract would you do that deal if you were Real?
  20. Tremendous player for us. Like Albrighton he is a player that when he hangs them up at the end of his career he will be able to say that he got 100% out of his potential. I hope that he catches on with a decent club and continues playing for a good few years yet. Football is a difficult road for the majority of players and he is a great example for young lads in the academies that there is a way back.
  21. I agree with that. Two league winners medals, the catalyst for the great escape and if you put together a list of the best ever City goals he would be featured more than anyone else. The longer he plays for us the bigger the gap gets between him and every other player. I was ok when Kante left and although we were a lot less exciting to watch without him I was happy enough for Mahrez to move on after serving us so well. Vardy though...I genuinely cannot imagine watching us without him anymore. Legend.
  22. According to a post in another another thread we conceded 1.49 goals per game with him on the pitch and 0.54 with him off of it.
  23. While it was obvious that we were defensively a lot worse with Maguire in the side I am surprised it is quite as much as that.
  24. To be honest I'm a little disappointed in the club over this. A loophole that should certainly be closed as it could really impact lower league clubs if it it became the norm. Lets not forget that it isn't that long since we had to sell youth players to pay the wages and keep the club going.
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