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  1. Striker and Midfielder please. Tielemans looks like the kind of player we have been missing and although I don't think we can sign him that type of player will be essential. I don't want us to sign a proven striker who will want to start every week, we have tried that before and it hasn't worked. Could do with someone younger, with potential who we could develop over the next season. As previously suggested someone like Che Adams would be perfect.
  2. You've nailed it here. To be fair this isn't just us, it applies to most teams and it is sad. Even when we were crap it could still be enjoyable but the constant whinging nowadays has completely killed my enthusiasm for going to games. All you ever hear about is how crap the players are, not much supporting going on.
  3. Yep, it's weird. I would just be happy to finish in the top ten regularly, bloody the nose of the best sides and have a few players I enjoy watching (Tielemans looks like one of those). Wolves are 7th and have only won 44% of their games. Part of being a Premier League side is getting used to not winning all the time. In that top 6 group are 5 teams who have never played outside of the league since it was created and one bankrolled by a state. In our four seasons since we got promoted we have won the league once, escaped relegation and flirted with it on two other occasions. We are realistically where we should be, give or take a few unlucky results. At least nowadays we are arguing over which internationals aren't making our starting XI.
  4. Fingers crossed he learns like Riyad and Vardy did. It took Riyad a good 18 months after signing with us to improve on this, by that point he was 24 wasn't he?
  5. Caught a few Sixers games recently and with more outside shooting they look devastating. How do you defend 3 pointers when Embiid, Simmons and Butler can all murder you on the inside? The Eastern Conference playoffs should be great this year.
  6. Interesting to read more about Kasey's career in Spain and Germany, I didn't know a lot about that. Classy player and one who surely maximized all of his potential. I doubt Kasey is a player who looks back over his career with many regrets.
  7. An awful one and even if you like stats it is rubbish as it ignores xG. Generally we don't concede that many shots against us but we do have a habit of teams scoring from outside the area with strikes Kasper can do little about so not surprised this is low.
  8. I know a few and it you couldn't overstate how much it bothered the supporters. Largely made worse by being orchestrated by two ex-players, one being a club legend. Imagine if we had Steve Walsh's son on the books and him and Muzzy did the same! Pearson would not be at all welcome there now.
  9. Mark de Vries gets a free pass for his man of the match performance knocking Spurs out of the cup in a BBC televised match which was hilarious at the time. Our lineup that day is a who's who of these lists but all get a free pass from me solely on this game as I think our relegation team and some of the money Sven wasted were much worse: Douglas, Stearman, Maybury, Johansson, McCarthy, Hamill (Hammond 35), Smith (Kisnorbo 90), Gudjonsson, Williams, Hughes, de Vries. Subs Not Used: Henderson, Hume, Dublin.
  10. Carl Ikeme (Felt bad about this one) Hossein Kaebi Harry Worley Ryan McGivern Jamie Clapham Momo Sylla (Ankle) Sergio Hellings Michael Johnson Josh Low Carl Cort Collins John
  11. Hugely skeptical of anyone who doesn't have Josh Low in their worst XI.
  12. I think this is the right move, the club have tried investing in the playing squad with little results. An expanded stadium and a better training ground would set the club up to be in the top league long term. The biggest issue is that the loan tied into the TV money makes it vital that we stay in the league for the next two seasons. Relegation could be disastrous! It does worry me that the desire for safety without risk is at odds with the win now mentality amongst the supporters which I can see causing problems.
  13. We have sold far more quality players over recent years than they have! Fair enough with the lack of investment but they haven't had that many big fees in other than Mitrovic who was average for them anyway. I can't remember them losing someone who they wanted to keep since Cabaye to PSG in 2014.
  14. It largely depends on if you think he can go forward and play a bit doesn't it? I am generally positive when it comes to our players but I find Maguire in particular to be one of the most frustrating players I have ever seen in a Leicester shirt.
  15. Perhaps and he is a really likeable bloke but this thread is about his poor form and I was offering an explanation. He does have his merits but I find him a very frustrating player who plays to his weaknesses and not his strengths. He is nowhere near as good with the ball as he believes he is.
  16. Even in the world cup he made some big mistakes that weren't punished. I don't really like the comparison much either - Mahrez for his shortcomings has a first touch as good as nearly any player in the world, genuinely world class at that part of his game which is important for a wide player. Good finisher to boot. Maguire has skills that aren't high up on my list of priorities in a centre half, is painfully slow and has not developed the positioning to make up for that. He gives the ball away in advanced positions often but does not have the pace to recover and help his partner out, often leaving him isolated. He would be a better player if he was more disciplined but he is not and if anything that is only going to get worse after his heroics at the world cup.
  17. Not like we haven't done it before (like a few weeks ago) It would be just like us to to manage to win in this one and Vardy loves a goal against the dippers. Scousers are starting to get a bit cocky about their chances of winning the league so would be awesome to bring them back to earth a bit. I don't want to lose being able to joke about us having won more Premier League titles than them!
  18. Massively over rated, has been a problem for us for ages. Should have cashed in over the Summer.
  19. With Boogie Cousins now fit Golden State will be the first team to have a starting lineup containing 5 players who were All Stars the previous year since 1976.
  20. Bit of an exaggeration, he has started with a formation playing him out wide about 4 times, most of the time he has been in the middle. He hasn't played well deployed as a wide player but we have won 3 of those games. Puel will never be popular while the home form is so bad, that's where the majority spend their money and fans aren't unreasonable in expecting us to be picking up more points than we are. We could win every away game until the end of the season and it won't make a difference if we can't figure out something that works at home. I don't think anyone really has much of a clue at the moment though, there is a lot of criticism but the answers aren't blindingly obvious.
  21. Who are below us in the table and who we have beaten twice already this season.
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