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  1. Given that a squad player costs at least £15m nowadays I am not sure what the benefit would be of getting rid. If we are going to finish in the top 7 we will need to upgrade but he can be a quality backup.
  2. His is a different take but not a particularly interesting one. The strength and weakness of a lot of academic writing is that authors will tend to look at everything through the lens of their particular field which can be thought provoking but rarely definitive. It is almost impossible for a show or a film to be all inclusive as people in real life are not like that. Peaky Blinders does have something to say about the effect of violence on men who have been conditioned to ignore its effects and not to show weakness to others. The whole point of the show is that you are not supposed to like most of his actions, Tommy is not a particularly sympathetic character. I don't think TV promotes or influences ehaviour anymore than the behaviour in our society influences the films, tv, music and art we create. Our culture is violent because we have a natural fascination with violence because it speaks to the primal part of our brain (as does sex but oddly our cultural approach to that is very different) and because of that the human species is pre-disposed to violence. I think if anything there is starting to be less of a focus on glorifying the worst parts of masculinity and if the author wants to find that it is out there. Although it is a gradual process I think different voices are starting to be heard at least but we do no need a variety and not just one.
  3. Yeah but his family live in the states so it makes sense for him to want to retire there. Sure the money makes it worth it but must be tough to be away and commute.
  4. Living in Manchester I can confirm that Man City fans all can't stand him. It started after the missed penalty against Liverpool and he can't do anything right in their eyes since then (despite scoring the only goal in two 1-0 league wins). Despite their success Man City fans still have a small club mentality (90% would rather win the league over the Champions League) and they still value workrate over quality. Mahrez doesn't really help himself on that front.
  5. Agreed but then most of our best results under Puel came when we scored goals on the counter. Granted that wasn't intentional as he didn't want us to play like that but we were totally clueless in games in which we had the majority of the ball. I don't think we became bad at counter attacks as such we just didn't get many chances to do so.
  6. Doesn't really matter who was better. Lineker has being a local lad and a very high profile supporter of the football club. I am too young to have seen him play for us so can't compare the two. Vardy is my favorite ever Leicester player and I don't think anyone will get close. The reasons are obvious but him turning down a move away and staying with us really puts him a number one for me. Mahrez and Kante may have been arguably slightly better that season but Vardy will be seen as the greatest from the title winning season.
  7. Impressed with Brendan telling Maguire not to worry about the game and to be with his Mrs. That’s the kind of thing big Nige used to do, and little things like that helped develop the togetherness that it felt we had lost a bit of the last few years.
  8. Comments like this are why I find Maguire's mistakes all the more infuriating. He still has plenty to improve on before he can be put in that bracket.
  9. I suppose for me it just comes down to the difference between Dogmatic and Pragmatic. The former will stick to their format no matter what and a pragmatic manager will be more adaptable. There are lots of managers who are very rigid in what they expect from their team who have been very successful. Pep is the obvious example of this as his methods are proven and he has no need to change. It can be a drawback sometimes when things Plan A doesn't work - this season that has been a problem for Sarri and Puel for example and in the past Arsene Wenger would be be a good example of the positives and negatives of this approach as well. For me a pragmatic manager is someone who can adapt to what they have, to the tactical developments in the sport and/or to opponents. For me Alex Ferguson was the ultimate pragmatic manager and he built at least three different title winning teams who were all quite different. I would personally put Mourinho in this category too as he is more willing to accommodate exceptional players than he is given credit for. The downside is a win now mentality can prevent building for the future and can be negative when too much respect is given to opponents. I wouldn't consider Rodgers to be a pragmatist, he has a very strong idea of what he wants to do but seems able to communicate his ideas differently to many coaches who use the 'my way or the highway' method . I would be surprised if he makes that many changes when our form dips.
  10. Not forgetting Cardiff (H) and Southampton (H) too.
  11. Come on, he has hardly been that bad! I get that he is frustrating but he didn't cost us that much and at the very worst he is a capable backup who can play in two positions. We still need squad players and there is no point in getting rid of ones with some potential who are prepared to put the work in just for the sake of it. I am not sure he will ever go on to improve his vision or decision making but he still adds value to us.
  12. I was born in June so the first league game wasn't until a 2-3 loss at home to Newcastle on Aug 25 1984. Gary Lineker bagged a brace for the City. Chris Waddle scored the winner for the Toon. Also we played in this beaut of a kit:
  13. When he took it passed four players only be mess up laying it off to a team mate was the full Demarai Gray experience really. I really want him to succeed here though.
  14. If we sold Maguire we could replace him without going into the market. If we don't keep Youri we would almost certainly have to buy a player in that position. Looking at a £40m for fee for Tielemans and £55m for Maguire it pretty much gives two scenarios: Tielemans + £15m profit + Benkovic (No Maguire) Maguire + New signing (No Tielemans and minus about £25 million). I think the first puts us in a much better position.
  15. That Sedri/Maxwell fight was absolutely hilarious. Probably the most entertaining KO I have seen in ages.
  16. I think £100 million would go pretty far. Arguably we wouldn't be looking for a centre half anyway with Benkovic becoming effectively a new signing to replace Harry. We would need a new LB but I cannot see us spending more than £20-25 million on a player. We could get LB, CM and RW sorted for that.
  17. He was decent under Pellegrini to be fair.
  18. Stats like this are one of the reasons I find watching Maguire so frustrating. With his strength and ability in the air he should be a beast in the Rob Huth mould. He can contribute by going forward but by doing so he continually exposes his biggest weakness in his lack of pace. With a bit more tactical discipline I think he would be a much better player.
  19. Interesting to read Matej Vydra's comments about Harry Maguire being targetted by Burnley. I am sure they are not the only team that has noticed this.
  20. That team is clearly gash but I think GK is one of the few he got right. Clean sheets or not there De Gea was immense in that season and kept Utd in an awful lot of games that year on his own. I reckon he was worth more points to his team than any other keeper that year.
  21. Exactly and it shows only a small part of Saturday's crowd too. They still look like they were enjoying themselves and had bothered to take a long trip and a horrible day to watch their team. My personal experience was completely different and it was one of the better celebrations I have seen in a while. Only things that makes fan bases look bad are abusive chants and confronting players on the pitch.
  22. Didn’t see anything unusual in the ground, what happened?
  23. No point in trying to over analyse this match. Showed a lot of fight to play so long with ten men but the weather made it impossible to have a real quality game, it was horrendous. Today was gutsy and determined and all ten players gave it there all which is as much as you can ask. Winning goal meant a lot to the players because they had all worked so hard.
  24. He is just such a frustrating player. He can look really good at times but has always has a couple of mental lapses each game and doesn’t seem to be getting any better in the department. Sadly they have been leading to us conceding recently, probably just bad luck there. Since day one I have never been able to work out if he is actually any good or not.
  25. Need help? United Kingdom: 116 123 Samaritans Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week Languages: English Website: www.samaritans.org
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