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  1. This is roughly the first two transfer windows under Mandaric. I feel this needs some kind of Trigger Warning... Summer: DJ Campbell, Josh Low, Radostin Kishishev, Bruno N'Gotty, Carl Cort, Hossein Kaebi, Sergio Hellings, Jamie Clapham. January: Zsolt Lascko, Gabor Bori, Steve Howard, Matt Oakley, Lee Hendrie, Kelvin Etuhu and Barry Hayles. We got Marton Fulop on loan at some point in between who was good until getting recalled.
  2. We were selling players to pay the wages before he came in though and I dread to think what would have happened if he hadn't. In 2006 I think we were more likely to do a Coventry than they were themselves. Without him I don't think we would have been where we are today so he did provide a bridge from an awful era to a good one. He gave us a cash injection to stay afloat, employed Pearson and Walsh and sold to good owners although this could easily have gone either way. As an owner he was way too involved for someone so misguided; he clearly listened to the wrong people/agents and
  3. Mahrez was an eye test thing though. His main issue was strength and time on the ball but his technical ability was amazing from day one.
  4. In a vacuum I'd agree but in the context of having played the defending champions, away in eastern europe and then away against a lively Villa side (who have already beaten us this year) I think it's ok. Especially as we have so many injuries and key players to manage.
  5. He talked about Vardy going for power rather than placement in those situations meaning he wasn't a natural finisher. Rubbish obviously, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Anyway, I thought we were excellent in this game. There was a ten minute spell in the second half in which Liverpool were well on top, during which they scored and hit the bar, but we were unlucky not be leading at half time and kept going even after conceding. Very pleased.
  6. I wouldn't say it was wasted as such, it paid for an excellent training facility/hotel/golf course.
  7. As a Broncos fan I feel the same way. At least the Chargers have Herbert, we have no hope without a QB in this division. I am desperately trying to talk myself into the Buccs but I just can't quite see it. Kansas City does have a lot of injuries on their offensive line which could play a part as the Buccs have two good pass rushers and they also have two linebackers in David and White who could make life difficult for Kelce. I don't think any team can stop him as such, you can only try and limit the damage he does. The biggest worry for the Buccs is turnovers - if they can win the
  8. Got a 3060 ti. Sold my 2070 for more than I paid for it. What a time to be selling components.
  9. They don't need to analyse Leicester's game as Maddison has already done it for them!
  10. It was like an alternative commentary. Instead of “He’s gone down a little easy there” we got “Get the f*** up you f****** cheating little f***“. I am amazed they didn’t turn the mic down.
  11. Dzeko has had a great career and done the business at many good clubs so I don't want to be disrespectful but it seems obvious that Under is a much better fit with a striker like Vardy.
  12. You can see that Vardy loves him already too. He'll win the golden boot again if Cengiz keeps setting him up sitters every week.
  13. That Rodgers/Pochettino conversation made it blatently obvious that Poch has got something lined up already and I would be amazed if it wasn't United.
  14. Managed it thank you and it looks totally worth it. The price for what you get is crazy as I didn't realise you got all the catch up stuff plus the NFL Gamepass and PDC stuff. I have the app working on my nvidia shield and i am impressed so far.
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