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  1. Didn't Vardy end up using the Arsenal speculation to get a new deal with us too? Poor Arsenal.
  2. I'd worry more if he wasn't getting chances but he is getting some good ones. His record elsewhere shows he can finish so he maybe just needs a bit more composure in those situations - that will only come with more minutes under his belt. I think the potential he has shown so far is more than enough to stick with him and see if he can get there.
  3. And people wondered why he wouldn't just come out and say that he wasn't going to Arsenal!!!
  4. My stream is really good too, impressed so far
  5. Looking at the fixtures again they have a 7.30 and an 8.15 on all three days so I assume they are hoping that people will switch to the second half of the later game once the early ones have finished.
  6. For Amazon I presume but no idea why. They have one kicking off at 20:15 too plus league games on a Thursday.
  7. Did they though? The combined score of those two games was 4-1 with 0 points taken by either team they mustered a combined 3 shots on target in 180 minutes. If teams want to play like that it may frustrate us for a bit but I really can't see many taking points off of us doing that.
  8. I agree with that. Maddison worked hard but struggled without much space to work with. I thought Tielemans was the one more likely to make something happen. Either way I wouldn't be against resting one of them for Praet in this game, he has been good whenever used so far and we want to keep Youri and Madders fresh if we can.
  9. Indeed they have!!! Having said that Drinkwater and Simpson didn't make the cut at Utd though and Kasper got binned by City before they became mega rich. I was referring more to players who had been regularly around the first team of those kind of teams.
  10. Players who leave one of the 'mega' clubs rarely do much anywhere else, I think once the mentality of your career being on a downward trajectory kicks in it is hard to stop the slide. He is a very good player but would he be a good player for us? I am not sure. I don't know if his heart would be in it and I think it is more realistic that it would just upset the squad. It would be amazing to see us attract such a star name but other Premier League teams have been caught doing with this and it hasn't worked out very often.
  11. Everton love a signing like this. Let's not be like Everton.
  12. Everton's defense has been dreadful for ages, not sure Eddie Howe is the right person to fix that either. They do love hiring attack minded coaches though, I can totally see someone like Lucien Favre turning up at Everton if he gets the boot from Dortmund.
  13. Nailed on for Utd. He would get time there. Zidane has won three European cups and he is under pressure despite them currently being joint top - imagine what the Spanish press would do to someone with Pochettino's track record.
  14. Pochettino might be the recent flavour of the month but Mourinho is a way better manager.
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