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  1. mancunianfox

    The NBA Thread

    With Boogie Cousins now fit Golden State will be the first team to have a starting lineup containing 5 players who were All Stars the previous year since 1976.
  2. mancunianfox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Ok then, a very popular pub team.
  3. mancunianfox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Bit of an exaggeration, he has started with a formation playing him out wide about 4 times, most of the time he has been in the middle. He hasn't played well deployed as a wide player but we have won 3 of those games. Puel will never be popular while the home form is so bad, that's where the majority spend their money and fans aren't unreasonable in expecting us to be picking up more points than we are. We could win every away game until the end of the season and it won't make a difference if we can't figure out something that works at home. I don't think anyone really has much of a clue at the moment though, there is a lot of criticism but the answers aren't blindingly obvious.
  4. mancunianfox

    Que sera sera

    Who are below us in the table and who we have beaten twice already this season.
  5. mancunianfox

    Robert Huth Retires

    Exactly this, one of my all time favourite goals!
  6. mancunianfox

    Barnes coming back

    Why would he not get the minutes? Our other options aren't pulling up any trees and we are stable enough in the league. This gives him nearly half a season to get used to the division but under less pressure than if he was starting in August. Puel has his faults but he has proven he can bring young players on at least. We have learnt that Barnes is more than good enough in the championship, we might as well learn about what he can do in our division before the Summer window.
  7. mancunianfox

    Silva back to Sporting

    Anyone reckon that a substantial part of the fee was for appearances and we don't want to pay Sporting? Would explain a lot about the situation.
  8. mancunianfox

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    I think Silva edges it as I do have some sympathy with the strikers as they have never really been able to properly get going with Vardy being our main man. We would have been better signing players for less money who are happier to play second fiddle. Silva was unlucky that Claude didn't sign him but he should really have been able to beat out Mendy and James for a place in our side.
  9. mancunianfox

    3 wins in 4 Festive Fixtures.

    Claude isn’t going to silence the doubters until we sort the home form out and games like Southampton at home are where we need to improve. Let’s face it, what to do against teams who let us have the ball isn’t a new problem, it is something we have struggled with under several different managers ever since we got promoted. In previous seasons Mahrez came up with some big goals in these kind of games but he could also be shut down by teams knowing that we had little other threat. Frustratingly we signed Maddison who was exactly the type of player we needed whilst Riyad was here and we are now back to being in a similar situation again. I don’t think our squad needs loads of additions for the first time in a while but we are one quality attacker away from solving this problem. To have us up to 7th shows that he is doing well with what he has.
  10. mancunianfox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    The number of crosses we put in per game would suggest that this has kind of worked too. The problem is more that this strategy does not play into the strengths of any of the rest of our team/lead to many goals.
  11. mancunianfox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    I am well on board with playing Maddison in that role, I just don't see how playing two defensive midfielders will ever make as a creative team with what we have got.
  12. Mark Hughes and Roy Keane both available.
  13. Ward Ricardo Maguire Soyuncu Fuchs Albrighton Mendy Maddison Gray Okazaki Iheanacho
  14. mancunianfox

    Silva back to Sporting

    We are but sadly I don't think Silva is the solution to this.