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  1. Anyone but the Chiefs at this stage. Epic choke job by the Texans but hardly surprising when they have a head coach who has ignored their defense for so long. Hoping the 49ers make it to the Superbowl, the turnaround in such a short space of time has been amazing.
  2. Gray has looked better off the bench but I thought yesterday was about the best starting performance he has had for us. Really good finish obviously but most of the good things we did in that game went through him.
  3. Can't get Lewis out of Slaughters Restaurant.
  4. I see Jose has managed to persuade Aldeweireld to stay too, one less player going on a free for them.
  5. 100%. All it is designed to do is preserve the status quo and that is the exact opposite reason of why people watch sports.
  6. What is going on with the seeded players so far this year? Crazy how many have gone out. Entertaining first weekend but I hope we don't get too many more of the big names crashing out early. I would be more than happy to see Suzuki back again next year, her scoring was decent and once she sorted her doubling out she was very competitive. Last year the ladies seemed a bit out of place but Suzuki more than held her own and got the crowd right behind her.
  7. Lamar Jackson is sooooo good. Should win MVP by a mile this year.
  8. Pretty sure Manchester doesn't want Liverpool to win the title now!
  9. We were really fortunate to get out of that league when we did. I am a little bit surprised more clubs haven't gone into administration but the saving grace seems to be that there is always the next sucker to come in who is willing to take the gamble on reaching the Premier League.
  10. Puel did some good things and he did highlight the problems - I think he did very little to actually address them though. Last season most of our best results still came when we played a load of DM's and on the counter (Everton, Chelsea, Man City). If a team played deep against us and let us have the ball we were just as clueless at breaking them down and as a result our home form and performances were dreadful. We didn't get any joy with breaking down a deep block until Rodgers came in and changed the system and encouraged the team to play quicker in the final third. I don't think Claude would have adopted the approach we needed. He did help to build a platform but from the sounds of things Rudkin and Vichai had already decided to go in that direction anyway hence why they appointed him. I don't think it was a case of him telling them something that if they were being honest they didn't already know.
  11. Shame the crowd are out of focus, this is the only one I have seen from this angle so far. Still, another rustled home end for Jamie's collection!!
  12. Didn't Vardy end up using the Arsenal speculation to get a new deal with us too? Poor Arsenal.
  13. I'd worry more if he wasn't getting chances but he is getting some good ones. His record elsewhere shows he can finish so he maybe just needs a bit more composure in those situations - that will only come with more minutes under his belt. I think the potential he has shown so far is more than enough to stick with him and see if he can get there.
  14. And people wondered why he wouldn't just come out and say that he wasn't going to Arsenal!!!
  15. My stream is really good too, impressed so far
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