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  1. Not really as we are investing lots of money into construction and the playing squad. That reads like the holding company are prepared to secure the debts but that they can't inject money directly due to the stupid FFP regulations. Stuff like this goes to show that they have nothing to do with stopping clubs going bankrupt and only to do with the richest clubs ensuring that they are untouchable.
  2. Perhaps the loan payments match up to City paying the installments of the Mahrez transfer fee?
  3. The Sven windows were a blast. We have tightened up a lot since then, you can discard 95% of sources easily.
  4. He is at worst a good backup, his contract can't be that much and he has two years left on it. Doesn't make sense to sell, we still need squad players too.
  5. When our own supporters put us down as a middle of the road club. Since I started following us in 1992 our two league cups and one league title mean that only Man City, Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea have been more successful than us in a 27 year span. All clubs we couldn't possibly compete with under the circumstances. Plus when you chuck in all of the relegations, playoff appearances, the enjoyable league one and championship titles we really have been an exciting team to follow. How much more excitement can you want?
  6. Nice to see Big Wes holding his own on graph 3!!
  7. Cracking assist from big Emile there
  8. Why didn’t they just ask Wilf to blast the balls into row Z?
  9. The Man Utd 5-3 game for me, they had so much quality and we were a scruffy newly promoted side. Watching it in Manchester made it even better.
  10. Absolutely, we couldn't have done it without him. He only got 6 goals that year but each one of those that he did get were absolutely massive. The same with Shinji's goal vs Newcastle in a 1-0 win.
  11. Scored a hat trick vs Bury in the league cup did he not?
  12. That is the thing that always gets me about the title win. If someone had told you even a year earlier it would have been the most outlandish thing you'd ever heard.
  13. Man City will forget Aguero? I don't think so!!!! Aguero's goal vs QPR is still the only goal I have celebrated like it was my own team, I can't even imagine how Man City fans must have felt and still do. The guy is a machine and has scored so many big goals for them. I LOVE Vardy and the comparison isn't a slight but along with Drogba and Suarez, Aguero is the best striker I have seen in the Premier League.
  14. City 1 Stoke 1 under Megson is hands down the worst game of football I have ever seen. Our starting lineup featured two right backs, a left back, three centre halves, one central midfielder and three strikers. We started with a front three of DJ Campbell, Carl Cort and Mark De Vries with Campbell inexplicably being the one through the middle. The game plan appeared to be used the 'wide players' height by booting it down to the wing at every opportunity which resulted in so many throw ins it was like watching a game of Rugby. Awful.
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