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  1. I didn't know that about Nike and umbro, thank you.
  2. They were doing fine until the late 90's. Nike getting seriously involved in football was the beginning of the end for them and losing the England contract was huge. They have a couple of PL sides like West Ham and Burnley and a fair few championship clubs but they just got priced out of the top teams.
  3. One part Huth, one part Wasilewski, balance of bambi. What a unit.
  4. I would love a player like Shinji in this squad, that would give us more flexibility. He was pretty unique though, not too many players like him about!
  5. I was having a conversation about this with Utd fans about Haaland. I couldn't believe clubs like Utd and Madrid would let him to go to Dortmund when he was obviously going to be a top striker for at least a decade. They argued that they and other elite clubs like Madrid, Barca, PSG etc can't take chances because those players aren't given time so they have to buy the finished article. Those sides would rather let them them develop further even if it means adding 60 million to their price tag. Utd have tried doing it the other way recently with the likes of Wan Bissaka and Dan James and it has
  6. Mahrez may have been a bit of a tit sometimes but he was so so good here that I can't help but want him to win it and he is still one of the only players I want to watch at the moment who doesn't play for us. For the most part, Manchester City fans seem to have been fairly tolerable through all of their success so I still find it difficult to hate them and put them in the Chelsea/United/Spurs/Liverpool bracket.
  7. For all the talk of the Champions League being a big draw in terms of recruitment our recruitment has probably been better than most of the sides qualifying for the CL for a while. Even with CL we are still swimming in a different pool as we aren't offering £250,000 a week contracts. Maybe it will help us attract the kinds of young players like Dortmund do who the bigger clubs aren't ready to take a chance on but I'm not sure we need to do that much differently.
  8. He must be on cloud 9. What a week for him!
  9. On the plus side for Ben, at least losing to us in the league is no longer the low point of their season.
  10. Absolutely, I wasn't intending to be too critical as it is hardly surprising given everything going on. More a point that with everything going on every team has had these kind of performances and I wish clubs would be given a bit more slack. I am amaze we have even had a season to enjoy at all let alone one in which we have done so well!
  11. We have been the so called ‘inferior’ opposition for most of our existence, can we maybe not use that term? It’s not like it is just us either, loads of games haven’t been competitive. The quality of the league has been utterly dreadful this year and a lot of the games have been very poor.
  12. I get your frustration but the early stages of getting fans back in to grounds has to go well so that we can get back properly for the 21/22 season. Hopefully they won't be needed, certainly for outdoor events, for too much longer.
  13. The only other player we have had who can score that goal was Mahrez. He plays in a different position but it feels like he is filling that void.
  14. Loads of people on the facebook page whose heads this went straight over and thought they were just being rude!!
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