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  1. Reina sniffed out the danger leading to the first goal pretty quickly!
  2. I have no doubt he would not have been expecting to play a lot when he made that decision but having this year to get used to the league and train regularly with Premier League players is obviously a really good situation for him. You can't argue with anything Justin has done so far with the opportunities he has had, he hasn't put a foot wrong. I think we are really on to something with buying replacements ahead of time and effectively having them sit out the year.
  3. He is dead unlucky really because he probably would have played about 25 league games for a good 12 other sides in the league. Looks good every time he plays and the fact he can play on both sides well is invaluable.
  4. Lower weight divisions confuse things a bit as there are more fighters who changed divisions and regained belts that they had only lost as a consequence of moving up or down. Floyd for example was the lineal Welterweight champion, went up to Light Middle and won that, dropped back down to Welterweight and then went back up to Light Middle again and in the process regained a lot of belts he gave up. I am sure there is loads more examples of this but I can't think of any at Heavyweight. I think the closest would have been if Ali had beat Frazier in the Fight of the Century.
  5. Never really warmed to Maguire. Mahrez is the most gifted player I have ever seen in a Leicester shirt and one of my favourite ever players. Understood both’s decision to leave but only miss one of them. Ultimately there is no way I could ever hate any of of the title winning squad. I was very low at the time and it really helped me get through that.
  6. Iheanacho has improved this year but the big thing for me is the chemistry he has with Perez. The two of them both play miles better when they are both on the pitch together and look really dangerous. They just seem to suit each other really well and know what the other is going to do.
  7. We have been a bit below par in a few games recently but one positive is that it looks like Barnes has turned the corner and is getting used to playing at this level now. Really fancy him to smash the second half of the season.
  8. He'll be playing for a Champions League club for sure
  9. Anyone but the Chiefs at this stage. Epic choke job by the Texans but hardly surprising when they have a head coach who has ignored their defense for so long. Hoping the 49ers make it to the Superbowl, the turnaround in such a short space of time has been amazing.
  10. Gray has looked better off the bench but I thought yesterday was about the best starting performance he has had for us. Really good finish obviously but most of the good things we did in that game went through him.
  11. Can't get Lewis out of Slaughters Restaurant.
  12. I see Jose has managed to persuade Aldeweireld to stay too, one less player going on a free for them.
  13. 100%. All it is designed to do is preserve the status quo and that is the exact opposite reason of why people watch sports.
  14. What is going on with the seeded players so far this year? Crazy how many have gone out. Entertaining first weekend but I hope we don't get too many more of the big names crashing out early. I would be more than happy to see Suzuki back again next year, her scoring was decent and once she sorted her doubling out she was very competitive. Last year the ladies seemed a bit out of place but Suzuki more than held her own and got the crowd right behind her.
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