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  1. That Sedri/Maxwell fight was absolutely hilarious. Probably the most entertaining KO I have seen in ages.
  2. I think £100 million would go pretty far. Arguably we wouldn't be looking for a centre half anyway with Benkovic becoming effectively a new signing to replace Harry. We would need a new LB but I cannot see us spending more than £20-25 million on a player. We could get LB, CM and RW sorted for that.
  3. He was decent under Pellegrini to be fair.
  4. Stats like this are one of the reasons I find watching Maguire so frustrating. With his strength and ability in the air he should be a beast in the Rob Huth mould. He can contribute by going forward but by doing so he continually exposes his biggest weakness in his lack of pace. With a bit more tactical discipline I think he would be a much better player.
  5. Interesting to read Matej Vydra's comments about Harry Maguire being targetted by Burnley. I am sure they are not the only team that has noticed this.
  6. That team is clearly gash but I think GK is one of the few he got right. Clean sheets or not there De Gea was immense in that season and kept Utd in an awful lot of games that year on his own. I reckon he was worth more points to his team than any other keeper that year.
  7. Exactly and it shows only a small part of Saturday's crowd too. They still look like they were enjoying themselves and had bothered to take a long trip and a horrible day to watch their team. My personal experience was completely different and it was one of the better celebrations I have seen in a while. Only things that makes fan bases look bad are abusive chants and confronting players on the pitch.
  8. Didn’t see anything unusual in the ground, what happened?
  9. No point in trying to over analyse this match. Showed a lot of fight to play so long with ten men but the weather made it impossible to have a real quality game, it was horrendous. Today was gutsy and determined and all ten players gave it there all which is as much as you can ask. Winning goal meant a lot to the players because they had all worked so hard.
  10. He is just such a frustrating player. He can look really good at times but has always has a couple of mental lapses each game and doesn’t seem to be getting any better in the department. Sadly they have been leading to us conceding recently, probably just bad luck there. Since day one I have never been able to work out if he is actually any good or not.
  11. Need help? United Kingdom: 116 123 Samaritans Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week Languages: English Website: www.samaritans.org
  12. To be fair we could hire John Smith to manage the team and people would still pronounce his name wrong, it's the Leicester way.
  13. Callum Davidson How about "Now the sexy football show rolls into Leicester!!"
  14. Spectacularly bad manager who nearly ripped the club apart but somehow I still hate Holloway more.
  15. He had been good for us in 13/14 and obviously the Man Utd game in 2014 was his breakout but he didn't really quite kick on after that. For me that West Brom game is when he prove he could play as a number 9 in the Premier League and got his swagger. The celebration of that goal is one of my all time favourite moments.
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