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  1. Shaun Maloney on the Belgium coaching staff wtf that’s weird
  2. Would love Pearson to get the England job. Would be so much better than this lettuce.
  3. Currently drinking vault city dragonfruit sour which is delicious as expected from them.
  4. Had this monster earlier
  5. That looks great, I’m going to Birmingham in December for 2 nights (Covid permitting) we have booked Adams and a place called Craft which looks cool and seems crazy good value. If anyone else into good food is going to Birmingham I would recommend The Wilderness, very good place.
  6. I put them in a double with Lincoln ffs I should’ve just put a tenner on them.
  7. Anyone know why Ipswich are 2/1 away at Blackpool
  8. Anyone seen an America Murder the family next door?
  9. I’m a national sales manager in the construction industry. We provide a product to the national and regional house builders. Our factory stopped once the sites closed but I continued working throughout although some days literally I did nothing. It was a very weird time. Now fully operational but made loads of people redundant. My job relies on developers building houses so always abit risky. I feel for those who have had and are in worrying times!
  10. Are they being serious with this or is it just a test the water kinda thing? Either way it is truly shameful. Also I can’t believe the clubs who voted for this. Surely they knew that the votes would inevitably be made public and they would then be lambasted? Credit to us for voting with common sense and empathy. ****ing scandalous news. As for that troll saying it’s all business etc well what a ****ing weapon he is.
  11. Anyone used the fuss club before? Just placed an order with them and it seems good value.
  12. I don’t understand how they both weren’t reds they did pretty much the same thing.
  13. What’s Neville saying? I’m in a pub and can’t hear. Also I www very down due to our result but Man U losing helps.
  14. Going to Birmingham early December Covid permitting, anyone got any bar recommendations for craft beer?
  15. Me either they are my current favourite brewery. I had their triple IPA the other week which was crazy.
  16. I’m pretending I’m having fun but deep down I am punishing myself.
  17. Is there a manager who moans during a game more than Sean Dyche? He is mental
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