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  1. Never felt more pessimistic for an opening game so we will prob win
  2. Lmao Trent even though he is offiside. Wouldn’t see Ricardo doing stupid shit like that
  3. Tyler is awful nowadays he just sounds so smug and annoying. They need to get rid ASAP. Also sky should get Nige in to do analysis whilst he is out of work.
  4. Teams should’ve attacked Liverpool last season
  5. Lasted about 30 secs I looked up after posting it and he had scored ffs didn’t even see it as was still looking at my own comment.
  6. Always said Leeds are lucky to have bamford up top
  7. Can’t believe Leeds have bamford up top
  8. I dunno I only learnt it off @Ric Flair the other day
  9. Wow calamity Moss at it again. Why the hell did he not look at the screen before making the first decision? Absolute herbet.
  10. Anthony Bourdain’s show is incredible, what a bloke. The first one I watched in Canada was amazing.
  11. He did, big shame as he was a good guy
  12. Wow here we go. I was only agreeing with the post. No one mentioned him still being our manager, simply that we appreciate what he has done for our club and subsequently rate him.
  13. Oh yeah this big time. Some people actually go out of their way to have a go at him if a thread praising him pops up, blows my mind.
  14. Didn’t Col once say Cattermole was better than Cambiasso? That one took me a while.
  15. What channel was eurotrash on? Those were the days
  16. Why are people watching this it’s only a friendly? Nothing better to do?
  17. It’s hard to say really for me it is worth it. The kegs don’t work out too bad as you get £5 back for each one and also beer tokens with every purchase which you can use on future orders. In terms it the beer the options are great and the pints come out better than a pub. I have tried all different beers and have enjoyed them all.
  18. Also anyone who has praised black pudding is a good person. Only seen fussy eaters and people who have never even tried the stuff say they don’t like it. If you taste it then you will know how world class it is.
  19. I’m a big lad with a big appetite so most foods make me want more if I like it. Some favourites would be curry and naan and then sweet stuff like ice cream and pick n mix.
  20. Bbq is the worst sauce out there. Hot sauce now there is a sauce
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