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  1. That proper sucks @stripeyfox Hope you'll get it fixed soon and that will not be too expensive. I have never had any issues with Nintendo hardware, but can imagine the frustration.
  2. That was Leicester-level of stupidity by Schalke there... Kinda nice to see, that we are not the only team shooting ourselves in the foot.
  3. Fair enough. Just saying its really really good.
  4. Yeah DKCR:Tropical Freeze is expensive on the Switch, even more expensive than the original, which is madness for a port. But I believe the digital version is on a 33% discount right now making it a pretty decent deal. Still, it really is a fantastic game if you like 2D platformers. The level design is dazzling and the music from David Wise is pure bliss for the ears all the way through. I am all smiles playing this. Good thing about the Switch version is, that is comes with an 'easy' mode in Funky Kong mode, where you can play with Funky Kong (who comes with 5 lives, double jump, jump flutter and a surfboard that protects against spiky ground) or with Donkey Kong (who then comes with 3 lives instead of 2 and when he pick up an ally they get 3 instead of 2 lives too). That makes the game less challenging obviously, but let you enjoy the game a lot more with less death and replaying of levels. Of course, if you are into hard as nails gameplay, then you can still play on normal mode and even unlock a hard mode. Tetris 99 looks nuts. That will probably become my go to toilet game for a while...
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