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  1. I'd take 17th and the Europa League title.
  2. Don't get the Perez hate from this game. None of our players managed any kind of attacking quality, but Perez at least worked hard on helping contain Grealish somehow. Villa is in a golden patch at the moment, so of course they would be a struggle with our injuries.
  3. That should be a hard fought point, but no. Focus was on defence and I was okey with that. Our injury ridden squad against an in form Villa team with their main guys in form and then we still get sucker punched. Football is lame at times. Perez played because of his defensive skills and he helped Castagne a lot with Grealish. Flip it. This season with all the injuries, stupid VAR decisions and Covid restrictions is gonna be a rough ride at times. Fofana looks like a star in the making though and JJ was a rock on the leftback today.
  4. I am still a bit mindblown, that we pay 30+ million for a 19 year old with only one season football behind him. But with our scouting history and the club willing to pay this fee, we must see something special in this kid and the excites me immensely. Welcome Wesley!
  5. OI!! Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an underrated gem of a delightful tactics game... But what a nightmare scenario of a transfer this turned out to be for everyone apart from Sporting. Glad we can move on now and good luck to Adrien.
  6. Dang. Forgot the Pickford element.... Still think they will do well and Doucoure will be a key signing for them.
  7. That Doucoure signing gonna prove a masterpiece for Everton isn't it? James and DCL gets all the plaudits, but Doucoure is the guy holding it all together. Toffees gonna join us and Wolves in giving the old Big 6 a hard time this season.
  8. Has Phil Foden been let out of his pocket yet? I am proper impressed. His engine is unreal and even though his is fantastic at going forwards, he is still great defensively. Man City just gave up going left. If he was only playing 2nd fiddle at Atalanta the other guys must be absolute beasts.
  9. The Bale, Son and Kane trio gonna be pretty terrifying aren't they... When they click, they can hurt anyone.
  10. Yikes. We are the new Arsenal on the injury front. I liked it better when we nearly never had long term injuries. And Wilf is one of our most important players. But as others say, we just won 2 games in the league with Wilf playing as a bit of scare-bomb CB, so others will just have to step up.
  11. Feels like a pre-season game. Just hoping it wont get too embarrassing and someone steps up.
  12. Conceding that goal to make it 3-2 and you just know its gonna be squeaky bum time until we concede a late equaliser from a scramble after a corner, which will made it feel like we lost despite actually being quite good. But then Praet does that!! Fantastic roller coaster game. Looked good going forward, but Ndidi and Justin and their positioning in their new positions caused us to look very suspect defensively.
  13. Can we have this Barnes every game. Burnley could not cope with him at all. Can't wait to have √únder creating chaos on the other flank too.
  14. I like this version of Praet. Just ghosting around and running into space creating chaos.
  15. The state of football at times. How do Chris Wood get away with that goal? Hope we are not getting shithoused by a Pope blinder and a stupid bounce in the 2nd half. We look a bit frail defensively, but our forward play is great at times. Think we are doing well. Let's do this!
  16. Had to watch a replay. That was a solid and controlled performance. Big shout out to Mendy, who I thought was our best player in the game. Constantly made himself available for a pass for his teammates and had an overall solid game with assured passing and good defensive work. Very impressive and by far the best I have ever seen from him. JJ also needs a mention. Looked a bit dodgy with his positioning at times and got caught out a few times and had to take a yellow. But then he also had a part in all 3 goals and a massive block towards the end. We got some player in th
  17. He brought the happiness back.
  18. He is a good one. Looked horrible on the left though in the last training game after a MoM performance on the right.
  19. Just came by to thumps up all the Lloyd Dyer suggestions...
  20. Nah. My main frustrations with our team is the lack of off the ball movement to give the ball carrier 2-3 options constantly. We just do not work hard enough. Another frustration is clearing the ball into areas where opposition have the best chance to win the ball.
  21. Well that was a training match. JJ at RB and Mendy the highlights. For a passing side passing out from the back, we are really not very good at passing and movement. Still just a training match though.
  22. JJ and Mendy look tidy. Kevin works hard and gets involved, but loses the ball a lot. The left side and Praet need to get involved. But its pre-season and we are probably all completely overthinking it.
  23. I like it. I remember the yellow years with shivers...
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