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  1. I am still gobsmacked at that disallowed goal... They really need to mic the refs up like in american football, so they can explain the decisions. Its a 50/50, that the ref do not give and then he can give it afterwards; did not think that was the point of VAR. And obviously they just go and score. I actually do not mind a Spurs win. I want the top 4 race to be a mad competitive one and we actually prove, that we are not bottlers.
  2. West Ham lucked out so bad. Scored on everything they had. Unreal. Still our defense looked poor in each of their goals and Vardy is so of form its unbelievable. Still love that we did not carve in and actually had some excitement in the end. We still have it in our own hands, but we need some more players than Kevin and Kel to step up.
  3. West Ham just in that kind of form. everything they touch turns to gold. Unreal. Still want a response. Come on Leicester!!!
  4. Dammit. Even game with us edging it. Then we can't clear a cross for our lives and Lingard shows his form. Then getting caught out like that is just not good enough. They had 3 chances and score 2; thats how to win games. We are not bad, well apart from their 2nd goal, but we are really not very good either. Hmm.... Fears of repeating last season's finale.
  5. Football fans are a proper bunch of wild mood swingers.... It doesn't help that the media runs with it too. A bad result and you are completely out of it; a good result and you are on your way to titles and trophies. This knee-jerk reaction culture is another part of modern football, that really grinds me.
  6. This is great new. His former contract was running out in 2022 wasn't it? He scores goals and those guys are pretty important.
  7. Can't complain about the gameplan, but we faced a fresh and confident Man City team and they are just a few levels above us when in this form. Take it on the chin and move on. But Taylor let them get away with all of the dark arts. Really felt like he reffed in 2 standards, one for us and one for them.
  8. Sometimes to just have to accept who you are facing and go for the shithousing. Damn they are some team and giving us no time on the ball at all. That said, Anthony Taylor makes the endless list of shit refs. No freekick to KDB, who then nearly scores from it. Yellow carding Ndidi, the first time we stop a counter after Fernandinho has done it twice without consequence. Giving them freekick against Ndidi as he wins the ball and hits their man after, but do not give us one when the same thing happend later. Just want some consistency. Please.
  9. He deliberately walk over to Kamara covering his mouth and whispering whatever he said into his ear and he wants us to believe that. Yeah right. They beat a battered and tired Leicester side pretty fair an square, but they obviously take the dark arts of football to a new level and that is not charming at all. Must be said, that Rangers' reaction is also not acceptable at all.
  10. Nicely controlled and what a piece of sexy football for the goal. Need to get another, so we won't get suckerpunched.
  11. Starting 11 looks good. Bench not so much. No Tavares or Praet in the squad is a bit strange. Hoping we turn up and maybe even start to get Vardy going again.
  12. Fair play to Man Utd. Thats how you defeat that monster, that is Man City. Not seeing us catching any of these this season.
  13. The VAR thing is a funny thing. I like the idea and when it works and changes an obvious wrong decision its great and we do not really think about it. Hasn't it saved us conceding 2 pens lately? But then you have the armpit offsides and the super slow motion of one angle of minor contact in the box resulting in pens, which does not feel in the spirit of the game at all. It can definitely be improved.
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