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  1. Ze Germans comes back from the nearly dead. Fine margins, this game of football...
  2. Jonezy

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    Belgium is pretty good.
  3. Jonezy

    Denmark v Australia match thread

    Meh. Denmark is not really showing any of the stuff, that made us annihilate the Irish in the playoffs. Can understand the penalty decision, but I have seen many similar not given and that inconsistency is probably what annoys me the most. Now France to beat Peru and then Peru to play for pride and nick a point or 3 against the Aussies and we have already done enough.
  4. Jonezy

    James Maddison Confirmed

    We have a number 10! And he is young and English! Good stuff!
  5. Oi!!! We are NOT talking about that Japan-Denmark game.... Like never.... Grats on a great win today!
  6. Jonezy

    Tunisia v England match thread

    That felt like justice served. Wonderful play by England in the 1st half and a ref letting the Tunesians get away with their spoil tactics. Think you guys might do better than normal in this World Cup, but Lingard really needs to find his shooting boots.
  7. Jonezy

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Lingard and Walker is in my flippin fantasy team....
  8. Yep. Nigeria definitely gonna get my full support after Denmark whimpers out in group stage.
  9. Jonezy

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    This signing excites me! The despair after the Crystal Palace and West Ham games is already turning into hope again. Ohh the wild mood swings of being an Leicester City FC supporter...
  10. So you think, that it looks like a Chelsea shirt too...
  11. Nice and simple. But if it wasn't for the badge and the sponsor, you would think that you are looking at a Chelsea shirt.
  12. Jonezy


    Not funny...
  13. Jonezy

    Is this how everyone felt about us?

    Kudos to Burnley for qualifying. And I really hope they take it seriously and grind their way to the latter stages just like we did in the Champions League.
  14. Jonezy

    Robert Huth to Leave at End of Season

    He is a flippin legend! All the best big man. Sexy football sure arrived...
  15. Jonezy

    Hamza Choudhury

    Kid sure has some potential. Pretty solid display today.