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  1. Took an absolute wonder goal from Barnes as well. Serious 3 points we got that day.
  2. Schmeichel is in beastmode at the moment. By far our best player after the restart.
  3. The hell... We finally had some luck and VAR decisions going our way. Shame we couldn't nick a late winner. Thought our defense looked fragile 1st half, as they sliced through us too easily. 2nd half much better. JJ is not Ricardo and we still lack some x-factor. Pleased with the 2nd half apart from the last 10 min where our young ones kept destroying momentum with hopeless decisions and thrilled to see VAR actually working and helping us. We still have a decent team here.
  4. Thought we were alright, but why the high line against Arsenal and their speedrunners. Also think Perez has been good as the link up player. Feel a little robbed with our non-goal, but the woman ref had her flag up right away. She always seems to hate us and never see it our way. We can still do this, but we need some damn luck coming our way.
  5. Its gonna be a horrific Kavanagh decision letting us down isn't it....
  6. Can we please have someone, who can take on a man or two and scare defenders out of shape, We really need some x-factor.
  7. VAR working as intended. Well our boys better start performing if they want to play Champions League then. Grats to Liverpool; what a ruthless and dominant title for them. Respect.
  8. And because we are not Liverpool or Man Utd nobody even mentions it. Penalty decisions have become a complete lottery without any consistency unless you are Man Utd of course.
  9. Not even Britain's woeful refs and VAR handling and destract from that horrid show of football from both teams. Leicester must be the most boring team to watch with the centre-back tiki taka. Not impressed.
  10. Yikey. That was not good at all. Brighton by far the better team and Lee Mason doing his best to detract what a mediocre perfomance that was. We are better than this. I flippin hope.
  11. Villa used all their karma to the gods getting into the League Cup final. I am gonna have a smirk face, when they get relegated. We just need to step up and make 3rd ours, but we have looked a bit ordinary since the December maulings from Man City and Liverpool.
  12. Holy moly. That was VAR actually working as intended. Like VAR that way.
  13. A shout out to Kingdom. A well produced korean show, that feels like a medievil asian take on GoT with a twist.
  14. Hmmm. Was pretty happy with that FA Cup draw, but now I am not so sure.... This game also shows that some good oldies can wreck some havoc with that Chelsea attack of Willian, Pedro and Giroud. Our team still need some experienced heads at times.
  15. Home game, so can't complain about that draw. Will be tough, but think we edged them both games this season. We have a decent chance.
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