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  1. Trippier just had a Mendy moment...
  2. Jonezy

    That Vardy dive

    Vardy do has a dive in him and really has made an art out of the trailing leg hitting the defender. But why he is singled out by a former Spurs player, who has Alli and Son diving all the time, is really weird. Especially as a Southampton player did an even worse attempt at diving in the very same game. When I saw the Vardy situation on a stream, I actually just thought he fell over his own feet, as he was laughing afterwards and shaking his head. But I am a biased tool.
  3. Jonezy

    On a positive note..

    Cut out the brain farts and we have a pretty decent team.
  4. Jonezy

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Meh. At least we tried, but we are not good enough. Can't keep giving gifts away like Mendy and Albrigthon the last 2 games. Rarely have I been less excited.
  5. Jonezy

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Beating Chelsea, Man City and Everton will give this team loads of confidence.... Nope....
  6. Jonezy

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    The amount of absolute brain farts by Leicester players this season most be a new World record....
  7. Jonezy

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    This is really our strongest XI at the moment isn't it. Can't argue with that at all. Come on Leicester!!
  8. Jonezy

    Barnes coming back

    I really really like and appreciate Albrighton, but right now I am still flippin bitter about that stupid handball.... The Barnes recall makes total sense. Strengthening the wings must be a priority as Gray blows hot and mostly cold and Ghezzal seems very very standard to put it mildly. So it would have been silly to go shopping, when we have a pretty big talent running around and lightening the Championship up, that we can recall. Feel for WBA, and it could have been great for Barnes to participate in a promotion push, but we actually really need him right now.
  9. Jonezy

    Newport away match thread

    We are not doin well, but we have had chances for 4-5 goals. If only Okazaki and Ghezzal could finish.
  10. Jonezy

    Newport away match thread

    The amount of money these players earn to play football, and then they play like this. Why playing scruff ball with a L2 side.
  11. Jonezy

    Nintendo Switch

    Its a really fun take on the XCOM-styled combat system. I enjoyed it.
  12. No dressing room selfies Man City... No dressing room selfies.
  13. Jonezy

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

    What. A. Christmas!!! Where the hell did that come from? Not sure I like helping Pool or Spurs to a potential title (I kinda enjoy telling their fans how it feels to win the premiership), but man does it feel good.
  14. Tottenham somehow really annoys me, but they do play some decent football. Gonna give them that. Title race might be interesting this season after all. Oh Gylfi, game back on maybe...
  15. Jonezy

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Its like any other business. If a leader cannot motivate and get the best out of his staff, he runs the risk of getting sacked. January this year, we outplayed Chelsea at the Bridge until we got another one of these harsh yellow-reds and I thought whauw, we play some decent stuff these days. Then Mahrez went full melt and we have not been anywhere near that performance level, as that day on the Bridge since. It seems like the players have a hard time following and believing in Claude's ideas, which then transform into inconsistency on the pitch. Its not about snakes, its just a leader, who has lost the belief from his staff. Seems like we need another fresh start.