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  1. Them Watford fans made me laugh. Seem like a sound bunch. Funny how it has turned out with us and Watford after the battles in the Championship and Deeney Day. Really hoping Nigel can get them out of trouble now.
  2. Dang. Them Liverpool are pretty good I guess...
  3. Come on. Lets show the world how good we do 2nd halfs.
  4. I know Watford are having an awful season, but still think it will be hard work today. Shame about Chillwell, he was on a good run, but Fuchs should be able to step in and hopefully release Vardy once or twice. Come on Leicester!!
  5. We need to stop looking for pens and just finish them attacks. We are playing some good stuff, but Everton is doing the 1st world war back to the wall defending routine on us and pulled a good goal on their one decent attack. We can still do this.
  6. Wow. Wilder will be going nuts now...
  7. Dang it. Was enjoying that Man Utd melt. But it will make Ole last longer at least...
  8. Before we call everything corrupt. In the handball incident before the first goal, Bernado Silva actually handles it first.
  9. Must be Liverpool's season. Absolutely everything goes for them in this league.
  10. How far back do you go to look for offside after a goal? The Sheffield Utd disallowed goal was so tight, but the offside player cross it straight into the head of a defender, who then clear it straight to a Sheffield Utd player, who start the move for the goal. When the defender clears it, shouldn't it be a new situation? The rules needs to be clear and the refs should explain their decisions. VAR in PL is in a weird place right now, but the inconsistent ref decisions doesn't help.
  11. Every single omen are in our favour. I don't like it, but please stuff them Gunners.
  12. Chelsea are looking good. Didn't think they would click so fast. They gonna be a tough opponent in the top4 race.
  13. Really? Kavanagh again against one of the big ones. That scares me...
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