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  1. Crazy stuff. Self destruction at its best, but those Romanians just wanted it far more. Expected more from Maddison at this level.
  2. Topps Tiles coming back....
  3. To see three academy lads involved in a 3-0 mauling of Arsenal.
  4. Had the images of long range wonders from a midfielder with a very british name in my head the whole time and the name just escaped me... Gallagher of frickin course!! And then I forgot Wood like everyone else without a 10 out 10. First name I put in was Fryatt.
  5. They are pretty good them Manchester City aren't they...?
  6. I still love Craig Dawson for that performance against Spurs in 2016...
  7. We lucked out a bit there I think. They have carved us open to easily a few times, but we have had our moments too. Feel like we can do better than this.
  8. Come on boys! Lets finish strong!
  9. Good stuff. He looked rusty at Newport, but completely nullified Mahrez in the league cup. Great character and solid back up.
  10. I still get annoyed when I see Atkinson reffing because of that red card at the Emirates.
  11. Not been mentioned enough, but we only made 5 fouls the whole game and one of them was Kelechi being a muppet. Under pressure for long periods and we contained them without being dirty. Also huge kudos to our 2 academy lads Hamza and Ben in nullifying one of the most in form players in the world right now in Bernardo Silva. Man City was more dirty with 2 complete hack jobs denying us good counter attacks. When Pep moans about protection for his players next time, I hope someone will remind him of this game. That said. What a team Man City is. Not only are they immensely talented, but they work really hard as well. That we managed to frustrate them as much as we did, give me massive hope and excitement for the future.
  12. That was a great perfomance against one of the best club sides ever. I love Hamza!
  13. Hamza is becoming famous in Denmark.
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