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  1. Why are we starting to create this myth that Rodgers do not rate √únder? He needed some bedding in time and we played a lot of 5-3-2 because of injuries as well. Then he got himself injured, when he probably was gonna get some proper game time. Of course him taking so long to be fit and ready might be a cause of concern and make us hesitate signing him permanently. Personally think he has looked good when played bringing dribbling skills, great passes and runs into the game. His assist at Arsenal was great and he looked exciting in Europe too. Hopefully he will get back to full fitness and show
  2. That was a statement win. Southampton came strong and well drilled with an intense press, that was hard to handle especially in the 1st half. Then Maddison shows his quality scoring from that insane angle. 2nd half we stepped up and looked a lot stronger with great press and limiting Southampton to very few chances, combined with us getting the dangerous transitions going. Wilf was immense throughout and Cags was just what we needed at the right time. Fantastic win.
  3. What a development of him already. Thought he looked like our weak link on the left at the beginning of the season, but now he looks like our best choice there by far. What a talent and he seems to constantly getting better. We got a special one here.
  4. So professionel. Great goals and great display. Castagne on the right is a machine. Hopefully Praet won't be out for too long. Gotta love this team.
  5. A lot stronger than expected. Not a lot of fire power from the bench though.
  6. The league is nuts this season and I love it! Though starting to get a sneaking feeling, that Man Utd might be jammy enough to actually be a very serious contender.... Yikey. Still a mad competitive league is good stuff.
  7. Why do we always end in these 'who is bigger' discussions? Just enjoy the flippin ride! We all remember the 00s, and I am pretty sure most football fans are full of envy of where we are now apart from fans of a very few clubs. This is the good times, so do not ruin it getting frustrated by a little lack of exposure.
  8. Glad we had turgid Newcastle today and not Man City in this form. Yeez, when they are on song, they are something special.
  9. That was a bit scrappy, but we showed the quality when needed. Set pieces still a massive worry, but we showed strength in the end seeing the game out. Fantastic 3 points without being any where near our best.
  10. Where is the energy? We need to show more; we are better than this.
  11. We do not get much stronger than that. Hope we are switched on and ready to battle and show our quality. Come on Leicester!!
  12. This is fantastic news. He is a great experienced head to have at the back, while our great CB prospects develop into proper elite CBs. Hopefully this will also settle Evans himself a bit, as he has been looking a bit rusty at times this year. What a great way to start the year.
  13. It looked pretty poor though. Getting beat at the near post from that angle.
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