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  1. Cuphead looks amazing, but with my video game skill level, I think I will quite quickly become too frustrated to enjoy it. It looks so hard.
  2. This Everton-Chelsea match just reminded me, how glad I really am, that we have gone away with the yellow away shirts. Please never come back.
  3. Liverpool might actually do this. Shame, as I find absolute pleasure in reminding Liverpool fans, that they have never won the Premier League and Leicester has. Also they seem to have fine tuned the art of making sure you get your penalties with their 'unnatural' fallings, as Dyche would say.
  4. Some decent signings while he was here. Hopefully someone else can come in and sign some even better ones!
  5. Its a pretty cool take on turn based strategy, but its very long and very anime. I had it on PS3 but never got far. Check out a few trailers maybe to see if its something you would like to commit to.
  6. Impressive stuff from Juventus and Ronaldo. Well apart from Chiellini's play acting.
  7. This monday felt so much better! I love the feeling of winning again and Vardy is a legend.
  8. The reason we all go full toxic is not just because of this game. Its because the last 2 months have been pure agony. Missed pen and late goal conceded giving Cardiff the win. The Albrighton brainfart against Newport. Mendy's mistakes gifting Southampton. The brilliant comeback vs. Wolves only to get heartbroken. Great performances against the big boys and only 1 point to show for it; the Spurs match especially hard to take with another missed pen at a clutch time. Getting whooped by a clinical Palace. Barely scraping a win against Brighton and then yet another last minute heartbreak. I admire the guys, that still take out the positives and keep trying to give us all a bit of hope. Rodgers is a massive hope of better times for all of us, but his first match was just another example of the pure frustration of being a Leicester City supporter at the moment.
  9. No wonder mondays feel so effin shit...
  10. It would be really nice, if they actually learned from their mistakes.
  11. This season is just weekend after weekend of foul mood. So frustrating. How can a team self destruct so many times in a season? Its unreal. Rodgers will have his work cut out to try and put confidence and match winning decision making into this team. Also can Chilwell please stop moaning constantly and start working on his final ball.
  12. I am so f**kin tired of this bullshit non-stop. So amazingly self-destructive is unreal. Please stop!!!
  13. Come on Leicester! We can still do this!
  14. Things doesn't turn around in an instant. Still making confidence lacking mistakes in the beginning of the game and still the off the ball movement is non existiing. Really like the extra freedom given to Ricardo and Chillwell. Still a fine margins game. Another linesman and ref would have called their goal off for offside and given us a pen for the accidental handball. But thats has been the story of this season so far.
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