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  1. That Sampdoria team with Vialli and Mancini in the early 90s...
  2. Jonezy


    I actually cheered the tackle immensely at the time yelling ' that will flippin teach you pushing people in the back and getting away with it, because its Anfield!!!'. But Hamza needs to tone it down a bit before he runs into Moss, Dean or Pawson on a card happy day.
  3. At least us losing at Old Trafford has meant that they have hanged on to Solskjær a little while longer. Wow, seeing the Man Utd empire crumble since Fergie left actually makes me quite happy. Their fans were so annoying and arrogant in the 00s.
  4. Seems like we played Chelsea away at the right time. Quite exciting team with them forced to use their young players. It does look like Liverpool's season, but it is only October and a lot will happen. At least we are in the mix near the top 6 and we haven't really clicked yet. Its a great time to be a Leicester fan despite the frustrations of yesterday.
  5. How has Bournemouth got on good terms with Atkinson? He is normally such a homie ref...
  6. He is one fantastic football coach, but he is also quite a bellend.
  7. Jonezy


    It only looks bad because of the speed. In the slow you can see Hamza goes for the tackle exactly when Salah tabs the ball. Every game has these tackles, when someone breaks through the line and Man City and Liverpool have their fair share of them too, when their pressing game doesn't work. Its a clear yellow, but to be a red, he needed to be the last man or coming in studs first. Klopp needs to calm the hell down, especially when his team grind out 2 extra points on a 50/50 penalty decision. I must applaud Klopp the football coach, but on the human side of things, he lost me plenty of times with his weird rants.
  8. He does has his brainfarts, but we all love him anyway.
  9. Thats Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Anfield out of the way. Only need Emirates and Etihad to get the big team homie refs out of the way. That said. Liverpool were far better than us and we are not quite there yet, but improving. Maddison on the wing does not work and Chilwell needs to step up. Caglar is a frickin monster in the making though. Heads up and onwards!!
  10. Whats the stats on him giving away the ball today. Must be 10+ at least. Need to step it up when it matters, but Liverpool down the wings are unplayable at the moment.
  11. Thats a good team we are playing. What we been trying to do all game, they done in an instant and gets a goal for it. We can't get going and thats down to Liverpool's doing. But seriously Rodgers. Stop the Maddison on the wing thing, its not working and exposes today's weak link in Chillwell. Caglar is flippin great though!
  12. Nervous. Dreading a spanking, hoping for a miracle. Not digging the 4 central midfielders set-up, but Rodgers probably knows a thing or two more about football than me.
  13. I went for JJ against Luton. The pass, the run and the finish. Class goal.
  14. This channel gonna overtake Arsenal Fan TV at the end of the season at this rate...
  15. Love the witch house vibes from that anouncement video... All the best to Simpson though. Still miss him on the back post when crosses comes in.
  16. Atkinson was a big team bias big shit wank ref at usual, but that really did not lose us the game. Not performing to our best standards did, and you need to perform the best you can in places like Old Trafford.
  17. Still waiting for us to click this season. We need players to step up and create quality, but not a single one produced anything. Two mediocre teams cancelling each other out and one team getting lucky with a bounce and a soft decision to win the game. I hope we click soon. The potential is there but the end product not so much right now. Atkinson is still a big team bias wank ref though...
  18. The eff was that...???! Adama Traore with end product...
  19. We need to somehow americanize the VAR system to be more like the challenge system in NFL. In NFL the refs also explains why they make the decision, they make. This non-penalty has me proper confused about the rules, so would like an explanation.
  20. VAR really hates Man City.... How is that not a penalty?
  21. Is it finally Liverpool's year? They really play some good stuff combined with working extremely hard. I am impressed.
  22. I like him. His end product need to be a lot sharper, but he is aggressive and wins a lot of balls.
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