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  1. Not impressed. That 3rd in the PL against a mid table Championship team and they win every duel. We can do better than this, come on.
  2. Thats a good tip @Carl the Llama. I actually played one of them Valkyria Chronicles games back on PS3 a little bit. They have great artwork and interesting combat, but they are very very long, which scares me. There is also the 'XCOM-like' genre; Mario + Rabbids was a delight for me.
  3. Some RPG Switch talk going on in here. Like it. Fire Emblem was my favorite game last year (Golden Deer House for the win by the way... ;)). Xenoblade games scares me with the action combat systems, as I do like my chilled turn-based gameplay. Kind of regret not jumping on Dragon Quest XI when it was on sale last month, so will probably jump on next time there is a sale for it. Do people have some recommends for turn-based strategy on the Switch? I just tried Banner Saga, but it was a bit too clunky for me and did not like the mostly written story. Have Wargroove, SteamWorld Heist and Into the Breach installed on my Switch after being picked up on sales.
  4. I really do not know the football rules anymore and it seems like the refs are confused by them too. Such a mess. And why is VAR not being handled by a commitee of people instead of just one person?
  5. We have mostly been playing very strong and in form teams lately. Still Burnley shithoused us with a penalty save and 2 goals from nothing. Only really the Southampton game, that was a concern. We battled a point home from a strong Wolves team and Barnes and Evans missed late 100% chances against Chelsea. Vardy has been off form and the refs give us nothing. Just need a bit of momentum and we will look strong again. Next handful of games will give us the clear picture of where we are.
  6. So when a goalkeeper completely disregard the safety of his opponents, he is doing a great job, but when Hamza does it, he is a disgrace. If Ederson has done his Barnes or Ihenacho on Mane or Salah, there would have been an outrage. I really do not understand football anymore and it feels like different teams plays after different rulesets.
  7. Its unreal how bad it has become. It must be the PL implementation of the VAR system, that makes refs second guess and overthink every decision, so they lose all logical football sense.
  8. Thats a pen. VAR working for once. Jammy Spuds though, but against jammy Villa I really do not mind.
  9. Just hope the good Leicester team turns up. Those two perfomances against Man City and Liverpool around christmas were stuff of nightmares.
  10. This thread makes me smile. Thanks.
  11. He is amazing and the refs never give him anything.
  12. How can Spurs consistenly shithouse Man City. Its unreal. Great goal though and another one to file under 'take your chances'.
  13. Burnley is doing a proper Burnley on Arsenal this 1st half.
  14. Wolves game is gonna be tough one isn't it? Strong performance at Old Trafford.
  15. He still has a bit too many mishit passes by my liking, but he is the guy that makes us tick. Always available for a pass and capable of playing a killer ball. When he is good, the team is good.
  16. I think the Saints have done pretty well at Anfield and yet here they are 3-0 down. Ruthless them Liverpool. Ruthless.
  17. The Liverpool coverage this season... One hour prematch TV studio before our game against Chelsea and it is all about Liverpool. They even had the Liverpool throw-in coach (because he is Danish) on for a discussion instead on having a closer look at Leicester and Chelsea. Can't wait for Liverpool to finally win this thing, so we can all move on. Christ.
  18. People do realise, that we just went even stevens with Chelsea even having by far the best chances to win with 3 academy players playing the whole game. A good break and I am positive we will end the season on a high.
  19. He was exceptionel 2nd half today. Creating so much space and chaos.
  20. Time to move on.... The guy is a pure Leicester man and a massive personality at the club. He has been great for us throughout the years, but he always has rough patches and not the greatest command of his area. He will win us points again.
  21. That penalty call at the end is never a pen to be fair. Also shout out to Ayoze, who were amazing 2nd half finding space and creating chaos. We still got a very exciting team. Great time to be alive as a Fox fan even despite recent frustrations. Heads up!
  22. Barnes or Evans with 110% chances and missing. But take the draw, it could have gone both ways. Can we work a little on defending high crosses during the break please. High press and high crosses are like silver and onions to a vampire for us right now.
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