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  1. What a club to support. Two playoff heartaches, one smashing promotion season, one of the all time greatest escapes from relegation, a fairytale-like and to this day still a bit unreal premier league win, a great Champions League campaign and becoming an established top10 team in the prem aiming for top4 now. Wow. Do feel like Deeney day and Vardy's goal at WBA in the great escape should have been in that montage though. Still so many wonderful memories. What a club to support!
  2. Vardy at WBA in 2015. Felt like it started the fire properly!
  3. I am really shocked. How can you not plan and rotate towards this, so you do not have to put out a team so devoid of match fitness and cohesion.
  4. Wow Rodgers really...? Not a fan of this. Hopefully we are all proved wrong.
  5. Kudos to Wolves. They are a solid and strong team and showed how to fight the big boys. Obviously helps when Ederson doesn't get away with his brainfarts, but still pretty sure Wolves would have put up a decent show compared to our complete surrender. Traore is a beast. Wow. How are Traore allowed to shoulder barge into the back of a player and knock him off the ball and then set up the 2-2 goal though? I know @The Bear likes to moan about VAR and decisions going against them, but they got away with one there.
  6. The first player encroaching the box was a Man City player wasn't it? Seemed very harsh. The pen was a pen, but Riyad obviously completely overplays it (as apparently you have to do these days). Very interesting game this.
  7. If that had been Vardy, he would have got a yellow for diving. I hate the refs in this league... Was hoping for Man City, but them Wolves are strong and with that man advantage I fancy them to get a win here.
  8. Yep. Need them Wolves to drop points. They are some consistent ****ers.
  9. Seriously how do they keep those energy levels up game after game after game? Its levels above anyone else. Is that really what motivation gives you or do they train in special ways? It reminds me of the Sky/Ineos team in cycling and their dominance in Tour de France. Also think the only way to stop them right now is going full Mourinho and get into them physically. Standing back like we did and not get close to them is suicidal. They are a fantastic team.
  10. Its really unreal with Liverpool. Apart from the Napoli game (talk about a non pen being awarded) they just get every single bounce and momentum changing decison going for them. Caglar is a pen though. Its extremely unlucky, but its a pen. The Arnold one should be a pen too, but a second before it hits Arnold's arm, it hits Bernardo Silva's arm, so maybe that come into consideration too. With the most blatant shirt pull on Ricardo being ignored before the corner that lead to the 1-0 goal and the Villa non-freekick (and a yellow for Ricardo) leading to their goal, Michael Oliver has gone right to the top of ref biased incompetence. Why can't the refs be questioned after the game? I would like to hear their explanations and honest assessments about their decisions.
  11. Never nice to get spanked and extremely frustrating to get spanked twice back to back, but our future still looks bright and we are done playing super teams for a while. Heads up everyone!
  12. Rodgers trusted him with too big a task these last 2 games. He is still a pretty good leftback with potential to get even better.
  13. At least the games come thick and fast these days... Ran into another masterclass today and we are just not ready for that yet. Disappointed that we could not show ourselves better in these last 2 games and really hoping we can find confidence again soon.
  14. Can someone explain to me if Liverpool have special rules allowing them to tug shirts, push people in the back and attacking high balls with the arms in face of the opponents without any consequence? They don't really need that extra help, they are pretty good already.
  15. Liverpool are flippin class. Michael Oliver is not. And we are just not quite there yet.
  16. Can some ref explain why Ederson on Barnes is not a pen and this is??? I am so confused with football these days....
  17. Man City was in masterclass mode yesterday and the only way to stop that is to go into them hard and hope the ref has a soft day. You have to go full Mourinho and also hope for a slice of luck. We needed some Hamza tackles to rattle them, but we were standing off and let them run riot. I think Rodgers expected better from our players and they just got overwhelmed by a superb playing Man City team. Actually going to be interesting to see if we have learned anything come Boxing Day.
  18. Really hoping that we are not running into another masterclass and that our boys will want to show the world that yesterday was just an off day.
  19. Can someone point to the rules in the football laws, that let a goalie just completely clatter an opposition player without any consequence? Also thought it was a soft pen, which again rewarded the diving culture in modern football. Love football, but some stuff is well wonky at the moment.
  20. That Man City team can be the best in the world when they are on it and today we probably faced exactly that and lost deservedly. Masterclass from them. Respect. We need to show more steel in games like this and get into them, instead of just backing off. Was hoping we were better than this, but maybe we have also hit poor form finally. Oh well, can't win them all. Heads up everyone!
  21. I was expecting more after last season. Bit disappointed with him, but expectations were also well high.
  22. Getting taught a masterclass today. Still another weak ass pen at one of big boys' home...
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