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  1. It did not take ages in the german game. Its better that the ref actually gets a second look, as he can compare it to what he think he saw.
  2. Just saw Hamburg SV-Nürnberg on the telly. Nürnberg with a similar handball to the Villa one; ref called to the monitor; watched once or twice and then gave the pen. So efficient and this is 2nd tier german football. Why don't the refs in England use that flippin monitor to see for themselves? It makes no sense.
  3. We have only been really rubbish against Southampton. Burnley and Villa smashed and grabbed us with their keepers playing blinders. I am quitetly confident and actually expect the team to be well up for this after yesterday's agony.
  4. The hurt is still very real today. This is gonna take some time isn't it....?
  5. I don't understand why the accidental handball leading to goal rule gets so much hate. At least it is clear. Defensive handballs are just a lottery with absolute no consistency in the decisions. Also football really needs to let the refs explain their decisions after the game like in other sports. I believe that could clear some things up. Still think VAR is the way forward, but the implementation in english football is a confusing mess.
  6. We all love being the underdog and pull off an unlikely result, but when it is the other way around it is just pure agony.
  7. I wanted the FA Cup anyway.... But I still really hope that Man City smashes them in the final leading to a downward spiral for them resulting in a relegation and a crying Grealish.
  8. Squad players for 15 million. Football has gone proper mad. Even as a Dane, I am not that impressed with Jannik. He is a giant, but very slow and immobile. We do need some more physicality as times, so it kinda makes sense.
  9. Come on the boys!!! Our midfield look very lightweight though.
  10. Can we have the sharp version of Vardy again please! That should help.
  11. I would like a ref to tell me why that Ben Mee handball is not a pen, when the Caglar one was. The inconsistency in decisions even with the help of VAR is ridiculous in this league.
  12. Whats the difference with Mee's handball and the one we conceded a pen for on Caglar? Mee leans into the ball and it hits his arm. Not trying to find excuses, as I really only blaming the team for this avoidable loss.
  13. We were not great, but should have won easily. Missed a bucket load of chances including a pen. They got a goal from a set piece and a lucky bounce. Shit happens, but a sharp Vardy and we would have got 3 points. Our play out of pressure is awful and we are so sloppy with our finishing. That can come back and bite you against a bunch of fighters and it did today. Brendan needs to show us how good he really is now.
  14. This one is on Vardy, Still love him though,
  15. Vardy not taking his chances at all doesn't help.
  16. We are not the best version of ourselves are we? Can't deal with a high pressure, sloppy passing and lack of movement. At least the guys we play are even worse. Want to to se Tielemans 2nd half to get our passing flowing. Also Ndidi is really missed. But Barney, what a wonderful goal!!!
  17. So you guys at the ground. Can you please rile Vardy up a bit blaming Rebekah for leaking the line-up to Sean....
  18. OP post doesn't work for me. But Sean was right and leaked this yesterday, Crazy. Hopefully all this changing and swapping is bound to hit some gold. Come on Leicester!!!
  19. Jonezy

    Raúl Uche

    You don’t age.....?!
  20. With Kavanagh being the referee in your game, I think most of us would lose it. He calmed down pretty quick though and somehow avoided what I thought was a sure yellow in Kavanagh's world.
  21. Kavanagh is really shit and incosistent isn't he....? How can Grealish get a freekick every single time he falls and Ricardo can't buy one for his life? Fair play Villa. That was a decent parked bus that one. We need more quality from our main guys to penetrate busses like that.
  22. Chilly, please to get back to topform again. Another goal conceded, which could have been avoided by a sharper Ben and an overall lack of threat down that left side.
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