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  1. I know it is tradition and stuff, but a why is it, that a game played outside on grass has far more games in the winter than in the summer? Seems crazy to me. Still it is the same for all the teams, so not much to do than prepare the best for it.
  2. Yep, nailed it. Thats how I saw the game too. Must give credit to Everton for their fight and energy in the 2nd half as well; still it took them 2 extraordinary finishes to get level.
  3. He is one of the few good ones now, its so weird. Pawson and Kavanagh on the other hand....
  4. Rollercoaster ride that match. Pure brilliance most of 1st half, then Everton fighting back and us not getting the 3rd goal, then they score and we seem nervy, then the Baines sucker and then we flippin win the penos!!!
  5. Arrogance got the better of us today. Went too complacent after 2-0. Sloppy shit leading to this. Fair paly to Everton to take advantage though.
  6. Mourinho + Spurs + Jammy are an annoying combo....
  7. I am enjoying this Arsenal fall into despair way too much...
  8. Nakamba's yellow was also a studs first tackle without getting the ball. Seen red given on those.
  9. He really winded Grealish up with perfect DM play and I loved it!
  10. Life is too good to moan about Grealish and Oliver. This team right now = Pure love!!
  11. Refs apparently on to us. Some really soft ones coming our way at the moment.
  12. Just a little bit sharper and Engels won't get his last ditches in and we score for fun. Just nervous about the Oliver and Grealish bromance to get stupid decisions against us.
  13. Grealish is a pretty good footballer but his constant moaning and falling at every opportunity is disgusting. And even the super refs like Oliver lets him getting away with it and giving soft yellows and freekicks.
  14. Them Watford fans made me laugh. Seem like a sound bunch. Funny how it has turned out with us and Watford after the battles in the Championship and Deeney Day. Really hoping Nigel can get them out of trouble now.
  15. Dang. Them Liverpool are pretty good I guess...
  16. Come on. Lets show the world how good we do 2nd halfs.
  17. I know Watford are having an awful season, but still think it will be hard work today. Shame about Chillwell, he was on a good run, but Fuchs should be able to step in and hopefully release Vardy once or twice. Come on Leicester!!
  18. We need to stop looking for pens and just finish them attacks. We are playing some good stuff, but Everton is doing the 1st world war back to the wall defending routine on us and pulled a good goal on their one decent attack. We can still do this.
  19. Dang it. Was enjoying that Man Utd melt. But it will make Ole last longer at least...
  20. Before we call everything corrupt. In the handball incident before the first goal, Bernado Silva actually handles it first.
  21. Must be Liverpool's season. Absolutely everything goes for them in this league.
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