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  1. That incredible scissor tackle against Newcastle (I think it was Perez?) where it looked out of control yet was perfectly timed and he won the ball cleanly
  2. A real honour to have these fantastic blokes representing us. A whole group of cult heroes in the past decade.
  3. Ipswich at home in 2012. Not remembered too much really but the first time we'd scored 6 in a league match for over 25 years I believe.
  4. Basically no-one has listened to the radio since 1995 and has no idea what is or isn't allowed.
  5. Yes but I didn't listen to Radio One anyway AND I CERTAINLY WON'T BE LISTENING TO IT NOW
  6. Most of the players seem to. I think we've made the club a really good place to be. It's only been Mahrez who has pushed for a move and I don't think it was because he didn't like it, just wanted to play in the Champions League regularly.
  7. Of course it's not. But the whole "saving Christmas" thing will win out despite it being a contradiction of every thing they've asked for- distancing, staying in bubbles, not travelling long distances, keeping age groups apart so youngsters can't pass it on to the elderly. We'll have a "break" from Christmas Eve to around the 29th then back into lockdown.
  8. Maybe he wants to play in the Champions League with us?
  9. It was Burnley. We won 1-0. He played well.
  10. I used to enjoy it but it's mainly dreadful now. Dull ex-pros, Jim White, Durham all a waste of time.
  11. He didn't go with France U21's because of a small problem with his knee, apparently. Nothing definite about him being out, it was over a week ago.
  12. If they can get a regular testing system in place then it should be ok. Plus hopefully a vaccine will be in circulation and by May we're in a much better place.
  13. I don't really feel part of it. I've been to one England match ever (at the old Wembley in 1999). It finished 0-0. Maybe if I'd been a bit more and seen some thrillers it might resonate but you're watching players on the TV who play for other teams. I know I used to be into it and loved the tournaments but that has gone too. It was good to see how Vardy did for a couple of years, Maguire at the World Cup too and I hope Barnes and Maddison get a go but generally I feel detached from the England team. I don't necessarily mind the international break as you can have a rest
  14. At the first home match in the third tier and the first home match in the Champions League.
  15. As much as we want fans back, it has to be fair. You can't have some clubs in a division having fans whilst others not.
  16. Pretty much this. I think the club generally, on the football side, is run really well- the managers are backed, they are given a fair chance (Shakespeare shouldn't have been appointed permanently though), Top isn't in the press every week like Mandaric was and he has actual progress and success to back up his words. Susan Whelan seems a very competent and strong operator too. They tend to let the results do the talking either way. Off the pitch some things are good, some aren't. I would like more fan involvement and fans to be allowed ideas for stuff around the ground, our view on
  17. Cricket is absolutely fine as it is. The beauty is that the same rules generally apply whether the match is 20 overs each or two innings over 450 overs with differences such as power plays and limited bowling time. It doesn't need "exciting" new innovations. They've completely lost the idea that T20 was successful because it was a shortened version of the game, not a different game entirely.
  18. Corky

    2020 deathlist

    He was. He then made a huge fuss when our owners stopped him from attending the ground after it all happened.
  19. I hope he sings the really upbeat version of Fairytale of New York that he belted out on the EastEnders Christmas Party circa 2003 again. IT WOZ CRISSMAS EVE BABE, GETTING PISSED, AN OLD BLOKE SAID TO ME OI OI YOU WON'T SEE NEXT CRISSMAS MATE!
  20. Despite being after an international break, we've got (depending on fitness) a lot of first-teamers at home and in the training ground ready for the game- Vardy, Barnes, Maddison, Mendy, Morgan, Fuchs, Fofana, Castagne, Ricardo.
  21. I was thinking about this subject- would Tielemans be first choice for England under Southgate?- and decided he wouldn't. Would Praet get in the squad?
  22. The good thing this time is that people are seeing through it. Most know exactly why they are doing it and are going for the instigator rather than the subject.
  23. I'd imagine should we win in Braga that Ward will get the remaining two Europa League games. Next Sunday is the big one really, let's hope he's ok.
  24. In my local paper, there are at least five stories every day of different schools having pupils and staff isolating after positive tests. But they've decided that schools are safe and should remain open despite the evidence.
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