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  1. Dave from Coalville has been on the radio, we must be struggling.
  2. Lampard's getting away with it in the league, more than us currently. They lost Hazard and did have a transfer ban (but were able to keep Kovacic) yet still had the core of a side who finished third plus highly praised youngsters and their results since November haven't been good at all.
  3. Thank God Chelsea seem as poor as we are at the moment.
  4. Another weekend of awful weather and more games postponed and still the backwards thinking associations don't believe in 3G pitches. Yeah, why not have a pitch that's playable in worse weather when you can pile matches up at the end of the season?
  5. Every game Zaha seems to be moaning or arguing with someone.
  6. I think, somehow, we'll get our act together and get enough points for 4th. Not going to be comfortable though.
  7. And, unlike the offside rule this season, the handball rule hasn't been adhered to consistently. Watford have had two (maybe three?) goals against them given when they shouldn't.
  8. How can it be that the second "offence" in an incident is the one penalised? Their defender handballs it yet gets a free-kick
  9. When he's not playing well he's a passenger, he won't get stuck in or fluke something out of nowhere, a good player on form but a waste of shirt off form. Concerning that, as a key player, when he hasn't played since he joined, his replacements (Perez at West Ham, even Ghezzal v Burnley last season) looked pretty effective when in his position. We should be missing him hugely, like we do when Ndidi, Vardy (before this spell) and Evans/ Soyuncu don't play, but we don't.
  10. His defending reminded me of Fuchs for the first goal at Newport last season- only Fuchs was rusty and 10 years older. Every week it seems our left side is targeted and you can see why.
  11. The zip and energy has gone from the game. Against the likes of Bournemouth, Newcastle, Southampton, Arsenal, Brighton, Aston Villa we dominated the game from early on and didn't let the opposition settle. Now we are slow to get going and teams are getting comfortable. Notable exception in recent weeks was West Ham where we went at them from the off, they didn't fancy it and we could dictate proceedings. We have to get back to starting quickly.
  12. Four wins in February since promotion in 2014. Had two managerial sackings in this month (and a possible third that never happened with Pearson). Hopefully March brings the usual good form.
  13. They were playing better football, I would've certainly have rather watched us then. But that team had a steel and a desire to not give in- they lost one game in the New Year in the last minute having been down to ten men for 40 minutes. They got crucial late goals and put everything on the line. This team doesn't have that.
  14. Another thing- Andy Hinchcliffe's view of the Buendia dive, actually praising him for acknowledging he threw himself over when no tackle was even attempted rather than criticising his blatant effort to con a referee, was incredible.
  15. I hope so. Fed up of the manager out talk after a poor few months. Everyone needs to up their game and show what we're made of if we're serious about being a top team and not just media soundbites.
  16. Two handballs in the same incident, neither intentional or deliberate yet one is penalised and the other isn't. VAR isn't in the game and that rule isn't, I reckon. The ref would've probably called it even and played on.
  17. If we're going to play him we need to change his position. Either play three at the back and he can go to wing-back or push him further forward and stick Fuchs at left-back because he's being exposed and it is costing us.
  18. Players have no excuses now, Puel was loathed and a terrible man-manager so they could hide behind that with their crap performances, Rodgers has been universally praised for his man-management and tactical nous so start playing well again.
  19. Like with Maguire, any significant bid and I'd take it. He can be replaced.
  20. I understood why they brought in the rule because technology needs as much clarity as possible but how can it be that a defender, with his arm, knocks it against an attacker's hand and one is penalised because of the position on the pitch and what it leads to? Basically, neither player deliberately handballs it, the defender touched it more yet the attacker loses out.
  21. Schmeichel Justin Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Tielemans Ndidi Ricardo Nacho Albrighton Vardy
  22. No urgency, no fight, no excuses. These four games were pivotal in our season and we've pissed up the first one. Yes, I think we were unfortunate with the disallowed goal but we had fvck all after that. This is the type of team I can't stand- the lack of desire and urgency after going behind was pathetic. I can accept mistakes, I can accept them being unfortunate but fvcking hell, give yourself a chance. Carrying far too many players at the moment. The football we play is horrendous now.
  23. February is a crap month virtually every year, it seems.
  24. It's not so much the results as the performances at the moment. We've lost most of our threat going forward. If we were battering teams and not scoring then you can work on that but we're not really creating.
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