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  1. We badly need Barnes, Ricardo and or Castagne on at half-time. We look toothless.
  2. I have faith in Rodgers- I love the fact he wants to do well in everything. If we can get Fofana back soon, Maddison isn't too bad, Perez available and Praet back on time then the squad will look better but we may need a full strength team beyond this game. As I said, I don't have issues with the team selected, the bench is decent enough if required. But we need players back to go really far, for me.
  3. Sadly I think the schedule is going to be too much for us to have a real go in this, some strong teams will be left. Let's just get through tonight, though.
  4. Only Barnes I would imagine- Ricardo is still getting back to full speed and Castagne has been back a week. Defensively with the two in midfield we look strong, the attack could be brilliant or blunt.
  5. Thought he would go with at least one of Ricardo or Castagne but understand the risks given the schedule. Apart from that, fairly as expected. Five substitutions gives us the opportunity to really change things too. Need a good start.
  6. Thanks. I think they said it was easier to tweak than flu vaccines too.
  7. It's just another day at the office
  8. Doesn't each strain have a similar make-up? Hopefully a few tweaks of the vaccine will be able to suppress it in one.
  9. Pat Murphy decided to sit and lecture him after he'd apologised for the incident.
  10. What a dreadful advert for Test cricket after the thrillers we've seen already this year. You shouldn't have a Test match with fewer than 400 runs across four innings.
  11. Rodgers and the players seemed pretty narked by last week, there's no lack of motivation for tonight.
  12. Mick McCarthy knows what he's doing, made up a 13 point gap to the play-offs already.
  13. That woman who looked like Adrian Chiles not to your taste, too?
  14. Who is starting an "Are Leicester playing at 2pm on Sunday?" twitter account?
  15. Where have you been for the past 6 years!? Cricket goes from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of cricket pundits, and that just covers the Englishmen.
  16. Playing these games in neutral stadiums is ridiculous. What sort of home advantage do teams get?
  17. Brendan was fuming after the first leg, I'd love a touchline rant from him at least once.
  18. Big Nige not even officially in charge and he's tearing shit up
  19. This game also proves why you shouldn't lay a new pitch during the season.
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