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  1. Saints play good football under a very likeable manager. They are a top six contender this season.
  2. TalkSport pundits in wanting a foreign manager out and British manager in shock Just happens to be our turn.
  3. The most impressive thing has been how well the fringe players have done. To keep them physically fit, as well as mentally prepared, is a hell of a job. Rodgers has managed it. He's got selection issues when the big guns are back because you could argue that most of the usual squad players are pushing for starts on form.
  4. Corky

    2020 deathlist

    Loved him in As Time Goes By. What a career he had. RIP Geoffrey.
  5. We're foreign owned by rich people, it's the nature of the game. If Derby are successful, the fans won't be bothered by who is in charge. You're in this game to compete and succeed.
  6. Zola nearly got them promoted the next season, though.
  7. Hopefully he's still pissed off with the over the top reaction to that casino visit.
  8. I expect he'll drop back to the bench when Ricardo and Castagne are fit but these 25 games or so that he's played will have done him the world of good, hopefully we've got a player that will develop and stay for years.
  9. He's got Eddy Grant's Gimme Hope Joanna going round my head when his name is mentioned. Give Me Wes Fofana has to be his chant when we're back in the ground.
  10. His biggest challenge is trying to nick tighter games and keep digging away when it isn't happening. We managed it at Arsenal but we don't want a reputation of being a team that turns it on when the going is good and goes out with a whimper when it isn't. A few 1-0 wins never hurt anyone.
  11. Difficult to plot a route really with 8 Champions League teams dropping in. I presume finishing top of the group means you avoid those in the next round and you get a second placed team from another group?
  12. 11th time under Rodgers we've hit 4 goals or more in a game.
  13. Goals all had a bit of luck but you make it- have shots, get players forward, players in the box and have a go. That's what we did. Some of the football was outstanding- Choudhury, Maddison, Iheanacho, Fofana, Justin, Thomas all superb.
  14. Now? They've been like it most of the night.
  15. Some brilliant control and shielding from Justin and Perez there.
  16. It seems to me that we should've had a two week break then gone into the tier systems. That looks a much better model than starting it then heading to lockdown before it's benefits are shown. Let's just hope the schools rate is starting to drop.
  17. "Was it Van Persie who scored a goal like that?" Someone on our bench did. It won Goal of the Season. ****s sake.
  18. 1-0 is about right, still got plenty of options on the bench. Glad one of their players has been booked, Maddison does go down easily a lot but tonight he's been knocked about too much.
  19. Not been bad, need to create more but we've been fairly comfortable at the back. Fofana and Justin have covered well, Choudhury has been impressive and a well worked goal.
  20. Hopefully he'll only play in their play-off. The Nations League is done for them.
  21. It's actually happened https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54819594
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