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  1. We're probably holding back because we've got the most to gain from any European bans/ points deductions and we'd be looking at our own situation the most rather than joining in.
  2. Bernard doesn't play left back for Everton anyway?
  3. I don't believe it is a simple solution but in many ways trying to punish people without affecting other, innocent parties is more difficult. I'm afraid we've got to accept we're a collective and the actions of others could have consequences. When I go to matches I behave, don't break the law, don't turn violent but if others do then there's the possibility my team could be hit with fines, points deductions and the remaining fans face stadium closures despite it not being the fault of the majority.
  4. I think Chelsea is the one he'd really want- their set-up is far superior in terms of squad and finances. These are enormous re-building jobs at Arsenal and Tottenham with unpopular owners. If he wants to go to either then that's his choice but it is a massive risk.
  5. So we need to educate people and it'll be solved? Great. I usually like Henry Winter but he's trying too hard to not offend the players at these 6 teams.
  6. And teams have had whole grounds shut for racist behaviour and violence yet not every fan who attended would've joined in. In pretty much any punishment like this, somebody innocent or not involved will get affected. I think the clamour from journalists and pundits for players not to be included in any punishment is down to their status- journalists want to talk to Jordan Henderson, Harry Maguire etc, and the managers. If they are seriously advocating for them to be hit hard by this then access may change. You know how paranoid and difficult clubs and people can be.
  7. I suppose the clubs are different as they'll provide other information and, being a collective rather than an individual, won't get the personal abuse. If I was a player receiving abuse, I'd walk away from it all. Of course, you are probably letting these vile people "win" but I don't see the media companies doing enough so unfortunately you are left with a stark choice of staying or going. As ever, the minority spoil it but I'd totally understand if all players just said "we've had enough and it's not for us anymore".
  8. All day I've heard that Jurgen Klopp spoke out against the Super League and the Liverpool owners last Monday. He didn't. He was more annoyed at the Leeds t-shirts.
  9. Anyone slagging off salad cream should go to Hell mann.
  10. The only way to hit owners without hitting players and fans is to remove them immediately and put the clubs up for auction whilst they receive no money for selling but then you'd probably still get people who will push for things like this. I agree that the players and fans aren't to blame but when was the last points deduction, demotion, relegation for something they did do?
  11. Sky's advert for the League Cup Final couldn't be any less dramatic. The fans sound as uninspired as most are.
  12. David Moyes on the touchline has a permanent look of a man trying to get kids to stop playing football outside his gate.
  13. Refs always go on the studs making impact, as soon as he saw that it was always going to be a red. No intent at all and I think he lost his balance too.
  14. Whoah steady on there! Ya caant say somethingk like tha, Fletch
  15. Chris Coleman is so bad I'd actually rather hear the drone of Alan Smith.
  16. The others haven't got enough to overhaul them. I think Rooney will be out soon after the season whatever.
  17. Their pitch is quite poor. All the teams at the bottom lost.
  18. I think this is why the Premier League is holding fire at the moment. There could still be huge fines and financial issues about withdrawing from this.
  19. Don't think Chelsea or Arsenal will win those trophies in any case.
  20. Going back to the handball law, didn't Chris Wood control the ball with a similar part of the arm to Wilson today against us earlier this season, score and it was allowed?
  21. Why didn't they go back and give the penalty for the push and red card for Alexander-Arnold?
  22. So if it hits you above the sleeve it doesn't count? But you can be offside from it?
  23. They should give him to us for whatever we ask after coining £30 million for Perez.
  24. There's surely not enough to get him riled up, too? I know he'd love the battles with Gerrard but he loves the confrontation with Klopp, Guardiola, Solskjaer, Arteta, Ancelotti, Rodgers. I can't see Micky Mellon, Graham Alexander and Jack Ross having the same pull.
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