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  1. To be fair, which league has decent teams at the bottom? The top division has always had dross.
  2. Everton cannot cope with these games for some reason, Liverpool to win comfortably.
  3. Strangely I enjoyed that, how West Brom didn't win it is remarkable.
  4. I wouldn't be shocked if they agreed on a 1-1 draw now, didn't bother with the match and just sat in a studio with Richard Keys complaining that English managers never get Premier League jobs.
  5. I wouldn't tune in at 3pm if ambition is your thing.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised to see him blag another job at a decent sized club. He's a PR man, says all the right things usually without results backing it up.
  7. Alonso is a better attacking full-back so not surprised he's first choice.
  8. I love the fact Rodgers was pissed off with the ref and their antics and wanted to send on someone to dish it out.
  9. Ideally you go away, win 2-0 and the tie is all but done, however they are no mugs in their own ground in Europe. At least we have a simple equation- just win the game. Don't need to worry about permutations or semantics, score more than them and we're fine.
  10. I think people were saying that Mendy was better on the ball than Ndidi, not that he was an all round better player. If everyone had a choice Ndidi would be in every time.
  11. It never looked like a natural move- not surprised it could well end after one season. On the Leeds thing, they are entertaining to watch but you wonder if teams will adapt their game against them next season and play more of a counter-attacking game. It's tough to sustain a team comfortably with a leaky defence so I'm sure Bielsa will look at that.
  12. The Kings Lynn chairman was talking about pulling out of matches. Essentially all the teams at the bottom have no incentive to play now. The idea that loans were a viable option for teams at that level is staggering.
  13. Not surprised if they are going for a gradual reopening.
  14. I think he'll be much happier out of it all. I wonder if any of the others have deliberated walking away?
  15. Harry Hill decided his fashion look from 1970's referees too
  16. Dependent on our result next week, should we get through we'll be playing on the 11th.
  17. Why have they dragged it forward two weeks? Shit. Should've been played later in the season.
  18. Isn't Praet's similar to Ndidi's injury? He was injured in mid-September and back playing in early December. If Praet's timescale is roughly similar he'll be back in the first week of April.
  19. I know, I just wanted to quote you so my post had some sort of context after the Barnes stuff.
  20. We do seem to find a way at the moment of getting at least a draw from poorer performances which is a good trait to have.
  21. Thank **** he's too old, don't want Hoofroyd ruining his time off.
  22. I still can't believe their player wasn't booked for the smash on Maddison. Appalling, out of control challenge.
  23. Tottenham drew the weakest team left, Man United's result is very good. Ours is fine if we turn up next week.
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