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  1. Yep, hopefully we can put pressure on them. Elsewhere in our section, Surrey have been demolished by Middlesex.
  2. "What more can Steve Bruce do?", cry his mates. Play Callum Wilson when he's available instead of Joelinton, possibly? Broocie doesn't help himself at all.
  3. West Ham have been in good form but Dawson is out and their defence has been creaky even when winning. Depends how much Chelsea are looking at the semi-final (if it still happens) next week, too. Win on Monday and we're at least six ahead of both or seven ahead of one.
  4. Don't the fans really dislike him because of that UEFA Cup Final with Porto?
  5. The managers and players don't but the owners do. Cutting Premier League matches is nothing to do with player welfare- they want to cut some matches to fill the space with others. Bin four matches against Fulham and Brighton to play lucrative Champions League games.
  6. Ex-Liverpool chief wants Liverpool to have control of the game. **** off.
  7. I take it he isn't next for a free to use emoticon, then?
  8. I've been thinking about this since the Super League was binned and all the talk that Sky are hypocrites, also to blame etc. They've been accused of saving the game and also killing the game (the truth, as ever, in probably in the middle) but I'd like to know from those who were around pre-Premier League (I was 2 when it commenced) what the game would've been like without serious investment? Was it a viable thing? I know there's a lot of nostalgia around football but hooliganism was rife, tragedies occurring, lower attendances and, from seeing videos, dilapidated stadia (and unsafe
  9. TalkSport have made a living off the back of Arsenal underachieving for a decade and now they criticise others of benefitting from the same thing.
  10. I'm just enjoying the fact we are playing good opposition. We've struggled enough against mediocre 2nd division teams in the past 15 years so it isn't a shock but we've not disgraced ourselves in this one or the Surrey match.
  11. That also doesn't take into account a key part of own goals. I think he's assisted, as it were, at least 5 in that time, certainly 3 this season.
  12. One thing we seem to do really well under him is score plenty in short bursts- three goals in 15 minutes is not uncommon.
  13. He has also just been thumped by one and hit 5 past the other.
  14. You can tell the lad loves it here, just able to get on with playing football brilliantly, no fuss and drama.
  15. I think 7 was the biggest gap and that was with 9 games to play. West Brom are done, they've got difficult games and not enough quality.
  16. Pressure was on for these two games and in different ways he's delivered.
  17. Good on Rodgers for being honest if he's not completely happy. Top managers are often like that.
  18. Perfect game really, match won in the first half and no need to expend too much energy in the second. Another couple of goals would've been nice but our goal difference is decent enough anyway. Good evening all round.
  19. I don't want to be negative but the difference between him and Maddison is day and night.
  20. Seen the goals, very nice. Vardy to Iheanacho is something good, isn't it?
  21. On another note, saw a comment on the BBC saying Notts were a disgrace for not taking the Championship seriously and should consider pulling out
  22. I think they've had a lucky escape themselves, to be honest. They were taking on huge sums of money on potential fans, not certain fans. There was no guarantee this would've been a roaring success and I think they've overplayed their importance in terms of matches between them being played regularly.
  23. Got in from playing football on 37 minutes, the 8 minutes I saw were fairly mundane. Much happen before it?
  24. 400 up in five days. Like watching Geoff Boycott bat.
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