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  1. The soul of football has died Part 2.
  2. I've read other forums and they seem to understand our complaints. Of course you'll get a few that disagree but places like Football365 have questioned Puel quite a lot.
  3. Disciplinary Table Champions, you'll never sing that.
  4. A two-man shortlist of two managers who will be tough to prise away from their positions. Blimey.
  5. No bitterness from me, he tried and didn't achieve what we wanted. Think too much of the criticism has been personal and hopefully we can all move on. Such a shame we couldn't keep up the impressive first eight games of his spell. But the right decision has been made.
  6. Depends on who it is. Puel had plenty of detractors from the start which meant any poor run would be jumped upon. I'd imagine they'd be given time to settle in but a bad start and I'm sure they'll be under pressure.
  7. Well, half the issue will have been dealt with- the next step is massive.
  8. Fortunately Sky are making Saturday afternoons enjoyable by moving our games to other days.
  9. I remember hearing on the radio why Bournemouth don't get extensive coverage (and therefore criticism) and it was because they were on the coast, away from places like London, and not too many reporters living nearby. Throw in a popular young English manager who apparently is heading for a top six job and you certainly won't hear widespread debate about them.
  10. It has been seen on here that fans are happy for us to lose games if it means the manager goes. Everton away being an example.
  11. Some of the people who want him out have been ok with or encouraging us to lose games before you start preaching about opinions.
  12. The problem is he's become predictable. Out of the feet, on the right foot, curled towards the keeper's left corner. Invariably drifts wide. Add in his three awful corners in the second half (one straight to the keeper, the wildly overhit one and then the short to Riacrdo and lost possession) and he'd just became more and more ineffective.
  13. It's never going to work, there's too much going against him. We both need to part ways for each other's good.
  14. You can't blame him for the first two goals. The fourth one was a typical Schmeichel shot close to him that's palmed into the goal.
  15. How many times does he palm the ball into the net?
  16. Probably two wins needed. Any decent side would manage it in the next two home games. Unfortunately, we're not.
  17. What are we actually getting by keeping him at the moment? The fans are against him, the players and relatives are speaking against him in public, the rumours are flying around with too much regularity to be baseless. This is ending one way currently and that is with a relegation battle.
  18. He could stop trying to take the same shot 5 times a match.
  19. Glad I was unwell and couldn't make it. A decent enough first half undone by some hideous defending in the second half. 4-1 seriously flattered them but it doesn't matter, you can't play the way we did and give clear chances and get away with it. This season cannot end soon enough. Everyone, including the manager, needs a separation from this arrangement. Whether he's good or not doesn't come into it now, he's never going to succeed here. I've had two enjoyable weekends in 2019. Sadly, watching other football while Leicester aren't playing.
  20. Plenty of the ball, plenty of shots, not enough real chances, no conviction, crap refereeing and a deflected goal in our net.
  21. It's dreadful. How are they able to choose a time to show a game, inconveniencing people once, but then add "This game might be moved again, we'll let you know further down the line"? There is a huge difference between when you move games to weekdays- public transport back is almost non-existant, people are booking up to two days off work, possibly needing hotels, only to be told "actually, the game is on the Sunday at 12pm, forget the original plan". They should be forced to choose a time slot and stick with it unless the game is cancelled for the League Cup final or FA Cup matches. Changing their own times is piss-taking.
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