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  1. Kane injury?

    I really struggle to care about the national team these days. Hopefully they'll just put Kane down.
  2. West Brom away match thread

    Chilwell is not a defender.
  3. Kasper Schmeichel

    If it wasn't for the fact we have Hamer and Jakupovic as backup, I'd agree.
  4. Man City Away Match Thread

    Schmeichel has been abysmal today
  5. Man City Away Match Thread

    At best.
  6. Man City Away Match Thread

    Kasper should have done better.
  7. Man City Away Match Thread

    Diabate ain't ready for a game like this
  8. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    If you take out the games where injury rules him out and the game against us, he won't actually have that many opportunities to impress!
  9. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    Yeah but if he does well there AND they stay up we could get a decent fee in the summer potentially. Could end up that we get half our money back and a lot of important goals in the time he was here!
  10. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Same for me please
  11. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    The winner v Norwich and the penalty to get us a draw v West Ham were HUGE moments that year!
  12. Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    Slimani isn't interested today
  13. Andy King

    If he ever leaves he'll have to move to a team in the East or West... he only goes sideways.
  14. Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    Wasn't that Nacho's number at Man City?
  15. Who's your current favourite player?

    Vardy and Albrighton
  16. What's your favorite Leicester City goal?

    Cambiasso and Vardy v Man Utd (5-3)
  17. Daniel Amartey

    Doesn't have the ability or intelligence to play at this level. Out.
  18. Harry Maguire will be a big player for us.

    I really think we'll struggle to hang on to him in the summer.
  19. Embarrassing moments

    I was hammered at my works xmas do a few years ago, pre-drinks had ruined me before we even got to the Chinese restaurant. A few more beers there and I was a mess. Could feel I was gonna be sick so made a dash to the bogs but threw up on the floor before I got to the cubicle. The only problem was that the door I had burst through wasn't the Gents... it was the restaurant kitchen
  20. Slimani

    I just hope he goes abroad when we sell him, otherwise he's guaranteed to score against us.
  21. Help with Famous Number 10s for City please...?

    Iwan Roberts, David Lowe
  22. Season ticket not used

    I'll buy them
  23. Shooting Star

    This? http://www.iflscience.com/space/watch-the-moment-a-russian-weather-satellite-burned-up-in-our-atmosphere/
  24. Shooting Star

    It was Llorente's 3 yard finish colliding with a satellite