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  1. Some of the posters on here need to get a grip, pretty much every player on the pitch was poor today and you can’t judge him off one half
  2. Surely Brendan knows that this team (+ Maddison, Evans, Ndidi, Pérez) won’t be strong enough across 4 competitions
  3. Time will tell with this one. £50M at the moment is definitely lower than originally expected but if he struggles at Chelsea it will retrospectively look like amazing business.
  4. Clubs are handling it individually. I think someone previously commented that Man City aren’t charging their STH for this year, just balloting the games without charge and then pay the single ticket price.
  5. No one is saying that STH shouldn't have massive priority. That's obvious, same as a regular season, STH are at the front of the queue. Your original comment basically said that members shouldn't even be in the queue. You talk a lot about going to games regularly, and going to games before Premier League promotion (which I and I'm sure many others did too) but that doesn't mean that when everyone had the opportunity to get a ST back then that they could for whatever reason.
  6. Unsure of what this means for members like myself that were hoping for a chance at a ST. It says the priority points from this year are going to be frozen - so I’m unsure what the benefits are of renewing when it’s only 10% capacity available to us. Probably will win the ballot for one or two games at most.
  7. Imagine demand is going to be tough, but would be very grateful if anyone had a single spare for this
  8. Mendy and Choudhury in the middle? Slightly concerned at how we're going to pass the ball forward
  9. Ron-Robert Zieler - seemed a good back up to Kasper but never really up to speed Michael Lamey - just all round shocking. Wayne Brown - mostly for the BNP bust up towards the end of 2010 season. Matt Mills - looked good for Reading and was an exciting signing but £5M back then for one year of mediocrity... Michael Ball - did he ever even play? Jesse Lingard - ... Michael Johnson - obviously career ruined by injury but even at the time that we loaned him remember thinking it was pointless. Adrien Silva - shocking value for money in the end.
  10. Think we should start a fairly strong XI as some have said but I'd rest Vardy, maybe only to the bench. We're not overly strong in terms of strikers and it only takes one dodgy tackle to injure him in a game where he's not as much of a necessity to start. Iheanacho or Perez starting up front should be strong enough.
  11. Has anyone got a single going for this? Sold out before I could get one unfortunately
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