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Ben or Kasper most to blame

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19 minutes ago, Innovindil said:



Coutinho should not be able to receive a crossfield ball without challenge, Simpson was 20 yards from him for no reason whatsoever.

Probably because he's got no help so doesn't know wheter to come or go

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My feeling - both made the same error in judgement in not treating the cross seriously enough, maybe both thought the ball was going out and discounted the possibility of Salah getting a header in. If both had realised the danger then Chilwell should have out in a challenge on Salah to make it hard for him to direct his header, and Kaspar should have got over to the far post to cover the angle (which was so tight that he would have made it impossible for Salah to squeeze the ball in).

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3 hours ago, filbertway said:

You'll have to point out where the error is because I'm struggling. Well over his head height so he can't head it and he's goal side of Salah.

Not enough pressure on the cross, lack of concentration from Chilwell, he doesn't adjust his position once Salah peels away and finally, Kasper should save it.


Other than that it was unstoppable.

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