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  1. Vardy has always been in your face, not giving up on anything, pure intensity type of player. In comparison Kelechi just gives off an aura of being the exact opposite, laid back, casual, too relaxed at times then there are moments like that second goal last night.
  2. Going to be one hell of a queue to be honest, then you throw in some social distancing
  3. Did this ref come from UFC or WWE ?
  4. Throw in Maddison not quite being there and Youri has really been up against it.
  5. Let’s not give them anymore corners eh?
  6. We’re too nice any other team up with us and they would be all over the ref appealing for that penalty.
  7. Ok how did they get away with that??
  8. Oh I agree it just seems like he’s been in a position to deliver more he just stands out.
  9. Luke Thomas lacking a bit of quality tonight.
  10. This ref has strange ideas about playing the advantage
  11. We’re doing alright. I think we’re just a bit edgy because we’ve conceded early
  12. Here we go they’re going to sit back and try and hit us on the break, which they are more than capable of
  13. Not getting these 8 o’clock kick off times with no other games and no fans. A bit earlier and some might let the kids stay up to watch.
  14. Man who some would say was lucky to be on the pitch scores, oh dear, never mind!
  15. They did actually bring Bale on didn’t they.
  16. On the basis of yesterday’s red that reckless follow though by De Bruyne......
  17. Just had a couple of quid on Spurs at 9/1 Msn City goal any minute now!
  18. *cough* Spurs fans = medical exemption
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