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  1. Man who some would say was lucky to be on the pitch scores, oh dear, never mind!
  2. They did actually bring Bale on didn’t they.
  3. On the basis of yesterday’s red that reckless follow though by De Bruyne......
  4. Just had a couple of quid on Spurs at 9/1 Msn City goal any minute now!
  5. *cough* Spurs fans = medical exemption
  6. I honestly think some days ‘they’ would do better with 10 men than playing Sterling. His decision making is awful.
  7. Not getting how the players and staff are all nicely spread and everyone else is in half the lower tier
  8. Watching Homes under the Hammer (Which I loathe!) waiting for the dead rubber of Wolves v Burnley.
  9. Lingard has been Space Jammed back to normal then
  10. Getting really hacked off, livid even, about commentators banging on about how badly the fans of the ‘Big 6’ have been wronged by the Super League disaster. Their clubs would be wallowing in cash the rest of us would have been royally screwed.
  11. yeah I thought maybe as well , the defenders appealing caused me to hesitate.
  12. Castagne chasing that shoulder to shoulder gets near the ball defender goes down = free kick
  13. Why are we kicking off so late tonight?
  14. Last week I would have probably said FA Cup. Now I want both!
  15. Lost a bit of a tooth on Saturday. Rang my dentist on Monday and explained, we have an appointment available on Thursday. Excellent. Not the best time but you know. Went along this morning, 30 minute wait and...... "You need a filling, we'll have to book you in for that, can you come back in two weeks" I'm no dentist but the piece of tooth I had in my hand on Saturday and the hole I can feel in my tooth told me I might need a filling..... Grateful they're back open and there's no pain or decay in the tooth but that was 90 minutes out of my mor
  16. I am kind of gutted I won’t have enough priority points to realistically be in contention. I always thought if we got to the final being a STH would be enough, not this year though. Then I remember this is going to be nowhere near a normal cup final day and maybe watching at home isn’t going to be that bad an option.
  17. I’ve just deleted four paragraphs to put it like this. They’re big clubs who attract glory hunters from all around the world, and quite a few of them are absolute tools.
  18. Well that was a fun 48 hours wasn’t it. According to social media the players and fans of the Big 6 are now apparently saviours of the game A Chelsea fan group from India on Twitter loudly proclaiming ‘Chelsea fans save football’. Player’s suddenly remembering their social media logon details just as the entire house of cards collapsed. All being lapped up by their fans like nothing has happened, some retrospect hero who has saved the day. Harry Maguire appears to have personally evicted Ed Woodward from his office These people are part of
  19. Honestly even for this government it's a no lose situation. It's a massive feel good win for them after an horrific year.
  20. We kick all six of them down the leagues and only three will be getting promoted in that first year, throw in a bit of FFP Mwhahahahahah!
  21. It was the day before they were supposed to sign up on the new CL format.
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