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  1. Missed that I was still recovering from Salah’s sickly adidas ad.
  2. Coalville Town. 5 minutes walk from spoons, turn up 5 minutes before KO with no queuing, pint whilst watching the game, faggots and chips are on the menu, 15 minute walk home.
  3. When we do the Cup Final match thread it really does need to read Leicester City v Judas FC of West London.
  4. Swap Ricky and Timmy and get Maddison on before we give away a soft free kick on the edge of our area and Ward-Prowse smashes it home.
  5. This is why I would have chanced Maddison. Youri has 2 or 3 on him every time he gets the ball and there’s no outlet ball for him.
  6. Vardy didn’t need that touch.
  7. Can I comment on Perez yet or is it too early??
  8. Can we all just agree that Glen Hoddle doesn’t exist ?
  9. He was late on that tackle but it didn’t look horrendous. I hate it when the get the card out this early.
  10. He wouldn’t be able to read it though
  11. The tigers score has gone from 14-7 back to 9-7 fair to say the BBC are having issues
  12. Same I’ve gone from feeling pretty much ambivalent to it all this morning to ‘Don’t you dare Leicester it tomorrow!!!’ I didn’t think we would have much of a chance against Man City but Chelsea.....
  13. That £10 I had on West Brom staying up at 14/1 is looking like it needs to be waved goodbye.
  14. The slimmest chance of it not being given was that his arm was being raised on the head of the jumping player in front of him.
  15. Hmmmm..... chances of them holding on to this ?
  16. It’s awful that I’m just so laid back about this. In normal circumstances I would be buzzing. I want us to win tomorrow and I want us to win the cup, but whichever way it goes it’s going to have a hollow feel about it.
  17. Gaslight Anthem just moved their Rock City gig from December to May next year. I’m guessing until Europe gets Covid under control a lot of bands just won’t be coming over from the US to just play the UK dates of their tour. Already have two TBA dates from a US and Australian band.
  18. I should be more positive but I’ve a feeling it’s going to slip away from us again. Maddison being Maddison, Barnes injured, Soyuncu positive for Covid and Vardy losing his form it just seems like the footballing gods are against us again. Jesse Lingard suddenly deciding he can win the Ballon D’or, The scouse boys getting their late winner again and Chelsea finding their shooting boots.
  19. Yes they’re idiots but I’m not sure any of our rivals would have disadvantaged themselves in a crucial game at this stage of the season.
  20. Spurs players too busy with hands raised appealing for a non existent offside letting Fred get the follow up.
  21. It’s almost like we were just doing a little too well when suddenly someone remembered we we’re Leicester City and this is not how it’s meant to be and we need a way of throwing a spanner in the works. I get people are saying they’re applauding the club’s reaction and Brendan’s decision to drop them and whilst I applaud their stance, do you think any of our rivals for a CL spot would have just swept this under the carpet ?
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