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  1. Absolutely we’ve looked like a total bunch of nutters on Twitter. Everyone has an opinion, you don’t have to agree with them, just let it go!
  2. Well I’ve got 305 points and if it does get to my level I’m going to pass. It’s just too much for what it is going to be. I’m not a fan of coach travel at any time let alone wearing a mask in the current circumstances. There’s just too many hoops for me.
  3. They have probably learned from the Carabou cup, groups of lads boarding trains in Manchester with a carrier bag of tins then working their way up from Euston to Wembley is probably not what they wanted. People need to get their heads around the fact that a crowd isn’t being allowed into this for football reasons. It’s a test event at hopefully the beginning of the end of a global pandemic in the UK. It’s a nice bit of feel good PR for the country. Basically we’re Guinea Pigs.
  4. Totally get all of that but I’ve waited 50 years. I can’t guarantee another one will come along, I have accepted it is what it is though. Going to Twickenham with the Tigers the following Friday to sit on my own in my Household bubble of one. It could definitely be a better experience but I’m still going.
  5. Pretty much the same I’m gutted it’s this year we’ve decided to go all the way, but I accept it is what it is. I’ve got a season ticket the Tigers, I like to take the train which you can never book early enough to get a decent fare without knowing if you’re getting a ticket and then there’s games being moved for TV. I booked a non refundable train and hotel for Fulham away on my birthday a couple of years ago, was certain to get a ticket and no way TV would pick that game, then sky picked their TV games late and bumped Fulham’s prior game back to Sunday and moved the midw
  6. It’s an age thing I got West Ham playing West Ham (meant Brom) last night!
  7. Do have a Facebook friend (ex husband of a ex friend of the ex wife!) who lives in a flat right next to Wembley....hmmm!
  8. I know we’re clear of them, better goal difference etc but this has the feel of us hitting the final furlong having been a front runner for the entire race and starting to tire badly. The way we’re playing I can see four points from our remaining four games. I can’t see results at Man Utd or Chelsea. Assuming they win this they would need three wins and a draw, Against Everton, Brighton, West Ham and Southampton I think that’s doable. I think it’s going to the wire again.
  9. West Ham level. Compared to us on Friday they do look threatening when they attack.
  10. Tickets, more to the point people complaining about them. So basically this a post complaining about people complaining. I just see loads of people on Twitter complaining about people who believe cup final tickets should be allocated a different way. They mainly seem to be people who have the correct number of points, what are you all complaining about m, the club have said how it’s being done, get happy! Gig Ticket prices. ‘I saw them at XYZ fifteen years ago and it was only £14’ Well Dave they’ve got a little bit bigger since then and they’re now playing some major ven
  11. Dropkick Murphy’s supported by The Interrupters, both of whom I love, on tour next year. Booked Birmingham.
  12. Exactly this. A minority will have taken advantage of the system over the years but that’s just the way it is. Resigned to not going but got a ticket to the Tigers final the following Friday, so that’s something.
  13. Tickets on sale for the final on Rugby England. £45 to £75, although I couldn’t find any at £45. Friday 21st May 8pm at Twickenham. Normally I wouldn’t be hesitating and would stay over for the main event the next day, but in the current climate I’m not so sure.
  14. We look jaded and have done for weeks. A poor West Brom team gave us our one truly convincing win. We need to find a spark from somewhere.
  15. It’s alright being patient when we’re creating chances but this is what happens when you don’t.
  16. Right I’ve had enough, just had a £1 on Southampton that usually works!
  17. Right let’s run at the guy on the yellow.
  18. I can see that red either way. He gets the ball, but if his follow through doesn’t take out Vardy is he in on goal ?
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