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  1. He’ll be off again on Tuesday.
  2. The details around pretty much everything on the day have been a little sketchy so far haven’t they. Other than you need a ticket, ID and Lateral Flow result. Two hour window to get your coach. Surely with all the Covid measures you would expect to be coming back on the same coach and in the same seat ?
  3. When you think about although they’re ESL buddies , they don’t really want Liverpool raking in CL money do they ?
  4. Their supporters are a special breed. Never liked them since the play off away leg when Hampshire’s finest kept us back so all the friendly locals could gather outside to sportingly wish us the best at Wembley or did they throw half a brick through the coach window, oh yes it was the coach window. They can rot in the lower divisions forever as far as I’m concerned.
  5. I’ve never taken an official coach but does anyone have any idea how much they usually charge to Spurs/Arsenal? £45 is a bit steep (understatement!) but if it’s double the price of going on a full coach I kind of get it. I think the club could have been a bit more open and explained the situation but I guess they were waiting on the review of the Carabaou Cup so it’s all been rushed. I think we have to get our heads around that this isn’t a normal football game, this is one of the first steps on the way back to normality. They want people to act responsi
  6. All this sport is costing me a fortune. £85 for Twickenham, £102 for Wembley and I’ve now got a ticket in the Tigers ballot for the Bristol game.
  7. Should be a link on your ticket confirmation email, it’s not highlighted very well just above the ticket details box if my memory is correct.
  8. I was scrolling this thread thinking of the Dinosaur and there it was
  9. No one I know has had an email just going to trust it’s gone through the system.
  10. Will be on my feet after spending god knows how long sat on the coach 😀 We all have to get behind them they need to know we’re there!
  11. Crossed my mind, couldn’t have been much worse.
  12. I feel strangely calm and I don’t know why because I spent over £100 today on going to a cup final where on tonight’s performance we’re going to be absolutely humiliated. We’re not a Champions League side. True top four side’s don’t put in the horror shows we have at home this season. It would be embarrassing for us to play in that competition with this squad. I think I’ve gone beyond the anger and hurt I’m just resigned to what we are.
  13. To be honest I don’t like to drive and my low priority/late train booking cost is what puts me off going away more. I prefer the train just because you can get up go for a coffee, go for a pint beforehand etc. At least I’m guaranteed I’ll have two seats to myself on the coach and there are times at the KP where I like the leg room and secretly hope the guy next to me is a no show. Silver linings etc
  14. I got my ticket in a rush booked the coach from the KP. Then went to assign a friend’s ticket, couldn’t get the coach to be accepted, fortunately she got online, got a ticket near me and got the coach booked from Enderby. It is what it is I suppose.
  15. I’m not bothered, that’s a lot of hoops to jump through, it won’t be the same etc etc.......... 2.59pm @ LCFC.com F5, F5, F5....... OK I’m going!
  16. Absolutely we’ve looked like a total bunch of nutters on Twitter. Everyone has an opinion, you don’t have to agree with them, just let it go!
  17. Well I’ve got 305 points and if it does get to my level I’m going to pass. It’s just too much for what it is going to be. I’m not a fan of coach travel at any time let alone wearing a mask in the current circumstances. There’s just too many hoops for me.
  18. They have probably learned from the Carabou cup, groups of lads boarding trains in Manchester with a carrier bag of tins then working their way up from Euston to Wembley is probably not what they wanted. People need to get their heads around the fact that a crowd isn’t being allowed into this for football reasons. It’s a test event at hopefully the beginning of the end of a global pandemic in the UK. It’s a nice bit of feel good PR for the country. Basically we’re Guinea Pigs.
  19. Totally get all of that but I’ve waited 50 years. I can’t guarantee another one will come along, I have accepted it is what it is though. Going to Twickenham with the Tigers the following Friday to sit on my own in my Household bubble of one. It could definitely be a better experience but I’m still going.
  20. Pretty much the same I’m gutted it’s this year we’ve decided to go all the way, but I accept it is what it is. I’ve got a season ticket the Tigers, I like to take the train which you can never book early enough to get a decent fare without knowing if you’re getting a ticket and then there’s games being moved for TV. I booked a non refundable train and hotel for Fulham away on my birthday a couple of years ago, was certain to get a ticket and no way TV would pick that game, then sky picked their TV games late and bumped Fulham’s prior game back to Sunday and moved the midw
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