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  1. If there is any chance of us winning this we don’t need to be scoring before the 85th minute.
  2. Every soft decision going there way.?
  3. Wilf is frustrating me giving away those soft free kicks.
  4. Just as well we’re scoring some cracking goals recently because the basics have fell apart.
  5. Since we scored the focus and intensity has just dropped.
  6. Anyone got Shearer kicking Lennon in the head ?
  7. At least it will give me something to do on the coach
  8. Erland Johnsen and Mike Reed... I’ve not forgotten!!
  9. Ok I’m on the bus/coach or whatever this is.
  10. I’ve took my eye off the league a little. To win the league was something I never expected. The FA Cup to me is very personal, my dad who passed away some years ago went to all three 60’s finals and never saw them win it. A win wouldn’t just be for the 6000 plus who will be there but for all who support us now and the those who have gone before us. I wasn’t angry about Friday’s result but more concerned that we played like that a week before a cup final I’ve waited my entire for. I’m excited but I need to see a solid performance tomorrow to steady my nerves.
  11. McGhee and Little leaving us. Martin O’Neil Out vs Sheffield United Peirpoint out/Please Stay Martin (See above ) Steve Claridge Shinning it. Fulham appealing our promotion in the 80’s as the ref blew early, allegedly. Shrewsbury in the cup.
  12. Getting the feeling that the ‘Government Guidelines’ are somewhat open to interpretation
  13. Just had the offer of taking the socially distanced coach with the Tigers to Twickenham for £35 I’m going by car anyway but.... “Please note that all buses will have a maximum capacity of 25 people and will comply with all Government Social Distancing rules. This means that all toilets on board will be unavailable for public use.“ Doing 2 x 15 minute rest stops instead.
  14. Tough call, they both frustrate me in equal measures at times. Maddison for his free kick ability just edges it.
  15. Just seeing this comment has already put an image in my head of me screaming "Oh FFS Ayoze!"
  16. Like this at the Tigers now, hopefully they have better card machines than the Tigers.
  17. Over the last six months i've taken over two dozen lateral flow tests, at home, at work, at testing centres in the city and each time the email and text message i've received (all negative) is identical in format, there's no mention of where the test has been conducted. The only reason they want you to go to a testing station is that you have to input your own result at home, it;s not scanned or read in anyway, test positive and the temptation to think screw it it's the cup final might be a bit too much for some.
  18. Currently lashing it down in Leicester, if it is like this on Saturday I would be more than happy to be herded straight into the stadium.
  19. Going on my own. Have a friend on the row in front and 7 seats away. Block 137 Got my ticket and coach from the KP then tried to get her ticket and suddenly there was no availability on the KP coaches so she got a ticket but is going from Enderby. We’re going that’s main thing! Meet up down there.
  20. Suede at Rock City on Bonfire Night. Vaguely remember going to something on Bonfire Night in Nottingham a couple of years ago and the trams were rammed full of people on their way back from the big public display they put on in one of the parks.
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