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  1. This is what it means to me😍 taken from my football blog In around 24hrs time the 2021 Football Association Challenge Cup Final (FA Cup) will kick off and for the first time in my life my team Leicester City will be part of it. Everyone has a bucket list, if we write one out it is a different story but we all have places we want to see, things to do and goals to accomplish before we meet our maker. Somewhere up the top of my bucket list if not the top is to see Leicester City play in the final game of the FA Cup competition, the oldest club knockout
  2. Can't find on insta. Can you please provide a link? Ps. I have a insta and Facebook footy shirt page too. onehundredpercentpolyester in the search bar should get u there
  3. I used to love England and the Australian national teams but now I'd be more excited if won the league cup than if England won the world cup
  4. Oh Oh Oh Castagne! Oh Oh Oh Castagne! To the tune of cant stand me know by the libertines (the bit at 2m 50s)
  5. Ordered mine last night. It's going to be an expensive 'around the house jumper' but it will be the best 'around the house jumper' !
  6. New to the club shop I can't be the only one to find this absolutely beautiful!
  7. Not sure who was thecommentator for the English TV but over in Australia we had (I think the guy who did the 96 palace playoff final) and he kept saying how well Barnes has been doing for Burnley the last 2 years and it's a credit to Sean Dyche🤣
  8. I always knew he'd get there one day but not untill he'd improved his finishing in front of goal. He's as an exciting player we've ever had and we should be so proud to have him in our team
  9. Not much usually. This season is actually worth it in my opinion. Digital match day program and 1x free postage for international orders over 75 quid pay for itself. Previously I've only ever gotten one if I know I'll be in in England that season as it basically guarantees you a seat at home games via the ballot.
  10. Any of the international members gotten access to the matchday program that is supposed to be included in our membership? New thing this season so I'm not sure how or when it becomes available
  11. For you all to reminisce this 90s fashion icon.
  12. Reading a old program from 97 when i came across a youth player ARCOS-DIAZ. At the time that was quite a exotic name for Leicester City and as he appears to have played in every game that season he must have been a fairly decent prospect but today was the first time I've ever seen the name. Does anyone know what happened to this fella?
  13. uploading for you all to enjoy, came across it over the weekend as i've been organizing my dads old match programs
  14. If you buy it now you can wear it now then in 20 years time it (may be) a "classic shirt" and youll have a classic shirt for free!
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