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  1. Not much usually. This season is actually worth it in my opinion. Digital match day program and 1x free postage for international orders over 75 quid pay for itself. Previously I've only ever gotten one if I know I'll be in in England that season as it basically guarantees you a seat at home games via the ballot.
  2. Any of the international members gotten access to the matchday program that is supposed to be included in our membership? New thing this season so I'm not sure how or when it becomes available
  3. For you all to reminisce this 90s fashion icon.
  4. Reading a old program from 97 when i came across a youth player ARCOS-DIAZ. At the time that was quite a exotic name for Leicester City and as he appears to have played in every game that season he must have been a fairly decent prospect but today was the first time I've ever seen the name. Does anyone know what happened to this fella?
  5. uploading for you all to enjoy, came across it over the weekend as i've been organizing my dads old match programs
  6. If you buy it now you can wear it now then in 20 years time it (may be) a "classic shirt" and youll have a classic shirt for free!
  7. Best Leicester shirt since the 90/91 shirt
  8. Yesterday was the first time I've felt real anger against the players wearing the shirt of my club. They were pathetic. The situation and what was at stake made it so much worse. We've played much worse than that over the years but it's with teams that didn't have any decent players for example when josh low or momo sylla were running down the wings so u can get over it. This team is a talented group of players and yesterday was embarrassing for what they should be showing. In saying that losing to villa in the semis was pathetic too
  9. Neither is a picture of a helicopter but you'd be pretty peed off if they teased u with that.
  10. I didn't leave the game early because I was enjoying Liverpool's performance top much. We were poor but Liverpool are some team
  11. I fully believe that had he put away the majority of his chances last season and this season he'd be very close or if not already in the England team.
  12. Does anyone have an adult ticket to sell? Can transfer money or hand over cash when I'm in Leicester on Dec 2/3rd
  13. It's bloody annoying me now, I'm over in the UK for the whole of December and I'm trying to organise a holiday around these fixtures!
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