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  1. Neither is a picture of a helicopter but you'd be pretty peed off if they teased u with that.
  2. I didn't leave the game early because I was enjoying Liverpool's performance top much. We were poor but Liverpool are some team
  3. I fully believe that had he put away the majority of his chances last season and this season he'd be very close or if not already in the England team.
  4. Does anyone have an adult ticket to sell? Can transfer money or hand over cash when I'm in Leicester on Dec 2/3rd
  5. It's bloody annoying me now, I'm over in the UK for the whole of December and I'm trying to organise a holiday around these fixtures!
  6. If he was English than yes, if we do eventually sell chillwall I expect him to go for 100m but I rate Ricardo more
  7. Players like maguire and chilwell are the mon in this situation. We need to keep them no matter what price is offered. Lose any of our regular 11 and we could be wondering what if all over again which is kind of silly as we have won the bloody leauge not too long ago!
  8. Not sure if its been mention yet but after that 3-0 win against vs arsenal all i can think about is the 2000 5-2 win vs sunderland at home. I think the club is at a similar situation looking forward. We have just seen how good this team can become, it is vital we keep hold of this team so we don't have a repeat of what happened that time.
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