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  1. I'm of the older generation referred to in this thread. For the record, I don't want a lockdown of the type we suffered previously. I'm classified as extremely clinically vulnerable as I have a couple of existing medical conditions, one of which is a heart condition caused by contracting a virus when I was 40 (same one as Alf). I hated being locked down but did so as I was not only concerned for my own health if I contracted Covid-19, but was also very concerned for my wife, who has her own vulnerabilities which could have been problematic if she caught Covid-19 from me.
  2. Mrs Crinkly and I's anniversary today so I'm posting a romantic one
  3. I have a system when buying cars. I find one that my wife and I really like after test driving and that's right for my family circumstances then buy it new - cash, at the best price I can get. Then I look after it with any necessary repairs and regular servicing and run it until it drops. And I save for my next car during the period I have the current car - this has become more difficult since I retired and my income has reduced. So at present I'm driving a Honda Civic ES which is 14 years old - if a car is like it's owner then this is a true reflection of me. Getting on a bit,
  4. No. 1 in 1959, this performance is from a live show in 1961
  5. Thanks for the link to the paper, I'd missed that one. My comments on the variants came from slightly earlier papers which only referenced the two strains. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/07/200702144054.htm https://www.cell.com/cell/pdf/S0092-8674(20)30817-5.pdf
  6. There is only one known mutation of the virus - the 614D variant which was common in China at the start of the year has largely been replaced by the 614G variant. We are fortunate that Covid-19 appears to be a slow mutating virus. This increases the possibility of development of an effective vaccine. Had the virus been a fast mutating variety, like the common cold, there would be very little chance of developing a vaccine as the coronavirus would have mutated before vaccine trials (which as you doubtless appreciate take many months) would have concluded.
  7. My understanding of this is that the main cause of transmission is infected droplets in the air caused by an infected person exhaling. A mask reduces the amount of droplets and the distance they travel. A sneeze, shouting or singing all result in exhalation of more droplets than regular breathing. The chance of becoming ill with the virus reduces as the amount of infected droplets inhaled reduces so masks are a very useful tool in controlling the spread of infection.
  8. It's your current employer's problem to manage their resources. Of course they'd like you to stay on until their needs are met, after that they won't be concerned about you or your future career. If you've agreed a start date with your new employer that's a commitment. It will look bad if you delay it. An employer wants committed employees, not ones with a foot in both camps. I was a manager in my working life and sometimes staff left before a replacement was found, that's an issue I had to deal with as part of my job. It usually meant reallocating internal resour
  9. Infinity. Both as a concept and as a reality, if indeed it is a reality. If time is infinite then our existence is part of infinity, there could be infinite time before our birth and infinite time after our death. And anything divided by infinity is zero (theoretically).
  10. I did something similar called a Belbin test many years ago. I'm including a link so you can compare the tests if you wish https://www.belbin.com/about/belbin-team-roles/ The purpose of a Belbin test is to determine the characteristics of individuals, with the aim of seeing how they would fit into teams. The theory is that the most successful teams contain people a variety of strengths so they complement each other. As such, there is no right or wrong way to complete a Belbin test.
  11. holidaycottages.co.uk which is part of The Travel Chapter Limited.
  12. Last year I booked a UK holiday for June 2020. I tried to cancel it when I was placed in lockdown following the government directive to the 'extremely clinically vulnerable'. The company I had booked with first didn't answer their phones, then removed the number from the website. I then received an email advising me that holidays were being cancelled due to Covid restrictions, but that if they wished those who wanted to cancel a booking could get a voucher for a future holiday by accessing their account via the company website. No refunds were offered. After struggling with the
  13. Home made chicken biryani, not the stuff generally served in restaurants. All the ingredients cooked together then left for at least a couple of days to let the spices marinate the contents. Rhubarb crumble with custard.
  14. For those of you interested in science, the first pilot study report on the effect of Vitamin D on Covid-19 diagnosed hospital patients has been published. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960076020302764 A quick summary: The study was carried out on 76 patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 in Spain. All were given standard treatment but 50 were additionally given Calcifediol, a Vitamin D drug (Vitamin D taken into the body is processed through the liver and kidneys, this drug contains the processed form so raises the Vitamin D leve
  15. Well I might watch one or two films a year so the films Dingbats are generally not my favourites. One last shot on this one: The Poseidon Adventure
  16. As a long shot... Carry on at your convenience Alt: Carry on up the Khyber Probably both wrong but I think I know the Mercury offering, if no-one has a go then I'll make a suggestion.
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