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  1. This one has gone without a response for a few days now and I think I've finally worked out why - nobody wants to use the words 'Nuts' 'about' and 'you' in a post. So neither will I.
  2. Second one once bitten twice shy
  3. No 1 from 1963. When I first heard it I thought it was The Shadows.
  4. The Price of Happiness
  5. A lot of people are fed up with restrictions. Especially now that death rates have dramatically fallen. But death rates have dramatically fallen because as a society we've changed how we behave. Changes in infection rates are influenced by three factors: 1. Change to the virus 2. Change to the host (us) 3. Change to the environment 1. Virus. The virus has only changed slightly, a single mutation has been proven to date which does not appear to have influenced infection or death rates significantly. Returning to the pre lockdown world would
  6. First one looks like a cryptic crossword clue - send for Webbo
  7. Second one Goldeneye
  8. I've been playing bowls for the past five years (though not this year due to Covid restrictions). I've always enjoyed sporting competition but hadn't really had any since I gave up cricket aged 50 and I'm retired now. Bowls provided that plus it has a great social side. I wish that I'd discovered it sooner. The club I play for has around 120 playing members and another 80 social members, there are activities all year round which is great. It holds 'taster' sessions where potential new members can visit the club and try bowls, and if interested they get six group training sess
  9. Sorry... Cry over spilt milk
  10. Grace periods? Cry the beloved country?
  11. Please be aware that many heating engineers are paid a commission by the boiler manufacturers to install their boilers, so if you ask them for a recommendation you may not get an unbiased opinion. I had lots of problems with our previous boiler but now have an Ideal Logic and have not had any problems with it.
  12. Do you have time for any sporting or social group activities? Because that's a way to meet other people with the same interests which gives you a head start in becoming friends with them. I gradually lost touch with many (but not all) friends of my youth and middle years as our lives changed. I joined a bowls club in my retirement and not only does it involve me in friendly sporting competition that I can handle at my age but there are now over a hundred people that I can chat to.
  13. 00:58 Behind the lines (Duke) 06:25 Duchess (Duke) 13:17 Guide vocal (Duke) 15:00 In the Cage (Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) 22:25 Colony of Slippermen (Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) 23:40 Afterglow (Wind and Wuthering) 28:18 Dance on a Volcano (Trick of the Tail) 33:00 Drum duet 33:54 Los Endos Trick of the Tail)
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