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  1. Half cut Damage limitation
  2. Fifth in the PL is a success if you only consider the overall development of the club. However the PL is a competitive place and the reality is that we have struggled against some of the poorer clubs in the league this season. This does not bode well for next season when we have the additional pressure of European competition. Losing out on CL football may hinder our ability to attract the high quality players we need to add to the squad in order to be a greater threat to our opponents. Good signings will be key if we are to maintain a top half finish next season.
  3. I only took antidepressants for a short period but found them beneficial. When I was diagnosed with depression my GP told me that this had caused physiological changes, basically my body wasn't producing the right chemicals as a result, this was preventing me feeling happy when I should have been. This was a vicious circle which was making me more depressed and this downward cycle had to be broken. Antidepressants were the way to do this. After taking them for a few days I started to feel better, not happy just more normal, and within a couple of weeks I was almost back to my old self. I stopped taking them after a month without any significant side effects. Antidepressants helped me but they didn't cure me of depression. The root cause of that was my state of mind, how I felt about myself and events surrounding me. In order to feel better about myself I had to get my thinking sorted out. It doesn't work for everyone but for me Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) changed my life. This is a method of changing the way you feel, and helped me put my thoughts into perspective. My GP recommended a book on it to me, I read it and tried to put its recommendations into practice - I didn't have any counselling. I got out of my depression through CBT and I've managed to stop it returning for the past twenty years. I also haven't needed to take antidepressants again.
  4. Some promising news about a new treatment from a Phase 2 clinical trial at the University of Southampton. http://www.pharmatimes.com/news/synairgens_sng001_shows_strong_promise_in_covid-19_trial_1345119 Interferon is naturally produced by cells in response to infection, it's purpose being to prevent infection of neighbouring cells to the infected cells. It appears that Covid-19 hampers this response, reducing the body's ability to fight the infection. The trial was conducted on Covid-19 affected patients, some of whom were given Interferon Beta (existing drug) by inhalation and some of whom were given a placebo. 79% of the group given the drug did not go on to suffer the most severe effects of Covid-19 and none of them died. Phase 3 clinical trial eagerly awaited.
  5. Sounds like you are both capable and competent regarding your new job but you are outside your comfort zone which is neither good for you or your employer. Can you pinpoint exactly what it is about the job that is causing your anxiety and stress? You may not think there is a reason but you shouldn't feel sick about a job without just cause. Everyone is different so this may have no relevance but the only similar situation I can recall is one of my team during my working life. He was excellent at his job, he was motivated to improve himself and 'go the extra mile' and I identified him as a candidate for promotion. As his manager I discussed this with him and he was very positive. When an opportunity arose I promoted him to a junior management position. It was only after he took up the role that he discovered that he couldn't handle the additional stress that went with the job. After struggling with it for a while he asked for his old job back, where he earned less and had fewer responsibilities but where he was happier. In time I was able to arrange that.
  6. Unbelievable. Like they can get another manager who will have an impact in two games.
  7. Firstly it doesn't appear that you're clinically depressed. The thoughts you have had seem quite normal as part of the maturing process. It's almost inevitable that during that process you'll do things you're not proud of and learn from them. It's refreshing to see that someone of your age is cognisant of mental health, I know that I had no idea about mental health in my teens and early twenties. Being aware of the potential problems that anyone can face is a useful guard against these issues. It's good to discuss problems, if for no other reason than it's sometimes difficult to assess your condition from a single perspective - your own. For example I had no idea that I was suffering from depression when I was diagnosed, I'd kept my issues very much to myself. So well done for posting and please don't ever hesitate to do so again. In my view this is the best thread in FT, no-one will judge you and there's many who are happy to discuss any issues with a view to help.
  8. The study proposed that that was evidence that exposure to one form of coronavirus could confer some level of immunity to other coronaviruses through the T cells in the immune system. There are many coronaviruses including variants of the common cold. They found that persons exposed to the SARS coronavirus fifteen years ago exhibited resistance.
  9. A word of caution. Your wife's test may have been a false positive, but if not please consider all the following possibilities: 1. You have natural immunity and will not contract the virus; 2. You do not have natural immunity but have not contracted the virus from your wife. This does not mean that you will not or cannot contract it during the period she is infectious. 3. You do not have natural immunity and have already contracted the virus; however as incubation usually takes 4-5 days any test carried out before that time may not produce a positive result. You may be infectious right now.
  10. My sympathies, my eldest also works in a care home and I know some of the stresses of the Covid-19 outbreak. Hopefully your wife, if she does have Covid-19, will have a mild infection. Some people get the infection and never show any symptoms.
  11. From my own perspective I usually post singles because I feel that these are likely to appeal to more people than an album track. There's some great music on albums but with probably a more restricted appeal. If I'm listening to music it's nearly always albums, but I haven't posted classics I love like Supper's Ready by Genesis or Shine on you Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd on FT. No reason why you shouldn't though, one of the aspects of the music forums I like is the opportunity to listen to material I haven't heard before or recently.
  12. Much ado about nothing
  13. There is the situation that ibuprofen, like some other drugs, lowers the body's temperature which can make you feel better; however, the body naturally raises its temperature because that's its way of fighting a virus more effectively.
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