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  1. I'm no expert but it's my view that mental health issues seem to be more acute in the intelligent - I've been reading your posts for some time and am certain that you fit into that category. Your post screams frustration at me, and I've no reason to believe that it isn't justified. And sometimes frustration is good because it drives us to take actions to overcome it. The trick is to make those positive rather than negative actions, and to direct these actions at things that can be changed rather than those that can't.. The advantage that I have over many on here is hi
  2. Thanks for the info - I've never been Bob.
  3. I could have sworn that that wasn't in the Bob Dylan original version (Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Blood on the Tracks)
  4. There is some evidence to suggest that contracting one coronavirus may provide some protection against contracting others due to the immune system response. Research into the SARS outbreak supports this hypothesis. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2550-z_reference.pdf However there is also practical evidence to suggest that there are limitations to this protection. The common cold is a coronavirus and also rapidly mutates, so there may be several mutations during a cold/flu season, the upshot being that someone can contract more than one common cold in a sin
  5. We may never get rid of the virus but we may get a vaccine, there are many groups worldwide working on one and if any are successful then that's our way out - the only viable alternative to herd immunity which will cost more lives. The current strategy appears to be to minimise infections until such a time that a vaccine becomes available, if it doesn't then we will need a Plan B.
  6. ELO's first chart success
  7. I believe that you're correct, however Covid-19 appears to be a slow-mutating virus. The only mutation I am aware of is the 614G mutation (the original virus from Wuhan was 614D but 614G is effectively the pandemic now). The spike protein of the virus contains a long chain of amino acids, it is number 614 in that chain which mutated. This appears to have made it more contagious and some studies have proposed that it has a higher fatality rate, though evidence to support this is inconclusive. In contrast the common cold is a swiftly mutating virus which is why someone can catch m
  8. Covered by Billy Fury, The Hollies, Child, Showaddywaddy, Glen Campbell and others
  9. I've been to hospital three times since March, once for a routine test and twice to A&E for a more critical condition. On the first occasion in June there was no pre-screening, I went straight into a waiting room with others and awaited my turn for the test. Everyone except one patient was wearing masks. On the second occasion in July I was triaged before being released to waiting, this involved Covid-related questions. Everyone was wearing masks. I was also subjected to a blood test but no Covid-specific test. There were different areas in the hospital for Covid and non-Co
  10. I spy with my little eye (sorry Alf, I've been on a bad run)
  11. Fool's game (or Mug's game)
  12. A few suggestions: Do you feel like I feel - Belinda Carlisle Nothing's gonna stop us now - Starship Even the bad times are good - Tremeloes I'm into something good - Herman's Hermits Near wild heaven - REM You ain't seen nothing yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive Fun fun fun - Beach Boys I'm on fire - Bruce Springsteen I'm a believer - Monkees Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin The best - Tina Turner Joybringer - Mannfred Mann's Earth Band Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics Golden Years - David Bowie
  13. Well I thought it was hot shower four hours ago but didn't get a 'Nope' - was I getting warmer?
  14. The only one that springs to mind that Webbo hasn't mentioned is shower - so hot shower
  15. We do need improvements in the recording system as the current method as you described reduces confidence in the figures. However Covid-19 does cause some deaths long after recovery from the infection. Many of the hospitalised sufferers contract sepsis, where the body's own immune system overreacts to the virus. Sepsis is not restricted to Covid-19 and studies have been carried out into its long term effects, I'm attaching one. https://molmed.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s10020-019-0132-z For those who don't want to read the whole paper, this is one
  16. The first one is the toughest I've seen since I started trying these CF. Trouble is I came up with 'Hot pick-ups' and haven't been able to concentrate since.......
  17. Great post Deb. I've seen so many posts that seem to dismiss Covid-19 as simply a problem for the old and frail. In my view it's a potential problem for everyone. I'll add some of my own experiences that I consider relevant. When i was 40 years old I contracted a form of viral pneumonia (which can also be a result of Covid-19). I was healthy at the time and a regular gym-goer. The virus damaged by heart leaving me with a arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation (af). It's not deadly in itself but can cause other problems, e.g. stroke, which have the potential to disab
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