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  1. Have you considered Freecycle? An option if charities won't collect.
  2. That's a good idea. If we had a track and trace system as efficient as theirs that would be a good start.
  3. I went on a walking/youth hostelling holiday in the Scwarzwald in 1972. Enjoyed it very much. Did make the mistake of planning the route in advance without taking too much notice of the terrain though - I particularly remember a 40km hike which would have been fine on flat trails. Did the last 10km with the help of a bottle of Jagermeister.......
  4. I don't time it and I'm not bothered how long I spend on FT. It's the only social media I do (no Facebook or Twitter) and I'm happy to be part of a community of City fans.
  5. Happy birthday young man
  6. I always read your posts on this thread but rarely add anything to the discussion; however I've felt the pain of your last two posts so just want to advise a little of my own experience for your consideration. As you may be aware I also had a child with special needs, as I posted on the first page. He spent some years in a mainstream school with additional support, however although the support was well intended it didn't meet his needs in my view. It was only after I managed to get him into a special school set up to deal with children with his condition that he improved. He wa
  7. And now Trump has Covid-19. I hope he recovers, I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
  8. One of my regrets is that I've never been able to sing well. If I could, I'd like to sing like this...
  9. I don't mind being corrected if I've got something wrong. I missed the fact that Ruby Tuesday was a B side, apologies. As for Gimme Shelter the OP did ask for opinions on album tracks that weren't made into a single but should have been, so as Gimme Shelter was such a strong track I suggested it.
  10. Good thread. A couple from these guys...
  11. Automated check-outs in supermarkets. They hate me, I hate them. Yesterday I went shopping, just a few bits and pieces and a bottle of wine. The queues at the few checkouts open were quite long so I reluctantly went to the self-checkout area. I scanned all the food and finally the bottle of wine, at which point a red light came on above the unit accompanied by the voiced message 'Please wait while an assistant verifies your age'. So everybody else turns round, take one look at me and my grey hair and start laughing. Perfect. Then a young lad turns up with a key which he has t
  12. No idea. It depends which vaccine is approved and available first. I expect that the NHS and care home workers would get the vaccine first, followed by the general public. I'll wait to be advised by my GP that they are vaccinating, the same system as they use for the annual flu jab.
  13. I'm sure you're right. I used the term 'comfortable' because that was the term used in the article that Izzy quoted which claimed that the public was comfortable with the idea that thousands would die from Covid.
  14. Vaccines will not be rushed through, it is not in the drug company's best interest to do so, nor for the general populace. Drug trials may be curtailed either when there is overwhelming evidence that the drug is either not effective or causes harm, or when there is overwhelming evidence that the drug is most effective and does not cause harm. Even if this latter condition is not met, the drug trials currently in Stage 3 are likely to conclude in 2021.
  15. I'm anticipating a vaccine in months, there are several promising vaccines in Stage 3 trials.
  16. Doubtless some people may be comfortable with letting thousands die every year from Covid-19, maybe tens of thousands, worst case hundreds of thousands with our hospitals overwhelmed and the care home sector devastated, so long as it's not them that's dying. Covid-19 is different to flu right now - we have an annual flu vaccine that protects the vulnerable, we don't with Covid-19. Once we do have an effective vaccine then we could potentially live with it, until then it's not an option that many would be willing to consider.
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