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  1. Merry Christmas everyone and let's look forward to consigning 2020 to the dustbin of history.
  2. I've had Virgin Media for just over a year, renewed last month. I have the 'old' TiVo boxes and the only problem I've had with them is the occasional crash, after which I have to reboot, which to be fair is no different to the Sky boxes I had previously. I've had a few instances of the internet connection dropping but only for a few seconds which wasn't a problem. They have at least sent me an email feedback form which I've completed. I had 50% off for my first contract like you. When I received the renewal notification I phoned them and asked what they could do about the renew
  3. Right now, Virgin Media. I have an 'all inclusive' package with phone, TV and internet. 1400 Monday - phone dies, internet dies, message on TV tells me to contact a phone number or log on to a website for more info. No programmes available. 1800 Monday - fed up waiting for services to return, phone the number advised on my mobile, get a pre-recorded message that there is an outage at my postcode and that the problem has been identified and engineers are working very hard to restore services. Predicted fix time 1000 Tuesday. 1100 Tuesday - no services. Phone the number
  4. I'm not directing this post at anyone in particular, I don't know enough about individual circumstances to help, but here's a couple of thoughts. There are times in our lives when we get mentally battered. This can come from problems or a situation at work, or at home. If it's only work, or only home, then we can use the other place where the problems don't exist to recover. Because we need to recover, mental battering will drive most of us down until we feel hopeless. So when both work and home don't provide the relief we need then we're either on a downward path or just about
  5. Our pace advantage with Barnes and Vardy is going to be negated by Lamptey if he plays as he's quicker than both. But although he's fast IMO he's not the best defender I've seen and someone like Under would roast him all day. We may have to be a bit original in our line up if we're going to get the best out of our strikers. Brighton would be higher in the league if they could finish. They're not converting their fair share of chances and I hope that continues. But we have to be prepared for a team that's more competent than their league position suggests.
  6. I've only ever peed blood once, went straight to my GP. Turned out I'd had a urine infection. I was sent to hospital after a course of antibiotics where they put a tube down where you don't want a tube to be put to examine my bladder and found some scarring. Believe me, you wouldn't want this as it can affect bladder function. Hope your case is nothing but if not it's best to get this sorted asap.
  7. It's different today but years ago you could get a child assessed and a Statement of Needs was produced. This was the document we used to get the special school for my eldest. I don't know what is in place now, potentially Citizens Advice may know. Having a formal assessment by a professional person gave me leverage to show that my son needed more help than he was receiving. Lack of sleep can be a killer - I've had insomnia and it wrecked my life for a time. I got some pills from my GP which helped short term and I still keep some in case I have problems again. Unfortunately s
  8. Your post made me sad and angry at the same time. I can empathise with your situation to some extent, my eldest son had learning difficulties due to a medical condition which left him isolated at school. I had to explore the options for his support for some time before we were eventually able to get him into a special school which could help with his needs. The other children there were also friendlier than his previous school and he was a lot happier there. Bottom line, the school helped him to achieve what he could. It is the responsibility of the school to provide
  9. Sorry to hear that. None of us can take an unbearable low forever, but the thing is, it's very rarely forever. You probably didn't feel that bad last week, or last month. So there's every possibility that you'll feel better at some point in the future, whether it's tomorrow or 2021. Either way if you have the chance of feeling better then it's a chance worth taking. If you have the time have a look at some of the other pages in this thread. There are people here who have felt hopeless, and now post how their lives have turned around. The terrible thing with depression is that
  10. I'd just like to add another reason to get the vaccine to the three you have stated and which I accept. That is to prevent me passing on the virus to others; we don't know if the vaccine will achieve that effect yet but it's probable. Since last March I've had the worry of catching the virus and giving it to my wife, who is both a similar age to me (we're both retired) plus she's a diabetic. I'm also a member of a bowls club and have avoided going to the club at all in 2020 for the same reason, most of the members are elderly and many have 'underlying conditions'. I wouldn't want to be res
  11. I've just received my latest missive from Matt Hancock. Interestingly it advises everyone to take Vitamin D over the winter months - extract below I wrote to you a few weeks ago to let you know about the guidance and support that was in place for people considered to be at highest risk from COVID-19 (sometimes referred to as clinically extremely vulnerable) during the four-week period of the national restrictions. That guidance, as well as the national restrictions for the general population, will be coming to an end on 2 December. On
  12. Unusual for a drummer to have a top ten hit but Cozy Powell got to No.3 with this one in 1973
  13. I can understand anyone revering Maradona's skills, he was a brilliant footballer. I also appreciate that many here may be too young to have watched the 'Hand of God' incident as it happened and seen it knock us out of the World Cup. If you weren't around at that time it's unlikely that you will appreciate the sheer hatred felt by many towards Maradona. I now understand that there's going to be a minutes silence for Maradona before the next round of PL games. A decent gesture, but not one I wanted to see. Personally I hate cheating in any sport, and it's not something I forgive
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