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  1. Infinity. Both as a concept and as a reality, if indeed it is a reality. If time is infinite then our existence is part of infinity, there could be infinite time before our birth and infinite time after our death. And anything divided by infinity is zero (theoretically).
  2. I did something similar called a Belbin test many years ago. I'm including a link so you can compare the tests if you wish https://www.belbin.com/about/belbin-team-roles/ The purpose of a Belbin test is to determine the characteristics of individuals, with the aim of seeing how they would fit into teams. The theory is that the most successful teams contain people a variety of strengths so they complement each other. As such, there is no right or wrong way to complete a Belbin test.
  3. holidaycottages.co.uk which is part of The Travel Chapter Limited.
  4. Last year I booked a UK holiday for June 2020. I tried to cancel it when I was placed in lockdown following the government directive to the 'extremely clinically vulnerable'. The company I had booked with first didn't answer their phones, then removed the number from the website. I then received an email advising me that holidays were being cancelled due to Covid restrictions, but that if they wished those who wanted to cancel a booking could get a voucher for a future holiday by accessing their account via the company website. No refunds were offered. After struggling with the company's website which demanded that I enter reasons for my cancellation then kept timing me out every 15 seconds I finally managed to access the correct screen, where I was presented with two options: 1. I would like a voucher for a future holiday that had to be booked before 31 December 2019 2. I didn't want a voucher I hit 1 as 2 meant that I was voluntarily giving up my deposit but I felt like I was being railroaded. I then received an email stating that I now had a voucher. Earlier this month I received a reminder that I must activate my voucher before the end of the year or lose it. So I went on line, picked out another holiday and tried to book. It was then I discovered that the company would not let me use the voucher against the deposit required but promised to honour it when the balance was required. I find this morally indefensible, and don't know if it is legally defensible. I feel like that if I pay the second deposit the company could take that as easily as they took the first one; but if I don't book then they will take my original deposit without recompense. My opinion of them is extremely low and my instinct is not to send them the second deposit and to try to recover the original. Has anyone had any similar experiences or any knowledge of the legal position?
  5. Home made chicken biryani, not the stuff generally served in restaurants. All the ingredients cooked together then left for at least a couple of days to let the spices marinate the contents. Rhubarb crumble with custard.
  6. For those of you interested in science, the first pilot study report on the effect of Vitamin D on Covid-19 diagnosed hospital patients has been published. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960076020302764 A quick summary: The study was carried out on 76 patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 in Spain. All were given standard treatment but 50 were additionally given Calcifediol, a Vitamin D drug (Vitamin D taken into the body is processed through the liver and kidneys, this drug contains the processed form so raises the Vitamin D level in the body rapidly). Of the 50 patients given the drug, one (2% of the total) was admitted to intensive care; of the 26 patients not given the drug 13 (50% of the total) were admitted to intensive care. Two patients who did not receive the drug died; none of the patients who received the drug died and all of these were discharged without complications. A larger study is recommended but the results from the pilot study are highly encouraging. I've been taking Vitamin D tablets as an immune system booster for the last six months and won't be stopping anytime soon.
  7. Well I might watch one or two films a year so the films Dingbats are generally not my favourites. One last shot on this one: The Poseidon Adventure
  8. As a long shot... Carry on at your convenience Alt: Carry on up the Khyber Probably both wrong but I think I know the Mercury offering, if no-one has a go then I'll make a suggestion.
  9. Slow dance classic
  10. This one has gone without a response for a few days now and I think I've finally worked out why - nobody wants to use the words 'Nuts' 'about' and 'you' in a post. So neither will I.
  11. Second one once bitten twice shy
  12. No 1 from 1963. When I first heard it I thought it was The Shadows.
  13. The Price of Happiness
  14. A lot of people are fed up with restrictions. Especially now that death rates have dramatically fallen. But death rates have dramatically fallen because as a society we've changed how we behave. Changes in infection rates are influenced by three factors: 1. Change to the virus 2. Change to the host (us) 3. Change to the environment 1. Virus. The virus has only changed slightly, a single mutation has been proven to date which does not appear to have influenced infection or death rates significantly. Returning to the pre lockdown world would most likely result in an R rate of around 3, reviving the infection rates of March and April. 2. Host. Our resistance to the virus has only changed slightly, in that since March a proportion of the population has become infected, and that has increased herd immunity. The current spread, mostly amongst the young, will increase this resistance but until we get a vaccine we will not be able to halt the spread of the virus to any significant extent. 3. Environment. Social distancing, mask wearing and other measures imposed during lockdown have reduced infection rates. As lockdown is eased infection rates will rise as managing the environment in which the virus can spread remains the only effective measure at this time. We know enough about the virus now to understand that it can be deadly to some, and it has become increasingly clear that a proportion of the survivors experience physical issues, which may be life threatening or debilitating in some cases, into the future. In my view this is not something we should accept as a society therefore I implore the impatient to bear with the current restrictions and any others that may have to be imposed until such time as a vaccine is developed or remedial medicine is developed to treat sufferers of Covid-19.
  15. First one looks like a cryptic crossword clue - send for Webbo
  16. Second one Goldeneye
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