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  1. I was more hoping for a chuckle or 3 - It turns out my sense of humour isn't what I thought it was
  2. The training facility looks like it's going to be amazing, state of the art facilities, the best technology in Europe, bedrooms for the players and managers to stay in, dozens of pitches & even a school for the groundsman, We'll be attracting some of the best players in Europe and I can't help but think what a lucky bunch we are... But I can't be the only one that's p*ssed off that the training ground is only being built with 499 seats, add another one in or scrap the whole project!!!
  3. It's very positive that we're taking points from some of the best teams in Europe... If we have a positive summer I can see us being a real force, although buying players that are better than the ones we've got in certain areas is difficult. Also, the Premier League & Sky definitely owe us about 30 million for keeping the title race exciting!
  4. I'd love us to get a sh1thouse 1-0 win with a clever Vardy dive, the Liverpool meltdown would be glorious
  5. You don't have to make the same points again, I understand what you put... I just think you're wrong.
  6. I'm saying that I think we've got more chance of finishing higher in the league by selling him and using the money to strengthen in other areas. I think he's a great player.
  7. My genuine reasoning is that it's pointless having one world class centre back in any team below the top 4ish. 60 million would get us quality in other areas that are more likely to push us higher up the league than a world class CB
  8. I really like him, however I genuinely believe that it's pointless having one CB that's better than all the others and we may as well get a huge price for him. At Man.City or Liverpool he'd look excellent because he is, however in ours or any other team below the top 4 he's never gunna look world class. Not sure if this makes sense but I'm bloody well pressing submit reply anyway!
  9. Charlie Austin, Danny Ings and Shane Long are all the same person
  10. Just had a look at your post history, did you hoard a load thinking the price would skyrocket?
  11. To put your mind at rest the woman on my call seemed quite the opposite - she knew there was an initial 400 but had a feeling that there would be more, put me on hold to check with her boss and wallop... a further 600 spares!
  12. I called earlier as well - she said there's 400 initially and then if they sell out another 600 are available! I shall now be attending
  13. I thought the same - good of them to let us purchase on the gate! Don't fancy being stranded in London without a ticket though
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