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  1. Can anybody post their likely starting 11 taking injuries into account? I don't know enough about them to know who would step in... surely our starting 11 now definitely becomes the "favourites" on paper
  2. Too many syllables mate, have a think about it
  3. "He's got great hair according to Voll Blau and that's alright with me" Doesn't really fit mate
  4. Ohhh his name is Hamza Choudhury Straight from our academy Yesss he cost us ****ing nothing He’s got sh1t hair but that’s alright with me 234
  6. I wonder what odds you'd get on Chilwell, Maddison, Choudhury & Barnes to make the Euro 2020 squad... then a separate bet with Vardy added to those 4 (I know he's retired but he'll get 20 goals, join the PL 100 club, no other English strikers will do well and then he'll get begged to join the squad)
  7. I remember that, one guy was banging on about their consecutive 9th place finishes all over this forum
  8. I hope it gets to the point where he's playing well every week, we keep winning but he hasn't scored his first goal yet. We're playing away, we're 30 games in to the season, it's 0-0 with 92 minutes on the clock, we get a corner and up pops Soyuncu with a last minute winner
  9. Pretty sure I've just seen that Blades weirdo put that they'll probably double up on Vardy at all times - I hope for his sake that his manager isn't as thick as him. Logistically such a weird decision, who's marking him? Both centre backs? One CB and one Centre Mid? "What we doing today then gaffer?" - "Double up on the fast lad up top, forget everyone else and we're golden" I think Sheffield are alright but this guy, oh my word - does he manage a Sunday League team?
  10. Jack1993


    Thanks for your feedback gents. I think I’ve worded my initial post wrong, the 90 minutes would include other comedians and a break - if it was just me it’d be an hour as is a typical time slot for the festival. I will be doing my own normal show at the festival and taking it to Edinburgh next year all being well but I was hoping there would be enough interest to be able to do a one off LCFC related show that obviously couldn’t be used at other festivals. Probably worth mentioning that despite my atrociously unfunny comments all over this forum I am actually a comedian - I’m not thinking of writing this show as a first foray into comedy haha, again I can see how my poor wording makes it look that way
  11. Jack1993


    Well you bloody will do
  12. Jack1993


    Hello everybody, Sorry if this is strange, I find it strange too... I’m just doing a small recky to see who on here is in to their comedy... last year I was going to do a show at the festival about LCFC but because of the tragic events I knocked it on the head... next year i’m going to do a show that is heavily LCFC related (there’s a good few comedians that are also Leicester fans) the subject is absolutely going to be 5000/1 and it’ll be 90 minutes long. Just wondering if there is a market for it when the festival is on (February) - I can tailor it if need be but it’ll be 90 minutes of me taking about it and pandering to LCFC! I think it’ll be well worth going to - laughs, beers etc. Let me me know if you’d be interested Ready for negative feedback
  13. Anyone got a video of that tackle Vardy made near the corner flag? I reckon in home games during 13/14 He must have done a big tackle like that on a full back every other game & they always sh1t it and didn’t want the ball afterwards... genuinely one of my favourite things to watch
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