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  1. Calling their bluff is an excellent idea, as the article suggests, I think they would all sh1t the bed and stay once told that they can't come back
  2. Jack1993

    Burnley (home)

    I agree that all official gestures should be organised by the club but I also think some kind of noise or a song as a token of our appreciation on 60 minutes would be a great personal touch. I realise this has happened before but on this occasion the whole ground would be involved and it would be special. My suggestion would be repeating the first line from the chorus of Dido - Thank you "IIIIII want to thank you for giving me the best dayyyy of my life" That's the only way I can think of actually saying thank you as a crowd, something most of us never had the chance to do.
  3. Jack1993

    Spotted in Rio De Janeiro!

    You think we've gone global? That's nothing, Skegness is full to the brim with fat blokes in skintight Forest shirts
  4. Jack1993

    Jamie Vardy to Speak at the Oxford Union

    There's some good videos of Angelos Epithemiou and Ivo Graham speaking / performing at the Oxford Union. Obviously this will be more formal but I think there's room for Vardy to inject his personality into it and I reckon they'll like him
  5. Jack1993

    New training ground announced

    Dear LCFC, We regret to inform you that planning permission will not be granted as you failed to count some lorries, Regards, The Training Ground Permission Team
  6. Jack1993

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Pro-Evo Mahrez
  7. Jack1993

    Tom Lawrence

    The only way that he'll be playing in the Premier League is if Derby get promoted - if he wasn't ever playing for us nobody would think about buying him
  8. Jack1993

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    I was attempting to make fun of the folks that actually do think it's fixed haha! I think I may need to work on my wording / sarcasm
  9. Jack1993

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    Like others I wont be watching the draw, every year the good teams end up getting further in the competition than not as good teams. FIX!
  10. Jack1993

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Has anyone else noticed the increasing trend of people getting to matches early sometimes as much as 15 minutes before kick off and staying after the final whistle. Whilst it is understandable if we are winning say 3-0 ( but still inexcusable) these people are still doing when we are losing i.e. last Season. I've seen some supporters arrive at 1.00pm and leave at 5.35pm!!! No one stays at the cinema even when you don't know the ending so why do it at a football match. It isn't even just at the Kingpower I noticed loads of full seats on TV on Sunday at Brighton despite the fact they were leading Man Utd 3-1. Unbelievable. The other annoying aspect is that they quickly walk down the aisles like a player when he has scored a goal hence enhancing the view for those supporters who have chosen to leave to support their wives. I'm certain some people wouldn't just be happy taking a photo as the teams come out to show they are at the ground and then leaving without watching the match at all
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 81 seconds  
  12. Yep, same here, although 99% of them are doing it for attention. Weirdos.
  13. Unfortunately I'm rubbish at posting on this Forum - those bottom words are not actually Svens' , the quotes come from about 3 different Swedes of which I only remember Sven - Full article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44717377
  14. It makes me laugh that we're branded as arrogant for mentioning that we have a good chance of winning but when the Swedes do it (Below) it's praised as confidence. I'm bored of them banging on about their amazing defence, to a point where I hope they concede 3 or 4 just so they look stupid! In other words, they're really bloody getting to me "England is England, now they think they'll win the World Cup again," added Eriksson. "Frankly, they have beaten Tunisia and Panama. It takes a little more to win the World Cup. They will not get so many opportunities against Sweden." "England is easy to score against", Mild said in Goteborgs-Posten. "They think they are so damn good. They are not. "You hardly get terrified when you see the team. They are spoilt youths who earn millions. They don't have the total desperation required." "I think there are many teams who don't want to meet Sweden, because they can't make their game work against us. I don't understand how England will be able to score any goals against Sweden."