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  1. Right that’s it, I’m emailing the club
  2. Well I hope they would, can’t see how it’s relevant but only a child would get that wrong glad we’re on the same page
  3. I don’t think they’ll be able to do much unfortunately mate, it looks like it was painted by hand
  4. Not sure how that’s relevant to the Notts Forest colours used!
  5. What’s with the random patters? We are the blues, he plays for the blues
  6. All of the top managers know exactly how to stop Man Utd being a title contender and for that reason I genuinely wouldn't be surprised to see some absolutely horrendous tackles go in on Bruno whenever they're in a big game
  7. It’s fine to think that’s a yellow but if Shaw does that on Harvey Barnes we’d all be biased towards our player and team you’re correct!
  8. I’d actually say well reffed. Took a bit too long but he was looking at 2 decisions, Shaw could’ve gone red or yellow but it would’ve been a harsh red as he blatantly didn’t mean it
  9. I could see him signing for somebody else when he's about 37/38 just for the hell of it, career prediction; 1) Retires from Professional football at the end of the 23/24 season, aged 37 2) August 2024 - Sheffield Wednesday, Championship relegation favourites sign Vardy on a 1 year deal OUT OF NOWHERE, he single handily drags them to the Premier League 3) August 2025 - 1 year contract extension with Wednesday, Vardy starts every game on the bench but comes on to score a late equaliser 10 times and a late winner 10 times, he keeps them up on 40 points (refus
  10. Yeah I think it might be that... studs to the knee near the sideline?
  11. Ahh, well at least I'm not going insane haha, cheers!
  12. For some reason I always remember that it was Matt Targett that injured him even though I've been told numerous times that it wasn't... I must have dreamt it
  13. My god you’re all making me Randy. Keep going 🤩
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