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  1. I like that from Trippier... moving out of your comfort zone for first team football, he knows that staying at Spurs will probably dampen his chances of playing for England at the Euros
  2. I bet all the people pretending to be bothered about this are also the ones emailing China for fake shirts as cheap as possible on the other thread. Anyone bothered enough by it to not pay it and not go to the games?
  3. Prove you're a FoxesTalk veteran by quoting the players next age rather than his current age! "Vardy needs support, he's 33 this season" "I'd be careful with Dunk, he's 28 this year" I mean I'm all for debate but it's ridiculous For what it's worth, I'd say Vardy has got years left in his legs, he was only 30 at the beginning of last year I KNOW IT'S THE DUNK THREAD
  4. Weird to single out your problem with this specific club partnership but never mention any of the others... https://www.lcfc.com/partnerships/club-partners De Montfort University "I know I'm going to be criticised for this but... WTF has a persons university education got to do with LCFC or any other football club?" I bet you're alright with that one though eh
  5. Oh fantastic news, Newcastle defy all odds and have an amazing season, sneaking 4th by goal difference on the last day but miss out on Champions League because Man Utd managed to sneak past Real Sociedad over 2 legs in the Quarter Final
  6. And I'm very grateful, boss!
  7. You don't have to explain or justify your financial situation to a stranger online pal, some can afford, some can't - absolutely no judgement to either party here
  8. If you can't afford it then don'y buy it Wardy mate, no need to get grumpy with those that can
  9. To put it simply, you're all cheapskates!
  10. What was the production called, PLASTIC the musical?
  11. I genuinely can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or not
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