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  1. Now there's a prediction that you can recycle year on year
  2. I think the saying means that I want to keep my cake so I can look at how pretty it is forever but also I want to eat the cake because it tastes nice and obviously I can't do both of those things at the same time but I could just order another cake so it renders the whole thing pointless. I don't really like eating cake at all to be honest but I do like crisps, I can eat about 7 bags sometimes and before I know it my tongue it more cut up than a dithering driver in Milton Keynes. Anyway, I am fickle, my opinions change almost daily and you could probably convince me of anything if you sounded clever enough. I wasn't really expecting a conversation but I have to say this has been lovely, if you want to know anything else interesting about me then please write back, I met a magician on here a few weeks ago that tried to guess my Mothers maiden name through PMs just by asking me a series of questions about my childhood - I had to just give it him in the end cause he was struggling a bit the silly old sod, anyway, Love to the Family Jack
  3. I absolutely hate it when players try to force a move away from us and I think they are scum when they do it I absolutely love it when players try to force a move to us and I think they are legends when they do it I like to have the best of both worlds, I like to have my cake and eat it too, I like to make my bed and then lay wherever I feel like laying when somebody forces a move to us I AM FICKLE There I said it
  4. I thought this was weird at the time but haven't thought about it since... what was the benefit to the club to make it up? I was lucky that collecting my tickets went smoothly but spoke to a lot of people that nearly missed out on tickets or weren't able to collect etc.
  5. Is there a chance that he's is sticking his tongue out at _______ _______ on that photo after he tried to ________ his _________
  6. What people are really saying; "I can't believe Man City are putting up a statue of David Silva outside their ground, he doesn't deserve one, he's Spanish for Christ sake"
  7. If it happens it’s just one of those moves that I couldn’t be angry at, I think he’s great and hope he stays but if he gets the opportunity to be number 1 for a season or two at Man Utd then he’s absolutely gunna take it. I’m sure it’d mean more to him on a personal and career level than most transfers in the Premier League. I also don’t think it’ll actually happen
  8. It is what it is, I wanted Champions League but we've got Europa - by the time the games come around I'll be so excited at the prospect of travelling abroad with Leicester City that my disappointment from this season will be long gone. Standing in a European square with thousands of people from your city is incredible and I wont hear a bad word said about it... It would be nice to win the games too *I know Covid may stop us going
  9. I had this exact thought, Brendan will sh*t it and play for a draw then inevitably lose
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