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  1. Call their bluff I reckon, they can go if they want but can't come back? They'll want to be in this as well as the Premier League but that's impossible surely?
  2. Fixed it for you, email it to all the people you're better than. Congrats on abstaining
  3. I get why a lot of people don't want to pay it, I also get why some people want to spend the money and watch the best quality version of the game available, But the amount of posts from blokes on here that genuinely think they're some kind of hero for not giving Sky their money
  4. If fixture dates are kind I can see a fair few travelling to Athens
  5. Are we allowed to go to Athens without quarantining?
  6. Ain't it mental that a load of middle aged men swirling their hands in plastic bowls have an indirect say in which European police cell I'll end up in next year. Love the cup, me!
  7. Now there's a prediction that you can recycle year on year
  8. I thought this was weird at the time but haven't thought about it since... what was the benefit to the club to make it up? I was lucky that collecting my tickets went smoothly but spoke to a lot of people that nearly missed out on tickets or weren't able to collect etc.
  9. Is there a chance that he's is sticking his tongue out at _______ _______ on that photo after he tried to ________ his _________
  10. What people are really saying; "I can't believe Man City are putting up a statue of David Silva outside their ground, he doesn't deserve one, he's Spanish for Christ sake"
  11. It is what it is, I wanted Champions League but we've got Europa - by the time the games come around I'll be so excited at the prospect of travelling abroad with Leicester City that my disappointment from this season will be long gone. Standing in a European square with thousands of people from your city is incredible and I wont hear a bad word said about it... It would be nice to win the games too *I know Covid may stop us going
  12. I had this exact thought, Brendan will sh*t it and play for a draw then inevitably lose
  13. What did he say? I’ve been trying to find it as I missed Stringers questions
  14. I’m sure whether we finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th (5th if Man City Ban holds up) then we will be straight in the group stages and a very low seed, but I’d love a Spanish giant home & away
  15. If Sheffield United beat Wolves tonight or even get a draw, we’d have to completely fall apart to not finish in the top 5, which by Monday could be all we need. Obviously I’d rather us finish higher but qualifying for the Champions League is huge for the kind of signings we are able to make, progressing as a club etc.
  16. Ah sh*t, I’ve been singing the second verse wrong for years!
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