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  1. What a goal. Embarrassing the commentators don't even know what to call it and just say 'flick'
  2. Very enjoyable win and all round team performance! Battered them.
  3. Beautiful ball by Tielemans. Some finish that is as well
  4. 3 at the back doesn't suit us. That much is obvious. But we look like we lack belief, what I'm most worried about. The cliffside is getting closer and we could be about to fall off it
  5. We're down to the bare bones. Need get the basics right and work hard. Then hope something falls for us.
  6. We're in a great position, and to stay in the top 4 all season is incredible. But all of a sudden, we're in bad form and our best players are injured. It's worrying.
  7. I could see this happening now Joachim Low is said to be leaving after the Euros. Germany have wanted Klopp for ages and he's always said he'd find it hard to turn it down.
  8. Slavia were no mugs and they did a job on us. We've got a lot of injuries and had no creativity in the team or attacking intent. Under and Albrighton were just embarrassing. And Tielemans is not a number 10. Rodgers has done a lot right this season, but last night he got it wrong. Time to focus on the league now. Big game against Arsenal.
  9. His passing/crossing is crisp and accurate. But he showed his defensive awareness with that block in the first half. Did us all proud today. MOTM
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