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  1. I’d forgotten about the keeper to be fair, I’d prefer chestnuts and little Wes over Robertson and VVD though 😁
  2. Although I’ve been laughed at for suggesting our best 11 is not far off the best teams in the world, I stand by my statement and would say that our first team is capable of not only winning the Europa League this season but also a consistent top 4 finish thereafter. I remember specifically comparing our best 11 vs Liverpool’s, how many of their first 11 walk into our team? Salah & Mane for definite, beyond that it’s all debatable. Not to mention a lot of the elite have crumbled some what in recent years. On our day we beat any team on the planet.
  3. Six months hard work and I’d be ready to dominate at centre back again.
  4. Mendy on current form, because Ndidi is as bad at passing as banana feet Barnes is at finishing. It remains to be seen whether Mendy can continue this form ofcourse as we know Ndidi can sustain high levels of form and is absolutely class defensively.
  5. I don’t expect us to win, I hope we do, we’re capable of that upset after all. Our best 11 isn’t far off their best 11, I’ve been saying that for months now, got laughed at for saying it too at the time. Look now, it’s clearer to see that we’re not a million miles behind anyone in this league, at full strength.
  6. He’s improving steadily and becoming an important cog in the wheel. I’ve been critical of him in the past but it’s becoming clear he has a bright future with us as he matures as a player.
  7. Great save mate, was expecting you to pass it to a wolves player in your own penalty area 5 minutes after though 😉
  8. Fofana makes Evans look crap. Also surprisingly Ndidi doesn’t get back into our first 11 at Mendys current form 🤔
  9. Kante Mahrez Maguire Chilwell Drinkwater etc, none anywhere the status of Vardy for me, although they’ve provided the funds for a world leading training ground and built us an excellent squad.. Vardy is just that extra bit of special.
  10. To be fair everyone would have been complimenting his composure and coolness had that worked 😂
  11. I’d take a draw, I hate playing wolves 🤔
  12. The biggest thing I love is that he didn’t drop us like a rock the moment a “better” club came calling. He has loyalty in a sport/business where money is god. Yes he had a handsome pay rise but it was earned, rightly earned. His loyalty to top and us as a fan base is also why he’s our best ever.
  13. Leeds prior to their mauling by LCFC we’re going to win the champions league inside 3 years according to sky’s pundits. Now they’re relegation fodder with a senile old bucket sitting manager. Welcome to the premier league Leeds, it’s a shame you’re this crap, I’d like a free 6 points every year.
  14. Why you make the curse on the Leicester cities?
  15. You all joke but he’s nailed on to score against us when he signs for one of the weaker teams in the league come January 😁
  16. This will start the spiral of relegation for the most over rated headless chicken team in the league. Suck it Bielsa.
  17. I can’t fathom how we’re accomplishing this feat. Savour the moment lads and ladettes, this is a once in a generation performance against virtually unbeatable opposition.
  18. If we do lose atleast it’s to the best team on earth, Leeds’ Bielsa.
  19. Leeds, like I’ve been saying, clearly going to win 3-2. Leeds.
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