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  1. If we do lose atleast it’s to the best team on earth, Leeds’ Bielsa.
  2. Leeds, like I’ve been saying, clearly going to win 3-2. Leeds.
  3. Let’s talk more about Leeds. Leeds have pace, power, energy! Leeds have the best tactics and the best manager in the world. Bamford will win the golden boot, Leeds are unlikely to lose again this decade. Often I wonder how many times this Leeds squad will win the champions league in a row, once they inevitably qualify for it this year. Leeds, did we mention Leeds are playing? Leeds.
  4. What about Leeds though? It’s Leeds night don’t forget.
  5. But Leeds are amazing; what about Leeds? Surely Leeds are going to win the league?
  6. LEEEDSAAALONAAAA! suck it up Bielsa you over rated bucket sitter.
  7. The segment dedicated to LCFC; Interviewer says: Hi Brendan what do you think to Bielsa and his amazing leedsalona team? Brendan says: well *sucks lips* we can counter attack them. Interviewer says: Thats all we’ve got time for on Leicester, time for some adverts, also about Bielsa.
  8. I want Chisora to win, has anybody on here boxed at a 3 stone weight advantage before? Curious of an experienced opinion as to whether boxing ability is still a deciding factor at such a disadvantage or whether it’s infact a positive that the superior boxer will be lighter and more agile?
  9. Really can’t wait for this to be finished, it’s exceptional work by the club.
  10. You don’t need to say it isn’t an attack, that’s not important. I’m not going to get into length measuring with you regarding mental health either, you can have the gold medal, your mental health issues can win the competition and are worse than anything I’ll have experienced. It’s possible I’m wrong in my assumption most people with a history of any serious mental health issues would find this irritating. I however certainly think Ben hasn’t got it that bad and performance related confidence is just an occupational hazard for a footballer, not a legitimate mental healt
  11. Confidence dips are a fact of life, not a mental health condition is my main point Exactly this.
  12. Is this a joke? All players lose confidence, for me sporting confidence isn’t a mental health issue, its a dip in form. Anybody who has had real life mental health struggles will find this irritating at best.
  13. It’ll all get ironed out, nothing to worry about at all. London wasn’t going to remain the financial capital of Europe either if you listened to all the panic.
  14. What’s going on with chestnut? Ffs surely not another injury!
  15. Interesting lineup. Only concern is Barnes shots per goal, it isn’t flattering.
  16. Who’s still unavailable through injury for this match?
  17. Nobody is good enough to run away with the league this year.. we need to shape up, I think it’s up for grabs for a lot of teams this year.
  18. Is it just bad luck we’ve gone from having negligible injury levels to this farce?
  19. It’s what I’d have done, you’ll make more from good business.
  20. If Banana Feet Barnes could shoot and took his volley well early doors it may have been a different result.
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