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  1. Justin was at fault for two goals last Sunday.. the sooner chestnuts gets to LB and Riccy P gets fit the better, JJ simply isn’t good enough, not to say he won’t become good enough ofcourse.
  2. Maddison was bad against Arsenal, no? What’s the rush to bin an in form Praet off for him? If I were James I’d be concerned for my short term position in the 11.
  3. I hate Spurs but that isn’t good for football.
  4. Hoping to see Cengiz get a run out today 😁
  5. I don’t think we’ve much to fear, we always do well against these even when the results don’t go our way. Usually bad luck or bs decisions that beat us.
  6. The ever innocent Mahrez.. We all know he’s probably our best ever player, debatably Vardy ofcourse. His behaviour stunk though.
  7. Our squad is absolutely useless I just pray we don’t have a single significant injury this season because beyond our first 11 we’re practically a joke 🤔
  8. I’ve always rated and respect Brendan, his methods are excellent. Some of you have no patience, that’s the issue.
  9. Where are our 40 points coming from this year? We barely look equal to what is possibly the weakest team in the league? Maybe second weakest?
  10. Fed up of hearing Celeste “you’ll never stop this flame, I’ll never let you go” or whatever she’s wailing on about at a higher volume than my TV is actually set at. The same line from a crap song over and over again every break. Who’s idea was this?
  11. BR can go tomorrow for all I care, we’re no better now than we were under Puel, it’s just BR isn’t french so isn’t a victim of racially motivated criticism on FT.
  12. Yes but hold on, don’t get impatient. BR hasn’t had long enough to coach the positivity out of TC yet. Give it time and all he’ll do is pass backwards too, to complete his footballing education under the mastermind Brendan.
  13. Could the players want BR out? They’ve done it a few times in the past.
  14. If we don’t get spending i honestly believe we might end up in a relegation scrap.
  15. I’d forgotten how good we are. Well atleast we’ve got lots of new faces in to fix things.
  16. Looks strong considering our situation regarding suspension and injury, bring it on!
  17. Yes but we’re trying hard to bring in new players, trying hard is all that counts. Remember it’s not the winning that matters
  18. Come on you blues 😎 🦊 woke up well up for this one! Went to bed feeling we’d lose, woke up feeling we’ll smash it.
  19. You’ve broken in to steal his script, surely. That’s bang on 😂
  20. You sod, quoting me after an edit 😂 you’ll get me in trouble 🧐
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