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  1. Goodness! - I had forgot that there are those on here who still hanker after those heady days of defeats, division and dire football - under their hero - Claude the Fraud. They even say he championed young players - naive - he never once gave a debut to a teenager, and the two twenty-year-olds (Barnes and Hamza) had both played for league clubs whilst on loan. But lets not let facts get in the way of undying love!
  2. Main difference is that Rodgers is a proper manager / coach / man-manager. Puel was a negative, divisive non- person totally out of his depth in english football.
  3. Second-season-syndrome starts for wolves on Sunday. Easy win for LCFC - even sub Iheanacho amoungst the scorers in a 5-1 victory!
  4. Needs to teach one of the youngsters how to take those throw ins!!
  5. If Aguero had spent two-thirds of a season playing in a system seemingly designed to isolate him (as per Leicester-under-Maestro-Puel) there is no way he'd be currently sitting on 18 goals! Unbelievable that Vardy's goalscoring record is as brilliant as it is! Golden-boot next season!!
  6. WOW! 7-0 If it weren't for Leno.
  7. Rumour has it that they may offer Mahrez as the makeweight in their massive buy-back bid for Iheanacho.
  8. .....and if you are, do you still really, really, really love Claude Puel?
  9. I said the same (...many times) and yet was called many names (retard and muppet were my favourites) by those 'experts' who thought Puel was God, and who decided I had no right to hold a different opinion. So pleased to see City on the road to recovery - early days, but the signs look good already.
  10. A formation we've all been calling for. Praying it works.
  11. 100% agree with all of this. Lets keep crosses to a minimum - Duffy and co will eat them up - but they won't live with accurate, fast through balls from Tielemans and Maddison! Braces from Vardy AND Barnes!!
  12. Positive disposition !!!! Big change for me, eh?
  13. No need to drink yourself into oblivion now Puel has gone. Enjoy having your team back (.....and winning!!!)
  14. What a Brilliant Day! Wall-to-wall sunshine and a thumping City victory over Brighton! Life is good again!
  15. As a Harpenden fox myself, I am pleased that you are finally seeing the light, Puel-wise!!
  16. Loss Loss Loss Draw Loss Loss Loss Fact, and yes, I know, many of you will deny this and slate me for pointing it out - but fact anyway. So - he has a plan? What is it? So - he brings through youth * - but whats the point when you lose practically every game? Any manager (my granny?) Could put in eleven 16 year olds and lose every game. Does it make her a good manager? or even one with a plan? He IS a fraud. He needs to go. * fed up of having this 'puel promotes youth' thing pushed all the time, I checked the ages of our squad expecting to find plenty of teenagers (nil) and a couple of twenty year olds (nil) - so maybe not using youth as much as most other premier sides - check their squads for teenagers if you don't believe me.
  17. When we lost to an understrength Spurs a fortnight ago the reaction on here was one of massive arrousal! (We did lose, by the way). I'm wondering if I should buy shares in The Kleenex Corporation with todays magnificent performance. I've been watching football for 53 years and CANNOT see where all this enthusiasm comes from when the football is an absolute joke. A Taylor-esque run of results. He needs to go. NOW.
  18. Babylon and that all-over-the-floor contributor will still be praising The Messiah - our Wonderful Wonderful Charismatic Leader.
  19. Congratulations to Michael Appleton on his impending appointment as manager of Hibs. I'm sure he'll be a big success up there. As Caretaker manager for us he steadied the ship after Shakespeare's departure and was a major factor in our top half finish last season.
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