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  1. Just thinking exactly the same myself. Other than these 2 wins I reckon we haven't beaten them for about 95 years (or did Glover and Stringfellow score in a win in the early 70's ?)!! Looking at their likely defence / midfield I can't see them finishing the game with 11 men again! Luiz, papadopoulos, chambers, kolasinac, Torreia and Gwenda Oozy will not be able to live with the pace of Vardy, Barnes and Ricky or the running of Ayoze, Youri or Madders. "9 man Arsenal thrashed by Leicester"
  2. Hoping Kouyaté plays for them on sunday - he is one of the worst footballers to ever pull on a premier league shirt yet is constantly being praised as a top player. Simply cannot work out why - he is absolutely dire.
  3. Amazing to think that if Colchester beat Man U it still wont be their biggest cup giantkilling! Can anyone else remember Simmons and Ray Crawford scoring against the best team EVER? - Leeds United of the early seventies?
  4. Until today, has there ever been a last-eight cup draw without a single London team in it?
  5. Intro. Tonight. Gary: " Good evening. Welcome to Match of the Day. For the first time ever we will not be opening with a game from todays' premier league Matchday 10 programme. As this is the time of year for hair raising ( insert some random joke about Shearer /Murphy ...) horror stories we thought we should bring you one of those! Seriously though; in 131 years of top flight football in this country, it is not often that we can bring you record breaking scenes. Let us join our commentary team for last nights game at St. Mary's where the Southampton manager has promised the fans that his team will 'win dirty' !!! ..... " Cue the SMUGGEST LOOK EVER seen on British tv!!
  6. Is it just me or does tonight's Arsenal team look pretty rubbish (other than Au-wotsisname-bang)? Mind you Sheff Utd don't exactly look like worldbeaters, either. ......guess 1-0 to the Arsenal.
  7. .....sign him in January! - we know already he is a good character , an aerial threat - which we don't have - and a plan B goalthreat (ours currently away in the south of France) !!!!
  8. Is Grebland in the EU ? .... .....just asking!
  9. Excellent post. ALL points spot on. Well said, Sir!!
  10. Oh wot joy!! I'm sitting in a bar in Seville and Spurs are knocked out by Colchester! Come on you U's !!
  11. Just seen some random sports-writers' 'combined Man. U / Leicester XI'. Can't believe there are more Man U players than LCFC and.... get this one.... he's put in Wan Bissaka ahead of Ricardo!!! FFS! - shan't be reading his crap again!
  12. I am not a Liverpool fan, but the mention of Michael Owen always raises a big question in my mind. As a Leicester fan thinking of the 'Best Ever Eleven' since the sixties, the choice of strikers (2, maybe 3) would be fairly straightforward : Worthington, Weller, (Earle?), Lineker , Cottee, Heskey or Vardy. Imagine the problem doing the same for Liverpool: Hunt? St.John? Keegan? Toshack? Dalgleish? Aldridge? Rush? Fowler? Owen? Torres? Suarez? Mané? Salah? (Johnson, Collymore, Heskey, Kewell, Kuyt, Firmino, Sterling, Crouch, Bellamy???). Would Owen be even considered amoungst that first lot? Despite being one of England's best ever ? Really not sure.
  13. Goodness! - I had forgot that there are those on here who still hanker after those heady days of defeats, division and dire football - under their hero - Claude the Fraud. They even say he championed young players - naive - he never once gave a debut to a teenager, and the two twenty-year-olds (Barnes and Hamza) had both played for league clubs whilst on loan. But lets not let facts get in the way of undying love!
  14. Main difference is that Rodgers is a proper manager / coach / man-manager. Puel was a negative, divisive non- person totally out of his depth in english football.
  15. Yup - we need a big signing.
  16. First Dennis since Mr. Wise ???
  17. Second-season-syndrome starts for wolves on Sunday. Easy win for LCFC - even sub Iheanacho amoungst the scorers in a 5-1 victory!
  18. Don't normally agree with you (cos I HATE your contact pic!) But you're absolutely spot-on here!
  19. Seems like a very 'Brighton-ish' signing to me. Prefer a back-up striker.
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