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  1. Been a strange couple of weeks watching European games for me. I’m normally one of those people who want the English teams beat and never want Man Utd ever to win. However, having happily watching Chelsea go through and keep their fixture load full I will now be hoping United do the same and keep them European trips coming.
  2. Surely if someone has had the vaccination then it’s irrelevant that someone they come into contact hasn’t had the jab. Makes the vaccine pointless if that isn’t the case. So my mate the anti vaxer is a risk to me when we are allowed to live again and go football together in your opinion. I’ll be sat next to him at a match. His opinion is he doesn’t need it. He’s had the COVID last year and was barely ill. I understand his viewpoint. I can’t see why he’d be a danger to me if I’ve had the jab.
  3. That stat that Sky or BT always put on the screen as the game reaches 75min is going to make pleasant viewing. We were top before last weekend so will have surged into an even bigger lead.
  4. Be handy if Arsenal turn Liverpool over next up. Just brings them back down to Earth again and another game gone. I personally see the Liverpool defence as a huge weakness and even the Keeper got away with one again last night. Even so, Arsenal stopping any momentum would be nice. I just keep thinking as long as we get another 12-14 points it’s going to take some effort for anyone to catch us. I do have this nagging feeling mind, that Liverpool are going to get a Man Utd, from last season, run of decisions go their way.
  5. The Man City game although to some degree a free hit, as expectations are minimal, could still be important in terms of our performance and the score line. Wouldn’t want us to take a confidence denting good hiding. That said, I do think the team are loads stronger mentally this season. Coming from behind to get results when we certainly wouldn’t have done last season gives me far more optimism.
  6. Including the effort that resulted in an own goal the legend had four great chances yesterday. It just shows though even the best sometimes can’t buy a goal. I was genuinely gutted when the effort for the own goal was shown to be going just wide. I was praying it was on target. His sharpness looked back yesterday and he had a great game. I just hope the goal comes soon though.
  7. The fourfold accumulator on us winning them games at the prices we will go off at will probably be less than 10/1 yet you think the chances of us winning them all is only 1%. We are likely to be no bigger than 4/5, 4/7, 4/6 and 11/10 in the, games
  8. The lad just scores goals and at a decent rate. He’s unfortunate in a way because some people remember his off days more than they should and when he’s off song he doesn’t even look like a footballer. Hopefully now he will relax a bit more in the knowledge that he’s more than proven his importance to the team as I’ve always thought when he’s been poor it’s often looked like he is almost trying to hard. I do really hope these last few games are his springboard to proper greatness.
  9. Looking back now that goal at Burnley was massive. We were on a downer after Arsenal and a defeat there and who knows what sort of slump we could have fell into. Nachos awesome finish at Burnley sort of came out of nowhere and without it I’ve a feeling what’s happened since might not have gone our way. The lad has made a massive contribution and put us basically into an almost identical position now to where we were this stage last season.
  10. Honestly think this would have been double figures had we got two up before half time. That last fifteen mins we looked like scoring every attack. Imagine we’d had another twenty mins to play after they had given up.
  11. For once I’ll be enjoying Bruno getting his customary penalty later today. The quicker West Ham lose and Spurs drop the points the better for me.
  12. Only slight negative today is the concern for him. Hopefully just precautionary him coming off.
  13. Fear not. If we need a goal Big Dan will come to the rescue. 😜
  14. Leeds still to play Spurs and Man Utd so hopefully another potential favour from them still to come.
  15. Especially stupid when a game is 0-0 and someone could score a late Worldy to win it.
  16. Finishing top four this year surely strengthens the club and makes us more likely to win trophies in the next few seasons and to sustain that success.
  17. I agree with you. I no longer know what the end game is and what figures they are actually requiring. Long gone are the days of just easing the pressure of the NHS. I personally think the entire Western World is run by people to scared to actually make the first move and to lift restrictions and to take any risk. I think everyone is watching each other. The problem is we as a Country are leading the way Europe wise with vaccinations and should really be the Country to take the lead and make some positive decisions very soon. Israel was the place we were watching but I haven’t heard much lat
  18. It’s a farce for the kids. My niece did three lots of the isolation stuff from October to December last year. We can’t keep doing this to them.
  19. The pressure of the situation will start to become an issue very soon for both Everton and West Ham. Up to now they’ve been under no pressure regarding finishing top four. The nearer it gets the harder it gets to creep over the line in them tight games. People assuming the chasing pack will continue to beat the teams they should beat every game will get one or two pleasant surprises.
  20. If we do miss out I’d far rather it Everton or West Ham that do us. Last season watching Man Utd getting big decisions going their way every week was more of a wind up. I can’t be doing with a Tottenham winning run coming and nicking the last Champions League place from us with the media lapping it up.
  21. Yes I’m leaning that way now. Let both Manchester clubs and Chelsea keep winning in these top 8 teams games.
  22. As one or two have already mentioned surely a draw is no good for both Sheffield Utd or West Brom when we play them. Normally I dread these relegation threatened sides parking the bus but you’d hope they’d both have to be a bit more adventurous against us and we will ultimately pick them off.
  23. Was just saying the same. Even if we only get another 14points would leave Liverpool needing 24 which is ridiculously good form for anyone and would be a mighty effort from 10 games.
  24. Was a little peeved he didn’t get a touch for the Maddison goal vs Liverpool so great to see him bag a winner so soon after.
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