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  1. Complicated fracture and was put down
  2. King Power winners popping up everywhere Beat the Bank just beat my bet
  3. Ascot Today / Tonight (AUS time) Race 3 who wins the battle Battaash 2nd up but his form reads better as a 1st up runner or Blue Point who is 1st up bats at 50% 1st up but then jumps up to a 80% strike rate 2nd up or does the aussie horse cause a shock and surprise pretty much everyone and nick it ......
  4. Watching the game from halfway round the world i am able to remove blue specs and frankly Madders needs to cut the constant diving and screaming out when nobody has made any real contact with him he goes down easier than Kim Kardashian BUT having said that the refs need to start dishing out more cards for players doing it!!
  5. Yes we can indeed ......... according to wiki Eric is infact back at Leicester as a part time academy coach
  6. How has Kamal Sowah got on ? Will he be worth bringing back to your club next season ? Whats the thinking of this lad so far ?
  7. Iheanacho looks a lost sheep out o the pitch at the minute he needs games games games get him ticking over in the u23s 60 minutes then sub him so when he comes on he has a feel for what a match feels like cause right now 10 mins here 10 mins there is clearly not going to break the malaise
  8. Giuseppe Rossi - Worthy of a shot ?!?!?!
  9. This will finish 0-0 as i have this match in my bet to be over .5 goals
  10. I have thought for a little while now when he has switched to the right he has looked a lot more dangerous and gets involved a lot more in the build up play but when on the left you can predict exactly what he is going to do
  11. Got a funny feeling 1 or 2 lads might of got a bit of a spray at full time looking at him then
  12. Could they be waiting on Top to fly into the country ?
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