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  1. What’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants? One is a crusty bus station and the other is a busty crustacean
  2. Pleased for Lampard, the players, the fans but most of all I'm pleased for Patrick Bamford..
  3. Why would he dive? Looked easier to score.
  4. I disagree, his foot that’s about to land is contacted altering his stride and balance. Definite penalty.
  5. The Police have found a large number of dead crows on the A610 just outside Nottingham early this morning, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. A Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone's relief, confirmed the problem was NOT Avian Flu. The cause of death appeared to be from vehicular impacts. However, during analysis it was noted that varying colours of paints appeared on the bird's beaks and claws. By analysing these paint residues it was found that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with motorbikes, while only 2% were killed by cars. The investigators then hired an Ornithological Behaviourist to determine if there was a cause for the disproportionate percentages of motorbike kills versus car kills. The Ornithological Behaviourist quickly concluded that when crows eat roadkill, they always have a look-out crow to warn of danger. They discovered that while all the lookout crows could shout "Cah", not a single one could shout "bike"
  6. Ditto. Dont want Nottingham to be without a football club.
  7. Good job they wasnt trying to get in the playoffs.
  8. Good result for Bolton only losing 1-0
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