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  1. Barnes is one of the worst finishers I've ever seen
  2. Brendan made a big deal about how good Fofana is in the air, looks like he agrees
  3. That was their first attack, we have controlled the game completely, the drama on here is real
  4. Massive news, exactly the boost we need after missing out on the champions league. Will hopefully encourage others to follow suit.
  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-man-utd-could-land-21905858 Well this would be an absolute travesty. Arsenal and Manchester United could be handed controversial returns to the Champions League - if the current coronavirus-hit season fails to get back underway. UEFA chiefs met with the 55 national associations - which included the English FA - via video conference on Tuesday and it was agreed to attempt to press ahead with restarting leagues by June. But European bosses have also been forced to draw up contingency plans if domestic sea
  6. This is going to be a long game once again
  7. What a load of shit. We've lost the plot
  8. Does Chilwell want to give the ball away one more time?
  9. We may be 3rd but based on recent performances and tonight we won't keep that up. Chelsea, Wolves and City next up
  10. Bottlers the lot of them, embarrassing performance.
  11. They made us look completely average so not sure how you can say this
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