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West Ham vs LCFC - Sunday 11th April - Sky Sports

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1 minute ago, peterborofox said:

We've got a load of thick, unintelligent, unsavvy players. 


Had times at the end to get pens where they've dived in. Didn't take it. Fernandes and the players at the top end of the league will do what it takes. 






Any United player goes down there and it gets given.


We are too nice for our own good and have been for a couple of years now, we used to be even worse tbf.

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Just now, dayday said:

Let’s not paint over the cracks, we was shit for the majority of that game

Yes, about 70 minutes of it. 

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Just now, cruzFOX said:

So what do we tell these guys now after all that? Make them watch the whole first half again first thing tomorrow morning? We cannot play half assed like this

No; don't take the wind out of their sails I'd say; try to big them up. Work them hard but don't run them down.

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Just now, teblin said:

Shut up with all this crap! We will make the top 4. Last season we wouldn’t have seen that fight.

Don't know if we will make it, but I agree we did show a lot of fight and in fact should have made it 3-3. Shame it took us till Nacho scored to start playing.


We still have a chance, but the run in is brutal.

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