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  1. He’s absolutely mustard this guy. Made for us and the Premier League
  2. How’s is that not handball? Screwed over by VAR again - what a nonsense
  3. Apparently it is now an option rather than a requirement to buy after the loan - Rudders has played a blinder.
  4. Great Banter - These 2 are going to be great together and we have another fans favourite. Welcome Aboard Cengiz - Love you already!
  5. Class player and class bloke. Do we know when he may be back?
  6. Wolf starts at centre half - weakens 2 positions that is ridiculous - no recognised left back either - not good enough heads need to roll - extremely worrying
  7. Reads very sadly and he seems completely and utterly lost.
  8. Ian Baraclough is a Leicester supporter so doing the right thing by us - good lad
  9. Shouldn't we pay some respect and retire this with Kingy? Also aren't we already putting unrealistic expectations on to Timmy? He is never going to reach Kingy's unobtainable high bar here
  10. I remember us behaving very badly at their place in 93 or 94 where we had half of the ground. We also tend to take over their town when we do there with thousands taking over the pubs and generally acting a bit lairy. We also tend to beat them as well and have had success that they could only dream of
  11. Kelechi looking really good. I’d love to see him become the real deal.
  12. FFP - Mark Wallington - First Memory - Keith Weller in tights vs Norwich 1979 - 3 - Nil
  13. I ordered last Tuesday and got an email yesterday confirming it was in after some prompting. The full kit actually looks really good - The blue is slightly darker than on the official photos and looks a lot better. My lads pleased so that's all that counts.
  14. 1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Manchester United 5. Tottenham 6. Leicester 7. Arsenal 8. Wolves 9. Everton 10. Southampton 11. Brighton 12. West Ham 13. Burnley 14. Sheff Utd 15. Newcastle 16. Villa 17. Leeds 18. West Brom 19. Brentford 20. Crystal Palace
  15. It looks as though I've had my season ticket refund but not Everton Away yet.
  16. Player of the season is without doubt Jamie Vardy - He more than deserves to win it this year.
  17. We just don't have the right mentality and Rodgers seems to perpetuate this negative losers approach. I'd give Vardy the captaincy for Saturday and get him to make the team talk to dispel any of this negative nonsense. We need to go at them not be lambs to the slaughter
  18. When the going gets tough this team getting going. Absolutely no bottle what’s so ever.
  19. Son looked to be in his own half. It’s Kane who is offside
  20. There's nothing wrong with a bit of a man crush even when in middle age. I'm of a similar vintage and met Steve Walsh for the first time on Monday and it took me all of my time to not give him a man hug even though we're in lockdown. I'm also in awe of Vardy and that we have had the sheer joy of watching such a talented wonderful footballer for the last 7 years or so. When questions were asked on Thursday he answered them all with a fantastic performance.
  21. Barnsley away was the first time I thought he could be international class - he absolutely took the Michael that night. Although I seem to remember was it Stephen Dawson who got MOM
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