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  1. I was in the crush behind the goal and listened to the reply in school so it must have been replayed on a school day afternoon.
  2. Yes I was in the double decker and thought it was going to collapse when the 3rd went in and we knew we were going to Wembley for the first time in 23 years.
  3. Yes 3 points for a win had only recently been brought in and so this was one of the first 6 pointers. Scrappy game if I remember rightly and I was right in line with Ian Wilson’s shot which seemed to bobble in past the diving Gerry Peyton. Huge celebrations after the game and a mini riot with Chelsea on the road outside.
  4. I was working on the bins at the time and made myself a bin bag suit. I was still absolutely drenched and didnt care a jot. The 2 celebrations were absolute bedlam and you had to be there because the atmosphere was very special as a whole generation of fans smelt a modicum of success for the very first time. ZDS Northern Division Semi Final I think it was.
  5. Good call. I was going through a really tough time personally and that win lit up a very bleak time of my life. I was only able to go last minute and ended up doing 6 Poznańs in K block. Leicester definitely made me happy in those 2 hours when skys were grey.
  6. My god these are a bunch of bleating whingers - To quote a great man …….. I'd love it if we beat them ……… and they've still got to go to Middlesbrough (sorry went too far there).
  7. Absolutely. He’s definitely a big Leicester fan.
  8. Don't mean to be pedantic but it was 1982 - My first time in Pen 3!
  9. The Man U 5-3 and Seville game were both incredible. I looked around at the end and grown men were visibly emotional. There’s been so many great games over the years the club has provided immense joy - there’s hardly been a dull moment.
  10. Yes you can just see he's the dogs - Just like Kante
  11. Wilf for me but I agree with everything everyone's saying about Mendy - Isn't it great to have 2 fantastic players for that defensive midfielder role
  12. We've had these sort of penalties given against us for years - I seem to remember a couple of dodgy handball penalties at Liverpool given against Wes and Danny Simpson about 5 years ago now - There was no fuss made then.
  13. Great call and name. Stevie Lynex what a player he was!
  14. Surely his song should be the Blondie classic - Denis? I’ll get my coat
  15. Huge character from the squad. It’s been an incredible run of results.
  16. Absolutely sums my thoughts. Nino is a class act.
  17. I’d sell my grandmothers teeth for 3 points
  18. Would the fact Brendan previously managed Liverpool not go against his appointment to the United job?
  19. Yes it does feel strange. Players coming in and doing a great job. Flexibility of formation. Real desire and will to win - I'm starting to think that last seasons collapse has really galvanised the squad and Brendan appears to be much more flexible. Hate to say (as I'm a known jinx) it but we look the absolute business at times.
  20. I daren’t say it as it’ll jinx us but we really are quite good.
  21. Is everyone else’s BT connection dreadful?
  22. Gareth Southgate wasn't good enough for Middlesbrough and so is no where near good enough for England. He's a yes man for the FA and his man management is extremely poor. Our players are best out of the England set up as things currently stand until he is replaced, hopefully soon.
  23. His performance goes up another level when playing in Yorkshire - He must be an absolute nightmare to try and defend against
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