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  1. Last one but this Craig Pawson is stealing a living - clearly never played the game and utterly clueless
  2. How many times is Pawson going to let Hughes off
  3. Craig Pawson. In a sea of shite he’s a thora
  4. What’s it like during match time on Foxestalk? Do we really get behind the lads?
  5. Has to be the goal vs West Ham which started the last 6 years of success. The man is a legend.
  6. They went down yesterday and stopped in a hotel overnight. Any leaked team news?
  7. I've been up since 3.30am as pre match nerves kick in early. Cat on a hot tin roof has nothing on me today. Win today and we can almost taste The Champions League. COYB
  8. I'm stating the obvious but Kante' the year we won the league was phenomenal and was absolutely world class i.e on his performances he'd have walked into any team in the world. However, since leaving us the difference between him and Wilf has really shortened and for all round play and importance to the team if I had to chose now I'd go with Wilf.
  9. He was abysmal in midfield - he ran with a limp - reasonable at the back and gave it his all so fair play to the lad.
  10. I've changed allegiance - The better result for us is a Villa win so I'm going for a draw
  11. Wes needs to stay and transition into a coaching, media or business role with the club to keep him far away from those Forest B**stewards
  12. I know it's been said before but the year we won the Prem he was absolutely awesome I think Vichai's belief in him was part of him turning things around. He comes across as very humble and extremely likeable - He's become one of my very favourite ex players - he totally gets it
  13. Is that the one where Phil Gee scored a beauty right in front of us? I remember the local plod running round like the keystone cops when we scored the second
  14. Emile is great - I tend to base people's football knowledge of their view of him. If they go for the tired nonsense trotted out then they know absolutely nothing about football.
  15. Yes leaves you with a sense of unease all of this. I have multiple season tickets and multiple match tickets with refunds to be confirmed 30th July 2020 - What happens when I realise I've been short changed?
  16. I'm sure they gave us the wrong tickets as we were up next to the royal box - We'd always tended to get the cheap seats behind the goal for the other 3 play off games in 92, 93 & 94. There was what like felt a good second before the crowd erupted as it just seemed to sail past Martin without him even moving. It just felt totally surreal. After it registered it was absolutely bedlam. My mate, who was absolutely rat arsed, was trying to figure out how we'd won, when had we scored, what had happened with penalties. He was legless and in shock it was that sought of mo
  17. The sight of the young maestro in a Derby shirt has made me shudder. He must be the best player ever to have worn a Derby shirt.
  18. This lad is an absolute thoroughbred
  19. Congratulations to Wilf and wife.
  20. I was in the main stand enclosure for the Burnley game. I was 12 years old and honestly my feet didn't touch the wall in front when we surged on to the pitch at the end. Fulham away is probably still in my top half a dozen away trips of all time ……… na na na na na na na hey hey Leicester City.
  21. I’ll never forget his celebration in front of the kop when we finally won an FA Cup 3rd round game against Crystal Palace in 1992. He was an extremely tough, committed player.
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