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  1. The weight of having such a great man as his father could weigh heavily around the young man but he has been exemplary since the tragedy. He really is an absolute class act like his father.
  2. ….. and Conrad on the bench as well !!! The man was a fool.
  3. Er no - that was an absolute shocking 2nd half on Sunday - tonight is the level of performance we should expect
  4. We’re all going in an Azerbaijani tour!
  5. Alan Smith is a complete twonk. Sheff Utd doing amazing ll the pressing. We’ve hit the post and had 3 other golden chances
  6. Well I got the man off right but Hamza on? Brendan makes it hard for himself
  7. Perez needs to come off - we need more pace upfront
  8. Anyone else I tenter hooks every time Schmeichel kicks the ball?
  9. If the players can’t be motivated by Top they can’t be motivated
  10. Stoke (probably include Sheff Weds the week before because it was nailed on we were going down) Harlow 80 Cardiff Watford Spurs 82 Yesterday - Shocking 2nd half performance - Has to be right up there with some of the very worst over the last 40 years I've watched
  11. Something is obviously wrong. Needs to resolved or I’m fearful for next season.
  12. We’ve taken the pressure off ourselves with that shambolic performance - speechless and absolutely furious - they can get to f@ck the lot of them except Vardy
  13. I’d drop him for the rest of the season - inexcusable
  14. A complete and utter shambles - no professionalism at all - they are a disgrace
  15. I’m not too sure if my blood pressure will last for these last 3 1/2 games - I’m kicking every ball
  16. If they lose they’re pretty much down so they’ll be totally up it. Leicester never make things easy so I expect it’ll be tight. 3 points and we’re back in pole position.
  17. It looks as though Vardy is facing away from the player for the most part. I don't think for a second he's lashed out at the player - It may have been instinct to try and connect with the ball In my view he's tenacious rather than a dirty player - Always plays the game with a great spirit and looks to be popular with the vast majority of other players
  18. If you had a league for the biggest bunch of tw@ts these would be there or thereabouts every year - Champions League guaranteed
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