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  1. Vardys trying to keep his eye on the ball which results in his leg swinging out. He’s aggressive but I’d never call him a dirty or even mean spirited player. Any further action they’d surely need to have further evidence and I’m sure we’d appeal.
  2. Absolutely spot on but it's overwhelming at times - Unlucky sending off? Our disallowed goal was a foul? Both over analysed in an Arsenal biased view - The time taken over our goal was a joke Ashley Cole, well that barrel is absolutely being scraped - Justin James apparently is our new right back
  3. Bennett reminds me of Gary Coatsworth - is that harsh?
  4. Yes he struggles to hide his Arsenal bias
  5. Fortunately the next season we signed Nicky Maynard and rest as they say is history.
  6. They look exactly what they are. A complete and utter bunch of tw@ts
  7. You must have been stood close to me. Our support was awesome that night.
  8. I had to sit down after the 3rd as my head had completely gone I was so happy.
  9. I was right in line and thought he was offside on the night. Blimey first time I’ve seen it since and he’s a clear yard off - they’re not talking about the injustice are they?
  10. Yes just seen us score the 3rd and have now switched over
  11. Really? which part of the ground do you sit?
  12. Yes he came on against Everton at home and got booed on which I thought was absolutely atrocious. However, he’s gone from strength after getting the 93rd minute winner in that game.
  13. To come back the way he has shows real character. He’s becoming one of my favourite players and should now start for the remainder of the season for me.
  14. What is wrong with the Palace players? Girly shrill screams a plenty. Get stuck into em lads
  15. Booking for Chillwell purely for Ayew’s girly shrill scream
  16. Serious issues if we don't win today - they have nothing to play for we are going for a huge prize - the attitude and performance must be there today.
  17. The first I remember Kante was we played him on the left wing at Bury in the league cup. It was absolutely obvious the lad was world class even that night and he would have walked into any team that year and improved it. At times his performances were absolutely breathtaking. He covered both sides of midfield and both full backs. He was truly incredible.
  18. Quietly brilliant with a few rip roaring tackles - a wonderful signing so a no brainer if we can get him to sign an extended deal.
  19. All VAR has done has exacerbated the fact that the officials have extremely poor, inconsistent decision making and have an inherent Big Club bias - Unfortunately it was sadly predictable - The game is, and has always been, slightly bent
  20. Need a couple of changes - bring on Praet and Barnes
  21. What a shame - The opposing fan animosity to JV would have spurred him on to the Golden Boot and us to the Champions League - Could they not pipe their vitrol instead of the god dam awful generic crowd noise
  22. Started okay and I expected us to improve which didn’t happen. In all honesty we are fortunate to be 0-0. This is where Brendan earns his big bucks
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