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  1. We always look better with him in the team. Shinji-esque.
  2. Kante, Vardy, Mahrez and Ricardo are all 'world class' for me. Pretty sure Soyuncu, Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans will get there as well. Exciting times!
  3. He's genuinely terrible. My geordie mate loves him as well, go figure.
  4. Tielemans has played every league and cup match this season. Hardly unfit I'd say. Cheer up pal.
  5. We are the fvking mustard. Enjoy it.
  6. Not feeling confident for this. Obviously hope I'm wrong. If we win today we are the real deal.
  7. Couldn't make it to the game so had to watch in the box. We were superb. Can I just say as well, might be a little controversial but I actually really enjoyed Tony Adams as a pundit! Sky need to get him and Roy Keane on every week hahaha
  8. How can you focus on the negatives after a result like that?! What won't our players learn from Maguire and his 'conundrum'? Come on man we're living the dream!!
  9. I'd say overestimating. Their back 5 is comical. We got this.
  10. I ****ing hate Zaha but he'd be great for us.
  11. Think we'll win comfortably tbh, palace have pace but zero creativity in their starting 11.
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