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  1. Having my own business really appeals to me, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time - trouble is, I've no groundbreaking idea to get things started
  2. Our goal at their gaff came from a set piece as well. Interesting.
  3. Not... Going to.... Bite....
  4. He's twice the player Silva is, and that's being kind. Praet has got to be one of, if not THE best 4th choice midfielder in the league.
  5. Reckon it's pretty good this winter series ya know. Can't be doing with the twins and their constant teeth licking though.
  6. That's great, not sure why you've quoted me though. I don't have a 'second team' either, I just like to see people who have done good by us, do well. Not sure why that mentality is hard to understand but hey ho.
  7. To be fair, form since he's come in has Watford comfortably as a top half side. I think we've got a top, top manager in Rodgers who I'm more than happy with though. Just love me some Big Nige
  8. Still think Nige will end up back here someday.
  9. ****ing hell you lot I'd still put good money on us to be at Wembley on March 1st. We've got this. Enjoy the comeback second half
  10. Ticket on sale for this. £20 in SK2, collect from Coalville. PM if interested!
  11. We always look better with him in the team. Shinji-esque.
  12. Kante, Vardy, Mahrez and Ricardo are all 'world class' for me. Pretty sure Soyuncu, Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans will get there as well. Exciting times!
  13. He's genuinely terrible. My geordie mate loves him as well, go figure.
  14. Tielemans has played every league and cup match this season. Hardly unfit I'd say. Cheer up pal.
  15. We are the fvking mustard. Enjoy it.
  16. Not feeling confident for this. Obviously hope I'm wrong. If we win today we are the real deal.
  17. Couldn't make it to the game so had to watch in the box. We were superb. Can I just say as well, might be a little controversial but I actually really enjoyed Tony Adams as a pundit! Sky need to get him and Roy Keane on every week hahaha
  18. How can you focus on the negatives after a result like that?! What won't our players learn from Maguire and his 'conundrum'? Come on man we're living the dream!!
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