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  1. Been told at work this morning to expect redundancies, as most of our work is international. Brilliant.
  2. We had someone turn up to the office yesterday with a fever, and he told us his girlfriend was off work with flu like symptoms as well. He was told by one of our directors that "you're either ill or your not" and he couldn't work from home, despite work previously saying we could do so. So now I'm really annoyed because 1) rather than working from home and getting paid full, it looks like we're only getting the measly £98 a week statutory sick pay if we have any symptoms, and 2) if work have this approach to the virus going forward then I'd say my chances of getting th
  3. Is there any chance of it being behind closed doors tonight? Not sure why they'd say "all matches to be played behind closed doors, starting from next weekend".
  4. Yeah, this is true unfortunately. Can't see it lasting much longer.
  5. I don't think her death can be linked in the same way as the other contestants who've sadly taken their own lives. Awful news though, RIP.
  6. We generally performed better in the first half of the season, anyone can see that. I think some people on here just need to chill, take stock of where we are in the league, how much of a gap there is to 5th and ultimately, enjoy the ride a bit more. This season, and the next few are likely to be the most sustained period of sucesss in our history. And as for the "if we started the season like this we'd be 12th" comment - we started the season drawing twice against Wolves and Chelsea, sound familiar? Form is temporary, class is permanent, we'll be fine.
  7. You want 'reasoned argument'? OK. Wolves have scored in EVERY home match this season, they didn't tonight. But yeah, your right, what a crap performance. Seriously, do you realise how well we're doing this season? How can you be unhappy at 3rd in the league with 12 games to go. Please let me know. Cheers.
  8. Some absolute morons in this thread. WE ARE THIRD IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE.
  9. We were in genuine financial difficulty. Man City are not. How this can be perceived as bad news genuinely baffles me.
  10. Going into administration and being fined £25mil for overspending is pretty different in my eyes. This is great news.
  11. Think we're gonna see a big performance tonight. 1-3. Barnes x2 and Maddison.
  12. Fight fire with fire I say. Traore won't track back, leave Barnes up.
  13. Having my own business really appeals to me, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time - trouble is, I've no groundbreaking idea to get things started
  14. Our goal at their gaff came from a set piece as well. Interesting.
  15. Not... Going to.... Bite....
  16. He's twice the player Silva is, and that's being kind. Praet has got to be one of, if not THE best 4th choice midfielder in the league.
  17. Reckon it's pretty good this winter series ya know. Can't be doing with the twins and their constant teeth licking though.
  18. That's great, not sure why you've quoted me though. I don't have a 'second team' either, I just like to see people who have done good by us, do well. Not sure why that mentality is hard to understand but hey ho.
  19. To be fair, form since he's come in has Watford comfortably as a top half side. I think we've got a top, top manager in Rodgers who I'm more than happy with though. Just love me some Big Nige
  20. Still think Nige will end up back here someday.
  21. ****ing hell you lot I'd still put good money on us to be at Wembley on March 1st. We've got this. Enjoy the comeback second half
  22. Ticket on sale for this. £20 in SK2, collect from Coalville. PM if interested!
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